Portrait. Bayram Célik, this Franco-Turkish kid who became a bakery entrepreneur

Beram Selik was 8 years old when he discovered France. This Turkish child with a humble background discovered his profession while working for a baker. Today, he is the boss of a franchise whose career is admired by his peers. On the set of “You’re Great” at Discovery, France 3

This is called great success … or an “sSuccess stories Specifically, for the son of a Turkish farmer who came to France at the age of eight. An unemployed bachelor through training, Byram Celik today heads a company that has nine stores, employing a hundred people in the Lyon area. Go back.

It was located near the town of Amirdag, a small town of 19,000 inhabitants in southwestern Ankara, which began its journey. “ I go back there occasionally Explain that the person spent the first eight years of his life there. ” I was born in a small village of 60 inhabitants, quite poor at that time. We had no water or electricity. People mainly made their living from agriculture. Until I arrived in France in 1974, I looked after the sheep there.A

Her father, a farmer, emigrated her two years ago, and settled in Saint-Symphorien-sur-Quez, Ron. ” He came alone to get a job as a mason. Then the family is reunited. There were 8 children, and I was the youngest of five boys

He remembers his arrival in France. ” As it was yesterday 6,000 inhabitants in this small town. ” We all got along very well. The school principal got a retired teacher to teach French at his home. Merchants, such as grocers or bakers, always offer us something …She smiles as she collects her memories.

I am as proud to be Turkish as I am to be French

The person who identified me the most was a young social worker named Joset. He was with us from morning till night and took care of everything. Papers, and everything we need “They were the only Turks in the village then,” he said.

He quickly feels at home, even if he doesn’t forget his roots. ” I have been as proud of Turkish as I am of French for 45 years. I am obviously Franco-Turkish Beram, who has been looking for his professional path for years, claims.

It will be a bakery, almost by chance. ” A bakery in La Verpillier needs workers. Since I lived far away, I lived with my boss for three years. Then I set up my first business in 1989 “, He explains.” This boss, who taught me trade, helped me first. I was young, I was only 23, and he was with me to finance. A

It must be said that Bairam gained his faith. “ My boss had a serious accident. He was hospitalized for several months. I took care of her shop as if it were my own business “, He confirmed.

Unemployed very quickly became involved in this profession. “ It’s hard. You have to get up very early, you have to spend a lot of time “But it was another factor that kept him going.” I didn’t like the cold. And, as this place is always hot, I like to be there “, He laughs.

Today, when I succeed, it is a source of pride

He also discovered a wealth of variety of French bread and pastries. After practicing his profession for thirty years, he will decide to develop and … create his own franchise. He likes to call it “Millet Bakery” like the serial. ” I need a short name, which is easy to remember, related to the products “, Justifies this entrepreneur.

Beram Selik admits that his profession has become as popular as the joy of creating a business. ” Today, when I succeed, it is a source of pride. I’m happy. I don’t really see it as a risk. He commented as his face lit up.

A lot of righteousness, and real humility

She has built nine stores in Leon Conversation, where her two children work. And he plans to open two more. Who considers There will be no bread, unless the unemployed get up at 3 in the morning Today, his pace has changed a bit. ” Now I wake up a little later, around 8 in the morning. But I go to sleep later. You have to take care of the staff. A

Her career has been acclaimed by other professionals. There is a lot of righteousness behind such success, and real humility A, Confirmed Frank Tedesky, director of a company that distributes food products to all catering businesses. He was a keen witness to the rise of his client. Bayram has a great ability to question itself and has a deep respect for human values, especially for its suppliers and those who gravitate around the company. And, of course, a lot of work. A

This friend was not too surprised when, in 2017, Baker decided to launch his own franchise. Of course, when you are an entrepreneur you take risks. But he has analytical skills at heart. And he was rarely mistaken AHe insisted.

After going through more or less difficult times, Bayram can proudly look back to his exemplary integration with a very French tradition that represents this profession. And on his success as an entrepreneur. Today this father is relying on his son to ensure the development of his establishment. “ At my age, I know I need to slow down a bit. But I think he can still make our company bigger “She is OK.

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