Sanofi follows his digital strategy and launches an internal accelerator

In early June, pharmaceutical group Sanofi, one of the ambitious digital health leaders, announced the launch of an in-house digital accelerator, an in-house digital accelerator aimed at transforming digital, data-driven drug practices as well as developing products and solutions. And artificial intelligence. Located in Paris, it already has a team of more than 75 experts from around the world and plans to hire top talent specialized in product management, full stack development and data science.

The Sanofi Group is established in about 100 countries where it employs about 100,000 people (more than 20,000 in France) and has about 70 manufacturing sites and about twenty research and development sites. He has given himself a scholarship Improving people’s lives ” And to this end, it provides treatment focusing on rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, atopic dermatitis, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune, infectious and cardiovascular diseases, but also vaccines.

The group has developed a global digital strategy that is already beginning to bear fruit. As such, it has trained more than 16,000 employees and recruited more than 300 talents over the past 18 months to strengthen expert teams in digital, data and cyber security in France, Spain, the United States and Canada.

Sanofi seeks to prioritize AI, which has made it possible to accelerate the discovery of new targets or the analysis of R&D images, among other things.

Arnaud Robert, Executive Vice-President, Director of Digital Strategy, announced:

“Digital, data and technology help us transform our medicine practice and strengthen our ambition to improve patients’ lives. The first phase of our transformation has laid the foundation for achieving top performance and building quality across the business. This will allow us to accelerate our growth and drive innovation for the benefit of our patients, partners and employees. A

Sanofi Digital Accelerator

Unlike Future4Care, which has launched with Sanofi Capgemini, Generally and Orange, “Accelerator A Not a start-up incubator. A team of about ten people from both internal mobility and external recruitment will work in the WeWork co-working space in Paris, “he said. Accelerator Academy “, Dedicated to improving staff skills.

A partnership with an international non-profit organization Women in Tech Was established to fill the void of women in the digital sector. Today, 45% of women and 55% of men from 16 different nationalities are almost identical in teams Also, a program will soon be set up with a major school to train Sanofi staff willing to join the project within 4 months.

This accelerator, which will have 300 staff in two years, is primarily chosen to meet the inadequate demand of patients with atopic dermatitis in France, Italy and Spain, and will work close to a drug dupixant against severe atopic dermatitis in children. Six products based on data and AI are currently running at different maturities.

Emanuel Frenhardt, Sanofi, Global Head of Digital Products, explains:

“The aim is to help diagnose the disease, but we are also looking for new ways to involve pediatricians and promote their profession. A

Arnold Robert concludes:

“Sanofi’s digital transformation is as much about technology as it is about cultural and business transformation. Digital Accelerators will help us democratize our data usage, develop agility at all levels of the organization, and accelerate innovation for patients and healthcare professionals – quickly and efficiently. This investment in digital accelerators once again illustrates our desire to transform our drug practice and provide better solutions to patients. A

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