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Iconic and highly successful shows, 12 noon, Celebrates its 12th anniversary For the occasion, Jean-Luc Reichmann was present at the TF1 premises for a press conference. Between joy, laughter and emotion, the animator chosen by all the French people saved us a beautiful moment.

Something to celebrate 12 years of broadcasting. Jean-Luc Reichmann Accompanied by its PresidentEndemolJ.Jean-Louis Blot And program manager TF1, Rémi FaureAttended the celebration of the 12th anniversary of the famous event that thrilled the lives of all of us: 12 noon.

Credit: Aureli Bohaddi

Issue 12 years

A listener introduces himself as a human being Remy Fauer, Jean-Luc Reichmann Gathered about 1 billion visitors a year. Record of a program broadcast at noon. And yet, for 12 years, the show has been a success. It is thanks to a very investing person that the event becomes cult and marks the soul.

“It’s more than a team, it’s a family.”

Jean-Luc Reichmann

A family with all members of the team for over 20 years, a family between the host and the candidates but also between the host and the public, a loyal visitor for 12 years. The last two years have been very important in terms of visitors. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with 7 million French people being held captive. This man, with a single character and a special body, moved our lives, an interesting voice, which is fast French and TF1 group. Reign in absolute faith TF1 group And the animator, a belief that Jean-Luc Reichmann Highly respected by being faithful and making sure you never give up. Thanks for the confidence, TF1 group Has been able to give the presenter complete freedom and it is rather successful. When we look at maintaining attachment Jean-Luc Reichmann In her work, in her shows, she makes perfect use of this freedom to attract viewers and make them loyal. Returning from a three-week motorcycle road trip with his wife, Jean-Luc Reichmann Comes back to celebrate 12 years of broadcasting. 12 years is more than 13,000 candidates, affectionate, funny, moving, funny, atypical. It’s also like 200 personalities Brigitte Macron, Jean-Pierre Parnett Or Amel Bent.

In all, 574 Midday Masters won 150 million euros by asking about 250,000 questions. To continue the celebration for 12 years, TF1 The channel has 2 weeks of airing on Saturday 2nd July and an incredible documentary for you, a documentary that cannot be missed. We will find undisclosed evidence at the center of the presenter’s journey life. She is very attached to children, at the risk of being alone, showing this fear of loneliness that she can bring everyone together without leaving anyone alone. The one and only master of the afternoon is happy Jean-Luc Reichmann.

Credit: Aureli Bohaddi

Noon master

After 12 years of broadcasting a retrospective of joy, laughter, tears and unforgettable moments,Jean-Luc Reichmann Answered a few questions with a scoop for the end!

Why celebrate 12 years and not 10? “The last two years have been marked by a much larger audience, the TF1 Group had more ambitious projects.”

Jean-Luc Reichmann He was described as a man who never stopped working, for many years waking up at 4:37 in the morning was his daily routine. She hates being late and has several watches in her house to avoid it, which makes it difficult for her to understand a child. A man who loves sharing, loves to give what he gets and thinks a lot for future generations. Thanks for this notoriety, Jean-Luc Reichmann She was able to send a strong message of homosexuality to sick children like her younger sister, who is hard of hearing. He wants to be as useful as possible and he wants to serve in this society something that can sometimes go wrong. It is this voice that has marked us all, before the man, before the physical appearance, and this birthmark has followed him since childhood. “The job of the blackboard is that they called me in front of 30 kids at St. Joseph’s College.” The presenter told us that he did not close the door on the new proposal for voice-over.

“I miss doing voice-overs. Obviously I miss it. I’ve left the door open for offers.”

Jean-Luc Reichmann

As he finalized the prime-time recording yesterday, July 2, Jean-Luc Reichmann A new show will start: Talent game. Again, he emphasizes this continuum of dialogue, this fear of loneliness and above all he denies that we forget children, “Let’s not forget the kids” He said.

A little scoop to finish, its filming Leo Mattei It will start again in September with 6 episodes. Time to be! And above all, don’t miss the incredible documentary dedicated to its extraordinary fate Jean-Luc ReichmannThousands of media present his life and his 25 years of presence on television, Saturday, July 2 at 11:15 p.m.

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