African Children’s Day: LYDIE Association with Macau Minors

Organized in anticipation of the LYDIE Association, the celebration of African Children’s Day which is held on 16 June every year. He proceeded to a ceremony to hand over a socio-educational space to juveniles living in prisons. It was on Thursday, June 14, 2022 at the Ouagadougou Remand and Correctional Center (MACO).

The theme chosen for this commemoration at the African level and national level is: “Elimination of Harmful Habits Affecting Children: Progress in Policy and Practice since 2013”. The LYDIE Association celebrates this under the theme: “Elimination of Harmful Practices Affecting Children in Conflict with the Law: Responsibilities and Perspectives”. This socio-educational space, created by the association, will allow detained children to stay in their own health and facilitate socio-professional integration, allowing them to stay out once more. Through this grant, LYDIE aims to contribute to the elimination of harmful practices that affect children, especially children in conflict with the law.

Cut the ribbon

According to the organizers, it has been noticed that juveniles in prisons face adaptation of detention facilities to their needs, absence of visits from relatives and lack of necessary services (health, education, leisure, etc.). She is in a safe and controlled environment. But he must flourish, a child is a destiny.

The LYDIE Association for the Protection of Children is working towards this. That’s why the leaders of the association have found a framework for these children in contact with the law. It will be a structure where games will be, and it will be educational, “explained Serge Samandaulugu, president of the LYDIE Association, and a representative of Pastor Hortens Karambiri.

The area of ​​this place is 6 square meters

The building is estimated at more than three million FCFA. The association has received financial support from the Swedish NGO Ericsson Development Partner. Fatima Nabius, the NGO’s regional representative for West Africa, described the gestures of the Wedrogo Association as relevant. He underlined that this support is explained by the fact that the association “works to prevent children from ending up here, works with children in street situations and works with young people to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use and alcohol.” We also found the project relevant through our interactions with children in prisons. Educational discussions will help kids understand that you can stumble and rise again. “

Serge Samandaulugu thanked the partners who made this space possible

The department’s prison security inspector, Eloi Guigma, expressed gratitude to the entrepreneurs. He mentioned that this place would allow the youth to conduct various socio-cultural and educational activities. He said more than fifty minors would take advantage of the place. The event was presided over by Asetu Sawadogo Cabore. He is the Secretary General of the Ministry of Gender and Family. He invited the beneficiaries to take good care of the gem, as it was an effort that made it possible to build it.

Fatimata Nabias Ouédraogo is ERIKS Development Partner’s Regional Representative for West Africa.

He advised them to behave well to avoid extending their stay in jail. During the ceremony, the prisoners showcased their acting skills by presenting a sketch. He raised the issue of violence against children.

Eloi Guigma applied for an increase in the number of such places in other detention and correctional facilities in Burkina Faso.

The LYDIE Association has been working for the welfare of disadvantaged social groups for many years. He has made the fight against drugs his hobby.

Assétou Sawadogo Kaboré represented the Ministry of Gender and Family

African Children’s Day is an African Unity organization commemorating the genocide of hundreds of children by racist regimes during a march for their rights in Soweto, South Africa, now founded by the African Union.

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