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A highlight of agriculture and animal husbandry in Brittany, Space 2022 will focus on new technologies and innovations. (েরা tera)

“Despite the warnings, we are returning to normalcy. President of PlaceThe dawn of the 2022 edition of Marcel Daniel, showing a certain serenity and true optimism for which Renaissance 13, 14 and 15 SeptemberAnd next.
Breton Agriculture as a whole is eagerly awaiting this big event, a real barometer of the health condition of the sectors and internationally, an exhibition of their knowledge and their adaptation. Marcel Daniels noted, “an opportunity to increase participation in breeding, to integrate the sector and all animal production, to see and position ourselves towards the future, for which this major event was not equivalent to showcasing the modernity and innovation presented by” exhibitors “.

“The level of innovation is essential,” said Anne-Marie Kumener, general commissioner of space

To this day, contacts and promises have done well for a very popular place “About 1,100 have already been registered, including 250 from abroad,” explained General Commissioner Anne-Marie Kumener, adding that the three-day formula was appropriate for the protesters’ statement, including a day on Thursday.

A global business crossroads, the event will welcome the inter-branch associations of pork inter-branch associations from Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo and Burkina Faso. At the same time, a delegation of 20 “top buyers” from Nigeria, Colombia, India and the Czech Republic is expected. “Le Space, let’s remember, Marcel Daniel says, is a place where partners can come and get supplies from us.”

“When we talk about food sovereignty, it’s clear that Brittany must be there.”

Of course, uncertainty and anxiety hang over Breton’s agriculture, affected and shaken by the turmoil that is shaking the profession and the economy as a whole. Added to the difficulty of the supply is the explosion of cost and the strange weather. There are many elements that reinforce the “necessity of food sovereignty.” Sergeant Andre admitted, “The unrest was not so strong, but I have no negative message. We will always need farmers. Britain will need Britain. When we talk about food sovereignty, it’s clear that Brittany must be there. A

Digital, performance and power at the center of space

“In our profession, he adds, there are some innovations that we need. Space is ideal for experiencing and discovering the directions that Breton’s agriculture should have and want to take. In this argument for agro-environmental change that we adhere to, for example, we must be productive and efficient when using low input. A
Thus, “Innovative and concrete solutions will be presented at Espace pour Demain to help breeders adapt their tools and practices to limit their carbon footprint. A

However, the president of Britain’s Chamber of Agriculture has made it clear: In simple logic, Andre Sergeant opposes a challenge “since Brittany knows how to deal with the solution as we know how to show on the experimental farm. A

In this context, space organizers and partners want to show how much the agricultural world is planning. “This is a moment of special opportunity to make it known and to show it”, especially with the stated desire to entice the younger generation by providing a strong example of a responsive and innovative agricultural world. “We want to show the reality of our business, especially with digital firms and our solutions. We are able to attract young people. We have a reason to be tempted, “Marcel explained to Daniel. Everyone hopes to help bring tomorrow’s farmers to their place, especially those from school, who are invited in large numbers to the halls of the Park-Expo de Renes.

10 inter-regional competitions in the program

10 inter-regional competitions in the program
In addition to genetic representation and genomic elite inter-species sales, less than ten inter-regional competitions will stimulate the space belt. In three days, 550 cattle representing 13 breeds will follow each other in front of the jury and the public. Focus on beef breeds with a national blonde d’Aquitaine challenge on Tuesday 13 September. In parallel with the competition, meat professionals will be offered to sell slaughtered animals.
The jerseys will be displayed in the ring with 64 delegates on Wednesday, but will also be displayed in the span of events, including numerous events and conferences aimed at promoting the breed and its milk and its adaptability.
This same Wednesday, another highlight is scheduled for 5:15 p.m.: The Genomic Elite Cell will combine nine species: Jersey, Holstein, Normandy, Pie Rouge, Brun, Montbeliarde, Cemental, Blonde d’Aquitine and Limousine.
Make way for the Prim’Holstein Atlantique competition on Thursday.

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