Who is the youngest billionaire in the world Alexander Wang?

According to Forbes Magazine, Alexander Wang is the youngest billionaire in the world. He is the head of Startup Scale AI, which specializes in artificial intelligence. In recent months, its valuation has begun in a meteoric manner, taking its founder to the top and earning him the title of billionaire.

At just 19 years old, Alexander Wang started his entrepreneurial career without a doubt, the success he had set for himself in the business world. While a student at MIT, he dropped out of school to focus on his entrepreneurial career and his project: Scale AI. Today, at age 25, he is helping big companies like the Air Force, General Motors, PayPal and Toyota leverage their data potential.

Scale AI is accelerating the integration of AI across the industry, making it easier for small and large companies. On its website, the company explains: We want to rethink business models, improve decision-making and improve employee performance, using new ways to improve your business, economy and planet to realize our full potential. Together, we build a collaborative network aimed at strengthening Canada’s position internationally. A

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Portrait of young billionaire Alexander Wang, founder of Scale AI

Alexander Wang grew up far from the American laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. His parents were physicists and worked on U.S. military projects. The young entrepreneur did not move away from his parents’ business. Through his startup Scale AI, when he was founded at the age of 19, he signed three contracts worth $ 350 million to help the U.S. Air Force and Army land. Millions? Help them use artificial intelligence.

Alexander Wang is talented. From an early age he participated in math and coding competitions. In 6th grade, he won free admission to Disney World, thanks to his numerical skills. He then quickly realized that the statistics presented a real opportunity for him. At the age of 17, he worked full-time coding for the quiz site Quora. This is when he meets the man who will turn his professional life upside down, Lucy Guo, who will be the co-founder of Scale AI.

After just one year at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Alexander Wang decided to finish his studies to devote himself entirely to his project. “I told my parents I would do this one thing for the summer. Obviously, I never went back to school.” I remember Alexander Wang.

Funded by Y Combinator, an international organization that specializes in early-stage funding – known for helping promising American start-ups – has taken the two-entrepreneurial scale AI to the next level. Indeed, the company has real potential and it is the most important in all the Silicon Valley, in the world of artificial intelligence. His reputation in the international arena is well established. Alexander Wang has more than 300 customers.

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Scale AI, a startup valued at $ 7.3 billion

Scale AI analyzes satellite images, much faster than human analysts, to define, for example, the amount of damage caused by the Russian bombing in Ukraine. This technology can be effective not only in the military, but also in the business world. More than 300 companies, such as Toyota, General Motors, Airbnb, Samsung, Pinterest or Flexport, have used Scale AI to help extract their data from their raw data, such as millions of shipping documents or raw images of self-propelled vehicles. “Every industry sits on huge amounts of data. Our goal is to help them unlock their data potential and improve their business with AI. ” Alexander Wang explained to Forbes.

The startup is currently valued at $ 7.3 billion, up from an estimated $ 325 million raised last year. Scale AI also generates an estimated revenue of $ 100 million. Alexander’s share is estimated at 15%, ie $ 1 billion, Making him the youngest billionaire in the world. Some call it the future Elon Musk.

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