Artcurial brings the ear to the metavers

Cannes: Palace des Festival, Croeset and Old Port for sale, in the obscure world of NFTs. French auction house ArtCurial hosted the auction on June 21.

Nicholas OrlovskyChairman of the group Artcurial 620 employees including 350 based on customer service, and 1.5 billion euros in sales) Puts this initiative in the broader context of the industrial market, “relatively small compared to others”. “Supply,” he says, “is naturally limited, demand is relatively stable, rising slightly. However, the first sector, the so-called variable price sales (At auction), Has gained market share Compared to fixed-price sales (Gallery, antiques, Etc.). And, in the next, The so-called “corporate” gallery with international presence (Gagosian, Hauser & Wirth, Zwirner, for example, editor’s note]In recent years, progress has been made compared to others “.

The reason for this development? The auction provides “transparency”Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Mediation“Then, the power of marketing is an undeniable asset. On the other hand, an auction house is a platform that often concentrates knowledge and talent in collaboration with dealers and galleries. “The boundaries between these two markets are becoming porous”Nicholas Orlowski continued.

“The auction houses have shown remarkable resistance by changing their approach: our new Parisian auction house is a real television studio.”

Nicholas Orlovsky

CEO of Artcurial

The Brussels office Artcurial house, which is performed Vincien de Trax, John Taylor is considering reducing future interviewing relays with the group. It is already joining Rivera with its biennial sales of luxury items in Monaco. Like Nicholas Orlovsky, He emphasizes the knowledge that Artcurial can offer collectorsPersonalized expert inspections, including monthly evaluations of their objects.

Nicholas Orlovsky, CEO of Artcurial.
Maximilian Photography

Covid has changed the market

The epidemic has changed this market as well. The first observation, “auction house” was demonstrated, despite the operational complexity Spectacular resistanceChanges their approach: Our new Parisian auction house is a real television studio“, Added Artcurial’s boss.

“The mayor of Cannes wants to put his city on the world map of technology companies, attracting them to congresses, seminars or trade fairs.”

Nicholas Orlovsky

CEO of Artcurial

The Art Basel-UBS annual report indicates that 2021 and 2022 levels have joined the pre-epidemic. “At the very top level, it is an international duplicate market of the Boeing-Airbus type, with Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Somewhat unexpectedly, some global outsiders hold strong positions in certain geographic areas, such as Phillips in New York. The latest arrival of the Artcurial, which is only twenty years old, occupies a position comparable to that of Christie and Sotheby’s in continental Europe.A

Palais des Festivals in Cannes, will soon be sold on NFT by Artcurial.

The house has become a mediating group for wealthy clients worldwide. “Features (In 2021, John Taylor made the first five transactions on Lake Geneva), A painting in Paris or a year in Duville (Arquana owns 90% of horse sales in Europe, as a partner of Aga Khan) Will probably be treated with Artcurial“Is added to Collector SquareA separate entity, of which Nicholas Orlovsky is the CEO, has become “one of the leading European players in the sale of luxury goods at fixed prices.”

“No one displays a SICAV bond in their living room to compliment their friends …”

Nicholas Orlovsky

CEO of Artcurial

It’s not just a matter of wealth: “Any good that combines a form of investment, enjoyment of beauty, and sharing with the people around you brings unparalleled joy: No one displays a SICAV bond in their living room to compliment their friends …পন্ন Generates the addition of these cells Data Which allows the group to better understand and support requests: “Bought a house on the Riviera from John Taylor, a great fashion designer from a very large luxury brand. And it is mainly decorated with Artcurial

Kan: The real scene … of Croeset.
É Hervée Fabre

The virtual croissant will go on sale on June 21 at NFT. In Metavers, it will be able to accommodate the construction of houses and buildings as well as the organization of events around the beach and around the beach.
Artcurial – I met my NFT

Ear intelligence

The initiative came from Mayor of Cannes, David Lesnard (less Republican) With whom A network of local startupsThe initiative has since launched in a dynamic environment of technological partnership World AI Can Festival (WAICF), the first world festival of artificial intelligence (AI). According to Nicholas Orlovsky, “for its economic development, The mayor of Cannes wants to put his city on the world map of technology companiesAttract their congresses, seminars or exhibitions ”.



