Rats, Cockroaches, Moisture: An unhealthy reception center for asylum seekers in Sertroville, by Hugo Boursier (focus group) and Daphné Deschamps.

At the first reception of asylum seekers in France, the national leader Kolia promised “A safe and useful place to anchor for the weak due to a difficult migration journey”. This is not the opinion of the residents of Sartruville Reception Center (Evelyn’s). In a kitchen infested with cockroaches and rats, Clarice (1) blinks with tears in her eyes: “It’s not a house, it’s a prison. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. “ Communication, condemning two former social workers “Destructive premises” And, for those present, “The state of inhuman life”. Classification has been made aware on various occasions “Unhealthy” The building, according to the documents we were able to consult. Asylum seekers are blaming themselves, responsible for that“Rudeness”, Management keeps this alert deaf.

Politbios was able to question Yves Bruazin, director of the Evilins de Colia Territorial Unit. Since the beginning of the interview, he has denied the existence of the fundamental problem of asylum seekers (CADA) at this reception center for which he was responsible. According to him, it is possible to justify the errors reported to us, most of which will be taken out of context. Specific questions sent to him via email were not answered.

Evelyn’s deputy, re-election candidate and foreign minister, Yale Brown-Pivet, was arrested on May 4 by email from an employee who resigned because her work was against her values. Together representatives! Did not respond to this warning or our request. Alexandra Dublanche, deputy mayor of Sartreville, a former LR candidate for deputy mayor, promised the employee to go to the municipality and report to the prefect. When contacted, he indicated that he had passed on the information to more concerned colleagues. Many of the photos and videos we’ve collected of the area present an immediate risk, especially for children, the youngest of whom is only six months old.

“Dogs live better than us”

From the outside, it is difficult to understand that this CADA has been described as a “Hell” Divided into three one-story buildings to live in, its rugged facade reveals black lines resembling 1970s suburban buildings. Behind an empty hedge, hanging a few towels from the window Two “Kolia” posters have been posted at the entrance: the organization welcomes people awaiting refugee status, but a home for migrant workers (FTMs) that has already been regularized. In total, about 150 people live there for six months to two years. Long enough to leave a trace. A former employee, Yannis recalls a trip arranged for an exile. The young woman could not stop crying. He was forced to drop his suitcases there by the French Office for Integration and Immigration (OFII), which regularly suspended his allowance in case of asylum denial, forcing him to settle in a crowded room. In this CADA, the rooms are occupied by three people instead of two, leaving each occupant less than 7.5 m2, in violation of the applicable regulations. “They leave their country and go to a big country like France where they are given only one place, this unhealthy center”. The former employee repented.

With her five children, Samiha had to wait several months before being allowed a second bedroom. Once, thanks to a strong call from her Social Worker and Maternal and Child Protection (PMI), she discovered the presence of a single bed and a broken window. The windows are constantly unknown – a constant source of concern for this mother, as well as insecurity. In February, in a building next to the house, a resident was found dead in the lobby. Some believe the killer entered through one of the defective windows.“There are many passages, and no security.” Marie said another resident. According to him, the men go through the center run by Koliya without constant examination. “There was a night watchman, but he only stayed a few days. A A gate was installed in 2021, the keys were distributed among the residents, but according to Mary it is open almost all the time.

Out of this constant anxiety, many cockroaches roam in every room of the center. In a video obtained by Politicians, dozens of them are fleeing behind the fridge. Cockroach infiltration everywhere. A social worker following Samiha was told via email by the coordinator of the Municipal Center for Social Action (CCAS) that “Cockroaches have come out of his papers, even from the last child’s love.” “We have received several complaints from the school.” He adds then asks: “Dignity should be an integral part [sic]. But how do you expect the family to find their dignity and try to fit in when the cockroaches crawl over all their belongings? “

According to an internal email, a judicial police officer who found Samiha was “shocked by the way people live and work at CADA.” According to a notification we received, a pest control agency regularly visited the premises last January. An ineffective method. “Three days later, they’re back,” Celine confirmed. At night, he examines his daughter to make sure she doesn’t get bugs. Management says it has changed providers and increased the frequency of inspections. However, according to Yves Brouazin, the problem stems from a lack of staff training, which does not help service providers connect with residents.

The “living unit” is suffering from old or even unusable equipment. In B and C buildings, only three toilets serve 60 people and are often clogged and dirty. Hard to breathe in the air: Clarice never takes her kids there and prefers to use a potty. In contrast, the bathroom sinks with leaking pipes and showers that do not lock. Empty the socket and reach the water spray. The kitchens are the same: dirty black cabinets from which insects regularly flee. Children are afraid of the house because of rats. “Our little ones were born here! They represent tomorrow’s France! They don’t choose this experience. Dogs live better than us.” Rebels a resident.

Frozen toilets, impossible to clean dirt, mold, insects … some pictures sent by CADA de Certroville residents.

Injustice and suffering in the workplace

Unlike immigrant worker hostels, asylum seekers have a responsibility to clean up their accommodation. There is no provider in charge of the family. Instead, each room takes care of cleaning the landing one day a week. But the level of dirt is such that it is impossible to remove everything. In an email he sent in November, a former employee warned: “Day / Room Clean Manager strategy no longer works”. “These places do not respect the legal standards or legal framework of the Colliery”, Three months after he concluded, he contacted the technical manager of the regional unit at Evelins. “I do not understand the request.” He believes that before pointing fingers at the alleged behavior of asylum seekers: “We face the inconvenience of regular residents and it becomes painful. A Faced with this situation, I still offer to do it “Completely restore live units” But social workers are told to tighten the screws: “It’s important to remind your residents of the rules of normal life and respect for places of residence.” In the kitchen, a rusty cupboard contains equipment provided by Colia for washing living units: a product for the floor, white vinegar and a half-broken broom.

As the building deteriorated, the situation worsened. In the spring, residents decided to call Yves Brujin directly. In a recommendation co-signed by 33 of them, the asylum seekers wrote it “Accommodation does not meet decency standards”. They made a long list of 17 entries, among which “Open electrical wires”, “Bad condition of rainwater and wastewater drain, stairs in bad condition, deformed; risk of falling”. Accepted by the regional management on 24 April, the letter remained unanswered. In this regard, Yves Brujin did not answer our question. This policy is also being criticized internally. “I have stated that I do not agree with the view that asylum seekers should be cleared. Elsewhere, a service provider takes care of it. For teams, it’s a hosting structure that needs to be addressed. “ Indicates a former employee. He describes the lack of listening by management. “We are witnessing an injustice that we cannot say anything about. It causes real suffering in the workplace. “

The team of social workers finds itself in a difficult situation within a hierarchy “Who doesn’t listen to our testimony” And angry residents, with whom they share the building from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. A disabled position which is a “High Turnover Rate”. In just one year, four social workers and one administrative and accounting assistant have resigned. In 2019, the former party resigned together to protest management. Given the minimum wage when the average level of diploma is BAC +5, workers are victims of miserable working conditions. They are paid as animators when their work coincides with that of a social worker. The deficit will be around 600 euros per month. Some are so impatiently waiting for a monthly appointment with an external psychologist for GAPPs (Professional Practical Analysis Group). “It’s a chance to say everything wrong, let the steam go”, Acknowledges ex-employee.

Faced with the absence of response from Coallia, the question of state service intervention arose. The prefecture, able to qualify a residence as unhealthy and order work, did not respond to our request. Everyone returns the ball. “The state should know how asylum seekers live, but it doesn’t care.”A former employee is sorry. “We have to reveal things”, Clarisse with emphasis. “When you fight, you have to go everywhere.”

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