The brew race, which was supposed to gather a thousand children on Friday, has been canceled due to heat

Organizers have not hesitated for a long time: this Tuesday, June 14, CAB has decided to cancel Athle Courir à Brive’s children’s race, which will bring together one thousand young runners between Brive and Malemort in Bouriottes this Friday, June 17. (Corrèze), 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

It is the intense heat wave that will hit, especially in Korej, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 15, which explains the decision.

A very early heat wave is expected this week, Meteo-France has announced

“Avoid putting children at risk”

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The organizers posted the information on their Facebook page at midnight on Tuesday:

“Due to the heatwave, the June 17 event has been canceled. We are forced to make this decision so as not to put children and those around them at risk. Those who have already registered will be paid as soon as possible. Short deadline Thank you for your understanding”, the organizers wrote.

“This is the decision of the president, who is also a doctor himself,” said Thomas Chambon, who is aware that Matteo France had declared temperatures up to 39 C in Corrèze on Friday.

“We were looking for solutions, changing schedules, chilling kids, getting more shade … but that’s not reasonable. It’s not the temperature to run. We thought about postponing the race next week, but it seems very complicated …”

Thomas Chambon (CAB Athle)

Runner, Volunteer, Public: Our Best Picture of the 28th Edition of Currie A Brew (April 2022)

Inconsistent with race prevention guidelines

At the beginning of the week the club already had 640 registrations and was counting on the attendance of one thousand young people between the ages of 5 and 14. Depending on their age, participants had to cover between 700 meters and 2 kilometers. An effort that is not in line with the Prevention Guidelines issued by the State Service since the beginning of the week.

A frustration worthy of investing energy

The organizers are clearly disappointed. “We have been preparing for this race for a long time, with new features, such as running in Bouriottes, offering activities for discovering athletics … We believe in this formula.” Separation of children and adult races could be programmed again in 2023 “Everything we’ve done will not be wasted,” he assured Thomas Chambon

The last version of Courir à Brive for children was held in 2019 That year, it was raining that ruined the party

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