Younes Amara, Patrol de France pilot: “A real childhood dream”

On the eve of a demonstration at the Sables-d’Olon meeting, the Wendy Air Show, last weekend, the acrobatic patrol de France’s tricolor alpha jets stopped at La Rochelle. One of the new recruits from this special Air Force unit met with Captain Amara.

I vividly remember my first meeting with the pilot and mechanics of the Patrol de France at various meetings, and seeing the excitement in their eyes, a few words that made me realize that it was possible.At 36 years old, after 2,500 flight hours, UNES we have realized his dream.

He is one of three new recruits to the Patrouille Acrobatique de France this year. To La Rochelle Airport Terma, he lends himself to the practice of voluntary interviewing. She is rumored to be performing one of her first public appearances for the Wendy’s Air Show.

However, it took patience and determination before he got into the cockpit of the Alpha Jet. Athos 3, the inner left, is its new prestigious number for a year.

It is about fifteen years before being able to knock on the patrol door one day before the promise“, Explains the Captain.”I thought it was going to be a very long road, but I was going to see step by step, enter the Air Force, join my first posting, get my fighter pilot license and qualification and finally ten years later, about my childhood dream. I remembered and I told myself it was time to implement

“Airbreak out … top … well redesigned .. twice 90 … athes, smoke … top”. Around the table in a room at the airport, pilots are sitting in their chairs, rehearsing their range in comfort. Their sign language only predicts what they are going to feel, and, in their head, 300 to 5,000 feet above sea level.

We work “on music”. This is our trade secret“Younis, we told us,”We really need to work on the leader’s voice, even on the tone he uses before realizing the slightest sign of this bend. The goal is to give the viewer the illusion that, as seen from the ground, it is just a flying wing with a 70-meter wing that flies like a single device. And on the inside, it’s an endless struggle to make it feel smooth. “.

Thrust and statistics between 4G and 6G where planes fly at speeds of over 600 km / h, obviously, there is no room for error in these pilots. In Salon-de-Provence, Bouches du Rh ,ne, they give all winter training for it.

The level of commitment is such that even a weekend break has a real effect on our habits and our gestures and we must always restore our bearings so that we can leave room for gesture memory instead of ‘analyzing’.“Continue, soldier.”We have absolute confidence. For example, in certain structures, to prevent each pilot from amplifying certain oscillations for any aircraft in flight, a visual reference is always taken from the leader. I have, inside the left number 3, I have “Le Charognard”, the number 4 which is right next to me, three meters away, but I am not looking at it. This, for a fighter pilot, is something against nature

In the harbor of Les Sables d’Olonne, of course, 100,000 or more visitors cannot imagine for a second that this aerial magic requires professionalism and excitement.

In flight, we are 100% focused, so to be completely honest, we don’t have much time to enjoy and taste it.“, Admits pilot.”After each flight, the pressure goes down, but this pressure is something that is completely normal in this profession, so, in general, we decide to make it a friend and colleague instead.

And in all this childhood dream? “Joy, it’s after the flight and especially when we go to meet the public. This is where you can understand what your impact might be. And I, especially close to my heart, being able to arouse a passion, not for this profession in the broadest sense, but to show that we can achieve something like that. When I see smiles, I hear these words and the motivation that I believe to pass, it is the source of my personal satisfaction.

This small stopover in La Rochelle lasted only one weekend. In Vendée, Patrouille de France does another show. Younes and I and nine of our teammates carry the tricolor torch of French driving excellence more than forty times a year.

Reported by Valérie Prétot and Chloé Duval

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