Photoshop becomes (slightly) free and fits newcomers

During a European tour, Creative Cloud officials unveiled plans to expand Adobe’s software empire. The company strongly believes in “immersive 3D content” and relies on artificial intelligence to simplify its products.

Artificial intelligence allows non-professional users to do things they haven’t been able to do before. ” With this phrase, Adobe Creative Cloud boss Scott Belsky, in our opinion, better reflects the latest updates on Photoshop, Illustrator or Premier Pro. In recent years, Adobe has been using new automated filters that do everything for you. It’s a way to simplify software that is known for its great complexity The company is currently traveling to major European cities to meet its “community”. He was in Paris on 14 June.

Photoshop free on the web soon?

Surprisingly, the most important announcement we believe was not even mentioned by Adobe during our meeting in Paris. However, according to several American media outlets, such as The Verge, Adobe has decided to release a free web version of Photoshop in Canada to begin a trial period. The final economic model has not yet been determined, but it is possible that Adobe will store certain functions for its Creative Cloud customers. For the most basic, Photoshop can be used a free Adobe account.

Photoshop screenshots on the web. // Source: Adobe

In Paris, on the other hand, Scott Belsky of Abob talks about launching Photoshop on the web. Since last year, this lightweight version of the popular editing software aims to reach a wider audience, such as those with a Chromebook or a low-performance machine. After launching on the iPad, Adobe seems to be aiming to increase its user base. To achieve this, he relied on the “neural filter”, the automatic editing function for artificial intelligence. Changing the sky, changing emotions, restoring an old image… which once required special skills can now be done with one tap. Adobe is moving in that direction, even betting on “fun” filters like Snapchat.

When will the free version of Photoshop be launched in France? For the moment, it’s impossible to know. We must continue to use very similar options, such as Photoper, while waiting for information on the end of the Canadian test.

An example of an AI filter in Photoshop is to create someone from a picture without any tools.
An example of an AI filter in Photoshop is to create someone from a picture without any tools. // Source: Adobe

Collaboration and Metavers, the other axis of Adobe

If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, Adobe should launch some new features next month. One of his priorities seems to be cooperation, which he has defined as essential “The Age of Google Docs”. If it acknowledges that its historical users will never use these new features, Adobe thinks we’ve entered an age where people want to edit a video together. Scott Belsky dreams of breaking the habit of exporting a video rendering specifically to Premier Pro, sending it to his colleagues via WeTransfer and then emailing each other. For that, everything should be done directly from the Adobe server. “99% of our users collaborate on the old method, but everyone should try the new one. A

Finally, another purpose of Adobe is to avoid potential metavers. If the company deserves to know if this virtual world really exists, it is certain that the objects we consult online will one day be in 3D. Adobe wants to be the one who creates modeling software to help its customers “Metaverse-ready”, Just in case. Even if the glasses of reality do not work, Adobe is sure that the submerged web is the web of the future.

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