Candidate Frederick Meunier (LR) tells his story through five objects close to his heart

“Alone, we go fast, together, we go further. Frédérique Meunier, the LR deputy departing from Corrèze, has adopted this African proverb. Something that reassures me, something that gives me balance.
Frederick Meunier was born on December 8, 1960 in Paris to a twin brother, Luke, from a lawyer father and a housewife mother. She settled in Korej in 1987 for love. “My husband is from Brew, my father-in-law was the first to install a TV in Brew. He has passed his legal exam in limousines.

His three godfathers in politics

The outgoing MP naturally builds intimacy. My mother says: “You always chat with people”. One chosen one must be interested in others. This is not a front. A
Three people have played important roles in Frederick Meunier’s political career: former rugby international Amedi Domench, Claude Nougain and Jack Chirac.

“For my first cantonment election in 1984, Amedi Domenich told me: ‘My little one, you join the radical party and present yourself.’ For Chirac, “I never thought I was going to meet him one day, eat with him and meet him. In 1994, he came to the brewery to support all the right-wing candidates in the cantonment election.”

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In front of 3,000 people, my speech focused on the place of women in agriculture and politics in particular. Claude Naugene told me that at one point, Jack Chirac leaned over and told him: “This little one, you’re going to do something with him.” Twenty-eight years later, Frederick Munier kept a photograph taken with the former president that day as a wreck.

Jack Chirac told me: “Be sincere, be yourself and don’t forget to say hello to people”.

Frederick Meunier (Empty)

This shot, Frederick Munier hesitated to place it in the object that said it. He eventually chose five more.

1. A “bison” paperweight

“When I was mayor of Malmort (between 2014 and 2017, editor’s note), I preferred bison to social housing and school enrollment,” he said. They have a very important open-minded right. At present, they want to set up a crচche for the family in the barracks. When I reach the barracks, they greet me and the Republic through me. It touches me, it has a very dignified aspect.

2. His bill on behalf of the volunteers in the association

“It was an offer that was close to my heart. It is a question of evaluating volunteer work, with volunteers’ time “paid” through tax deductions. If I get re-elected, I want to do it again. Today, if you pay 100 euros to Restos du Cœur, you have a 66 euro tax deduction, where anyone who gives their time gets nothing. I can see that this government has done nothing for the volunteers, when the Olympic Games are coming and we will need the volunteers. My proposal was submitted in March 2018. It must be in a drawer. If I am re-elected, I will re-table him. With more possibilities to succeed. A
The cause of women is also very important to Frederick Meunier. She was one of 5 LR deputies out of 101 who spoke in favor of PMA for all women. “I am not a fierce feminist. But, I tell myself that the woman has her place, she is not there to walk behind the man. A
What does he think of Maximo, who still reigns in the National Assembly? “It’s not always very delicate, especially when it comes to women’s clothing. When Marilyn Shippa arrived at the assembly wearing shorts and black tights, insulting remarks spread. They never did it with a man and it bothered me a lot. A

3. His watch

“This watch, made by a brew jeweler, is important to me because I am always on time. If I am late one day, it means there is a problem. For me, being on time is a sign of respect, consideration for others. It’s also about knowing how to manage time, because time is important when you’re in politics. A

4. Her Malemort Market BagPortrait Frederick Munier Farewell Deputy Second Constituency, Legislative Election Candidate, Political Party LR Les Republican, Brew, 06/14/2022, Photo Stephanie Para.

“One of the promises I made when I was elected mayor of Malmort was to revive the market. It was done and for the first market day, we took this very colorful bag. The market is conviviality, proximity, everything I like. I was thrilled when Laurent Dartho (current mayor of Malmর্rt, editor’s note) developed this market a bit more. A

5. Her white sneakers

“When you are a politician in the campaign, it is important to do well, because you walk and stand a lot. I have two pairs of these sneakers, they are comfortable and I can wear them without socks. A
Her travels as a deputy do so without Frederick Meunier, her husband, a veterinarian who is still involved with her orders. “He was the first to write my speech, look at my posters, he was with me during the election. But he doesn’t like to protest because people are saying hello to him and can’t look at me. A

Text: Dragon Perovic; Photo: Stephanie Para

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