In Revale, the French test went to an air-conditioned place

Change of house, arrangement of bottled water. Several arrangements have been made to facilitate the graduation examination during this heat wave.

Heatwaves have been declared in the region since Wednesday, June 15 or Thursday, June 16. Too much heat, in an unsuitable place in school, will make it difficult to pass the graduation written test.

At Vincent Oriole High School in Ravel, Haute-Garonne, Daniel Palpaque, the headmaster, expects his 145 students to take the French bac exam. “We have worked with the municipality of Revel to provide us with a municipal hall, the Space Claude Nugaro. It will be air-conditioned and will be able to accommodate all first-class students for the French exam.”.

This space is already used for exams, especially for college diplomas

“The heat wave is such that we cannot compose our students in a room where it will be 40 degrees”, Emphasizes the head teacher.

The purpose is to ensure fairness of all the candidates, we can not give their test to 50 students in the air-conditioned room and another 50 students in the 40 degree centigrade room.

Daniel Palpaque, principal of Vincent Oriole High School in Ravel

This Wednesday, June 15 there is no big move for philosophy graduates. Candidates took the exam in high school, but thought was given to keep everything cool.

“For this morning’s vision test, we have downstairs all the test rooms that are less exposed to the sun and have air circulation throughout the night. And water bottles have been made available.”Says Daniel Palpakuar.

The Ministry of National Education and Youth has sent recommendations to school principals and heads of institutions to prevent the effects of heat waves.

Mostafa Fora has been the rector of Toulouse Academy since July 2020. He has led the Reunion Academy for 4 years and the Guadeloupe Academy for 3 years. He is accustomed “High heat”.

Recommendations were sent directly to the school principal and head teachers, recommendations which are common sense. Identify the most open premises and adjust the organization and use spaces according to exposure.

Mostafa Forar, Rector of Toulouse Academy

The purpose is to allow students to be welcomed in places protected from heat. “Protected front, not exposed to the sun, mark cool places, keep blinds or shutters closed when sunny in front, keep windows open at night … I fully trust the head of the organization and managers to implement these specific recommendations.”The Rector of Toulouse Academy explained.

At Toulouse Academy, 29,478 candidates registered for the graduation exam. Mostafa Forar went to the high school to take stock of the examination conditions.

I went to two high schools yesterday and they provided water for the examinees. The conditions will be rather correct for the candidates who will graduate.

Mostafa Forar, Rector of Toulouse Academy

It is not possible to change the schedule for passing the graduation examination, as the examinations are conducted simultaneously across the national territory. On the other hand, these adaptations can be made within the framework of the course.

“At this stage, and to my knowledge, there are six middle schools in Turn and one middle school in Gers, which has adapted to the schedule and the lesson movement. I am fully responsible for this organization, like their high school. Stressed the rector of the Toulouse academy.

“This is what is expected”Mostafa Fourar points out, “We had a meeting yesterday (all rector of France) with the new Minister of Education to address this issue via video conference, which means if the issue is taken seriously at the national level.”.

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