The price of a symbolic place in the ear

Several auction houses were sought, and The integration of Artcurial with John Taylor was a determining factor. By not creating a section dedicated to NFT like the Franco-Belgian House Million in 2021, Artcurial wants to explore the field further.

Ear society Pertimm, artificial intelligence specialThe contracting authority for this virtual real estate operation (read below).

Croeset’s model is offered for sale on NFT.

Unclear legal framework

Croisette NFT will be sold “Naked”, And the buyer will be able to develop urban projects there in the metavars of his choice. A yachting actor is taking a keen interest in the NFT in Cannes, where he wants to moor virtual yachts.

“Rights management, such as the tax status of these purchases, remains unclear, but we are closely monitoring regulatory developments.”

Arnaud Oliviux

Curator of the June 21 Artcurial Cell

The general condition is that the buyer must not make harmful use of the global image of the ear through his NFT. “Rights management, such as the tax status of these purchases, remains unclear, but we are closely monitoring regulatory developments.“, Specified Arnaud Oliviux, Sales Commissioner. “Who knows if this tax regime will not be modeled on art. Meanwhile, the Cannes concept seems to be attracting other cities. We’ve got a lot of offers in terms of NFT, but artistically there’s nothing very believable.

Nothing stops us from imagining that the Cannes Film Festival, a world brand, has become itself Support for publishing in MetaverseAnd that becomes the famous Cannes festival metaparties… | JFHG

“Cane for sale in 10 lots”

Curator: Arnaud Oliveux

Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 6 p.m.


Starting price per lot (Croisette, Palais des Festivals, Vieux Port, Malmaison, etc.): 10,000 euros

Saint-Margaret Island …
© Axis Drone | Cannes Town Hall

… same … for sale by Artcurial on NFT on June 21st
© Imetmynft

10 symbolic places of the ear in NFT

The 10 iconic sites in the city of Cannes will be sold on June 21 in the form of NFTs so that they are virtually exploited.

Treat yourself famous Can Croeset, Palace des Festival or Old Port, A dream that became virtually accessible. Auction house Artcurial Holds a special sale from 21st JuneThese are not physical products, but digital products that will be auctioned off in NFT format.

The NFTThese are “non-fungible tokens”, An increasingly popular digital resource. These assets are non-fungible tokens that match it A certificate of ownership and authenticity of a digital work. In this case the work is ranked 10th.

With the project “I met my NFT”Ear Town Hall, Company Partim Which manages the technical part of the project and Maison Artcurial has started a pioneering operation: Model 10 ear mythical site in digital version.

3 Read our dossier> Understanding NFT in 10 questions

What is the interest for the buyer? First there is the prestige of power Be the sole holder of the digital version of these exceptional places. NFT guarantees this through registration Tamper-proof blockchain laser The unique character of the work and the identity of its owner. Past interest associated with notoriety and easy possession, The initiative has undoubted potential.

Exceptional place exploitation

Buyers of these unprepared products, created from existing space in the real world, will be able to integrate into a virtual universe, Use it commercially or culturally.

We can therefore imagine the future owner of Croeset Build a building in Croydon or host a virtual festival there. It must consolidate property into a submerged virtual universe, A metaverse, such as Sandbox or Decentland Those are the major players in the virtual real estate market. Something Gardel The place has been set up to prevent operations that could tarnish the image of the place or the city from being seen by daylight.

“This sale is the first for us. This may pave the way for others of the same type depending on the project“, Explain to us Arnaud OliviuxAssociate director and auctioneer at Artcurial who has this rather special sale A portion of the money raised will be donated to the Can Endowment Fund Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

An economic model, however A tourist showcase Which could inspire other cities around the world to digitize their iconic locations and buildings. For amateurs, a starting price is set for each position 10,000 euros. | Microsoft

Virtual Palais des Festival for sale … at NFT

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