Nabila and her beauty brand accused of scandal, a critical video unveiled by an influential person!

She told her community that Nabila was about to give birth to her second child in Paris. The young woman wanted to be close to her family in this happy occasion. Many, however, noted that it would only aim to take advantage of French social security coverage. If Tarkalet chose not to respond to the rumors spread by his opponents, he would have seen much more by focusing on the positive side of the situation. We have to believe that the last moments of her pregnancy were especially difficult for her so she didn’t have the head to face her haters. Excessive weight gain, anxiety attacks, back pain, all gone.

Nabila Beauty accused of scandal

This delivery was therefore a huge relief for Nabila. Thomas Vargara’s favorite Who has never been so happy that she held her baby in her arms for the first time. He shared a picture in such a way that we can see that he is bringing all the smiles with his small family. Milan and Ethan When placed in the center of the shot, the public can immediately detect the happiness described in each of their glances. It is clear that the house that Nabila and Thomas Vargara founded was built on solid foundations. Love is the very essence that makes it work.

Happiness for Nabila seems short-lived in any case as a controversial video ticket has been released about her, Allegations of his brand scandal. An order in which A certain Maureen Tarkalet’s stylist has been contacted. The case dates back to October 2021, when the technician saw himself An offer of collaboration with Nabila Beauty. Glad that his work was going to be noticed, he agreed without question. It must be believed that he did not know then that this kind of service should be done under contract. The service provider then sends his set to the address given to him in Dubai.

Mourinel roars

Maureen explains in her video that she spent 100 euros to send the package by DHL. There will be nails, sets and packaging Cost 50 euros. She was so Forced to offload 150 euros It will then be seen that Nabila will appear with a resuscitation of at least four weeks. What a disgust to his highest point. Despite everything, the technician was professional in sending an e-mail asking if Tarkalet was going to take pictures with the nails he had sent.

Last October, so in 2021, Nabila Benatier’s stylist contacted me for a collaboration. Of course, I was glad people noticed my work, so I accepted and asked her to perform for a collection that was going to be released in 2022. The theme was ‘Angel’. He then asked me to send my set, he sent me the address, and so I sent the nails to Dubai via DHL because he needed it urgently. I paid 100 euros from DHL. So, packaging, nailing and shipping all cost me 150 euros.

The young woman explains the details of her adventure

Nabila’s stylist then announced that they did not have time to shoot with the results of her work. However, he later promised to take another photo to identify her as much as possible. It was for MaureenA huge prank Which was a big loss for him. Which explains the fact that he pushed this huge regret that there were people for whom 150 euros was important. That wasn’t the young lady There was no direct contact with Nabila Even small businesses to work quietly without bothering to ask those who offered him this cooperation. The word which the main interested party has not yet responded.

Neither Nabila nor her brand Nabila Beauty has commented on the allegations.

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