Festival Les Soares Jumeles, June 22-25 Rochefort is a meeting place for music and art

At the initiative of actress and producer Julie Gayet, image and sound sector professionals (movies, television, commercials, video games, music, etc.) and the public are invited to the meeting to discuss, learn, create and have fun.

Festival Twin sisters Offer, from every evening June 22 to 25, 2022 Several new creations with different musical universes. Among those who will offer you new shows: PR2B, Barbara PraviMarie Oppert, Neïma Naouri, IAM, Sally, Françoise Fabian, Clotilde Hesme, Big SophiaClough, Dominic Besnehard, Arnaud Rebotini, Dombrens, Ule Lamore, Stephen Eicher

“Twin Sisters” 2022 It is also a conference at the Rochefort Theater de la Coupe d’Or or Apollo 8 cinema.

Show not to be missed:

On the main stage of Cordery Royal from 10pm to 11:30 pm:
Show “One sings, the other doesn’t” to pay homage to Agnes Verder And his favorite composer Joanna Bruzdowicz.With Rosemary Standley (Moriarty), PR2B, Marie Oppart, Neima Naori And Susan. In a show that pays homage to the promise of this great artist, the singers performed songs quoting Agnes Verder, quoting “The future of women together”. A delightful feminist show!
Accompanied by Michelle Legrand’s musicians, under direction Matthew HerzogAnd with the exceptional participation of the violinist Ann Gravine, Four artists from different artistic universes have taken the title reflecting the resilience and struggle of women from today and yesterday. Inspired by Agnes Verda, one song guy does another, not the other Judith Henry On an idea Rosalie VerdaThe show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of INA and Cine Tamaris, honoring these inspiring women for all of us.

One guy, the other doesn’t. June 22 at the “Twin Sisters” Festival in Rochefort (17)

9:00 pm on the main stage >> PR2B and rapper Sally open in the evening to introduce us to their respective worlds. Pauline has always navigated between images and music. A student of the course Florent, then a graduate of La Femis (management department), she then chose to excel in music and released her debut album “Rayons Gamma”, both “raw, electronic and organic”. After becoming a P.R2B, he created his own clips and thus put his plastic knowledge into the performance of his songs: “an everlasting continuity” from which the French scene has known for a long time. Especially since live for him, “this is where it burns”. Strong. Discovered by the general public in the first part of Adubi and Angle by Lord Esperanza, Sally has created a universe associated with the words rap and hip hop.>> IAM a unique show of music and images.The team I Presenting a tailor-made show for the festival and accompanying it, the Warrior tour combines titles with archival images that reclaim the group’s history, one of the legends of the French rap.

9:00 pm on the main stage
>> Sony CSL Research LabSony CSL invites one of its artists to perform compositions using artificial intelligence
A demonstration of how new tools enable artistic revision>> A French song with pop accents inspired by Claude Brickole. At just 27 years old, the musician and composer, also a conductor with the prestigious London Contemporary Orchestra, has already collaborated with artists from around the world (Etienne Daho, Max Cooper, Silly Boy Blue, Alpha Mist, etc.). He presented for the first time his new album “Loom”, a descriptive fresco built around a sensitive and powerful symphonic poetry model.
Serge Gainsbourg movies. Directed and filmed by Alex Beupain. With Franোয়াois Fabian, Clotild Hesme, Dani, La Grande Sophie, Clough, Adrian Gallo, Pierre Gয়েnard And Dominic BesnehardBe Alex Beaupain has signed on for a new show around Serge Gainsbourg’s movie, produced at La Sirene (The Espace Musiques Actuelles of the Agglomeration of La Rochelle). Looking back at his career as a lyricist influenced by film, text, archive images, but above all through the songs of Serge Gainsbourg.

Serge Gainsbourg describes and sings Alex Beaupain at the Swars Jumeles 2022 Festival in Rochefort (17)
Serge Gainsbourg describes and sings Alex Beaupain at the Swars Jumeles 2022 Festival in Rochefort (17)

JB Dunkell (AIR): “In Electro Sources” Its co-founder Air Group Improves on analog synthesizer. Produced by INA, this live creation is a musical and audiovisual performance: director Jaïs Elalouf, aka “DJ Oof”, an expert in synchronized archive music videos, brings to the stage the French founders of electro music through cult images.

9:30 pm at Klose Laparossa
Stefan Eicher’s Invisible Movie. Stefan Eicher Presents an original creation based on the script of the film, written by great names in literature. A creation where he puts in two texts read by actors, with a group of newsmakers live. With Lola Gias, Mark Zeus, Samuel Hercules and Matilda Weirgan. On board his raft of the Eugels, Stefan Eicher opens in the evening.

Unpublished show-concert by Stefan Eicher at the Suarez Jummales Festival in Rochefort on June 25, 2022
Unpublished show-concert by Stefan Eicher at the Suarez Jummales Festival in Rochefort on June 25, 2022

To learn more about the Twin Sisters Festival, listen to France BLEU La Rochelle Live from the Rochefort Festival on 22-23 and 24 June.
During their broadcast from 4 to 6 p.m., David Morrell and / or Daniel Gimeno will receive live performances from many artists.

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