“Modern medicine knows how to heal a child. What it cannot do is resurrect a father who died in war.”

The best-selling author and TV presenter has long been a beacon for parents in two now war-torn countries and many parents in other former Soviet republics.

Evguen Komarovsky now offers a different kind of advice to his millions of social media followers: how to create your own baby formula from A to Z, administer first aid, survive rocket attacks, or take iodine in case of nuclear contamination.

Can you imagine how a mother would feel when her child gets sick, drip bombs, bombs all around them and she has to drip her child to the air shelter?“Mr Komarovsky asked AFP.

A 61-year-old doctor with salty-pepper hair and thick mustache speaks in a video call from an undisclosed location in Ukraine, waving a blue and yellow Ukrainian flag in the background.

No conflict (…) should be settled by bombing residential areas

He, like many Ukrainian doctors and parents, testified to the horrors of life under the bombing, pointing to the heavy damage that Russian attacks have inflicted on Ukrainian children.

Since the start of the Russian aggression two weeks ago, Yevgeny Komarovsky, who has two sons and three grandchildren, has made a heartfelt appeal to Russian parents, urging them to take to the streets against the war.

Don’t give it to your children“, He wrote on Instagram.”And don’t take mine. “

At least 71 children have already been killed in clashes and more than 100 injured, according to Ukrainian authorities.

More than 2.3 million people have already fled the fighting in Ukraine, many of them children and millions suffering trauma.

No dispute between people, countries, politicians or the state should be settled by bombing residential areas“Claims Mr. Komarovsky.

According to the mayor of Mariupol, a six-year-old girl named Tania died of dehydration under the rubble of a house destroyed by Russian shelling after her mother died this week.

Earlier, when a woman gave birth, there was laughter and joy, but nowadays that joy is blurred with pain.

If anyone were to tell me that in the 21st century, virtually right in the middle of Europe, we would see so much suffering, I would not believe it.Sergei Semashko, chief physician of the maternity ward at Kiev Hospital No. 6, explained.

Earlier, when a woman gave birth, there was laughter and happiness, but nowadays the joy is blurred by pain, sorrow and fear.“She is OK.

Many of Dr. Semashko’s patients are now giving birth in the basement of the clinic, while the operating room and all its equipment have been moved to a safer location inside the building.

Hospital staff are sleeping in the maternity ward for fear of not being able to return to work, and volunteers are providing nappies, baby formula and food to patients.

When Polina Chechet realized that her contractions had begun right after the start of the war, she knew she would have to go straight to a hospital in Kiev from her suburb of Irpin.

Due to a medical condition he needed a caesarean section which kept him limited in his right arm and leg.

Carrying a bag with a few things in his hand, and holding his stomach, the 29-year-old ran three kilometers to the nearest train station to catch the last train to Kyiv with his sister, the bomb exploded in the distance.

She was able to reach Hospital No. 6 and gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Elizaveta on February 25, the day after the Russian invasion.

I didn’t cry when I first saw him“, Paulina Chechet told AFP.”I cry when I see on television bombed cities, people seem to have vanished. Why? I don’t want this kind of future for my daughter

According to Ivguen Komarovsky, if the war ends quickly, with the help of time and mental health professionals, Ukrainian children will be able to recover from the trauma of war.

Modern medicine knows how to treat a child, how to restore the taste of his life and confuse him.“, Explains the pediatrician.”All he can do is resurrect his father who died in the war

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