The father hid the letter written for him by his daughter’s boyfriend, many years later he found it

While cleaning her father’s house, Judith discovered letters written by her ex-boyfriend Dev, whom she had dated while they were students at New York University. She thought she had moved on, and now she had to face her father to hear the awful truth.

Judith returned to her father in suburban Manhattan after dropping her son Ethan off at high school. He lived in two houses due to divorce. He and Matthew were not a good couple, but his father, Mr. Phillips, insisted they stay together. She agreed, it was the best choice, because Matthew’s family was rich, but there was not enough money to get married.

So they parted ways, and for that reason, he returned to his childhood home. He was also looking for a new job. She was a mother at home for several years. Despite everything, Judith had the idea that things were going to improve. She was also determined to help her son adjust to their new life.

In the meantime, she had nothing to do but take care of her family, so she had to clean the whole house. Yes, they had a cleaning lady who came once a week, but Judith loved to clean. She started in the kitchen and finally reached her father’s house. She wasn’t much of a snooper, but she noticed something when she opened the drawer under her dad’s dresser.

It was a pile of open, shattered letters, and stood a name: Dev Singh. All over the world she knew only one god, and she was her ex-boyfriend. Dev was an exchange student at New York University in London in the late 90’s and they started dating almost immediately. He was the most handsome man he had ever seen, with gorgeous skin and lively eyes. In the blink of an eye, he captured her heart.

She married Matthew because her father told her to Source: pixels

In addition to her good looks, she was an excellent cook. Judith quickly fell in love. Both had to settle in California, get married and start their lives. But after studying for a few months, Dev had to return to London. He had to take care of his visa and paperwork, but they planned to keep in touch by letter.

He hoped they would use email, but that was not possible. So letter writing was the only option. However, Judith was heartbroken when she received a letter from Dev stating that he was going to marry an Indian girl and live in London. Then he fell asleep crying for a few nights.

The question ‘what if’ remained in his mind forever.

His heart was so heavy that he listened to his father when he introduced him to the son of one of his friends. They dated for a while before getting married and starting a family. Judith thought that if Dev had gone so fast, he should have gone too.

He finally realized that this was not a good idea. After many years of unhappy marriage, they finally decided to divorce. It was hard for their teenage son, but he was sure he would benefit from this separation in the long run.

Turning to the present, Judith saw strangely that there was a letter from Dev in her father’s drawer. Dev told her that he no longer wanted to hear from her, which is why he was so surprised to see the letters. She wondered why her father kept them and why he kept them in his drawer.

Dear Judith,

I can’t wait to see you. We will leave for California and we will be very happy. I’ve never felt this way before …

His father revealed the truth Source: pixels

The whole letter says how much he missed her. He did not understand what was happening. In a letter, Dev asked him why he did not reply to his letter. His subsequent letters in the following months carried the same message until the letters were finally closed. And at the time, he was engaged to Matthew.

“It’s madness,” he whispered. At that time his father came. “What’s crazy?” He asked with a smile. Her smile disappeared when she saw what she was holding in her hand. He hurried to get up and take the letters to face his father, his face showing his anger.

“What’s the matter, Dad? Why do you have Deb’s letter? I’ve never seen him! I’ve got a letter saying he’s getting married, but those messages say something completely different! What did you do?” He shouted, his voice. Rising with every word.

Her father held her hand and tried to calm her down. “Please, Judith. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted you to marry Matthew. Her father and I had already planned it. It was the best option for you, and you were talking about moving to California. I didn’t want that. Not that either. It’s a It was a crazy dream, “he began. But Judith shouted: “Tell me what you did!”

The old man said, “That’s the first letter I exchanged with you. I wrote that he was getting married and moving on.” He went on to say, “I’m so sorry. I really thought you’d be happier with Matthew.”

Judith immediately finds a new place Source: pixels

“You kept and kept all his other letters. How did you do that? Why?” He shouted, holding the valuable letters in his hand but looking directly at his father in a vague expression.

“I just didn’t love her, okay, okay? Please forgive me. You won’t have Ethan if you run away with her,” Mr Phillips said. Judith shook her head, not knowing what to do.

“I love my son dearly. But that … It’s something I will never forgive you, Dad. I had the love of my life. And I can’t imagine where we would be without you. Do it, “Judith whispered, lest her voice grow louder.”

She still had to find a new place, but she could no longer stay with her father. So she called a friend, packed her things and Ethan and left with her. She was looking for a new apartment and was lucky enough to find something perfect nearby.

He sent her a message on Facebook Source: pixels

Once installed, Judith decided to search Dev on Facebook. There were several Dev Singhs there, but he immediately recognized his picture. His profile shows that he has moved to California. However, he was married and had several children with his wife.

“They look really happy,” he muttered on his laptop screen. But she decides to send him a message explaining what her father did.

Dev replied a few days later:

Judith. It’s very good to hear from you. I can’t believe what you’re saying to me, but I’ve always wondered why you don’t write at all. I think your father gave me the last answer, pretending to be you and saying that you are engaged and getting married. So I stopped writing and waited for you. I moved to California on my own and started a family here.

I don’t know what our lives would be like if we moved here together. But to be honest, I don’t regret it. I love my family, and I hope you have a good life too. If you’ve ever been to California, I’d like to introduce you to them. I wish you all the best!

She cried after reading his response Source: pixels

Judith finished reading her message, her heart pounding. She was glad she was happy, but she felt deprived of the happy life they had planned so long ago. From that moment on, he decided to live his life to the fullest and not to regret it. She never spoke to him again.

He worked hard, saved money and took Ethan on a trip. They had a lot of experiences together, and eventually she met a great guy and remarried. It was great because it was her choice in the end and not what anyone else planned for her. But the question of ‘what if’ remained in his mind forever.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don’t let others make choices for yous Judith married Matthew because she was heartbroken after receiving a fake letter from Dev. But listening to his father should not have followed his heart.
  • You may not get a second chance. Although he regretted his life, Dev did not. He was happy, and there was no second chance for them.

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