Rallye du Coeur 2022. At the age of 6, Jules led a courageous fight against cancer –

Text: Eva Borgin – 2e The Lyon version of Rallye du Cœur will stop on June 26, 2022 at Chateau de Le in St. Georges de Renিনns. Among the 212 children registered with the IHOPe (Institute of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology), Jules Fremberg is already dreaming of his exceptional car.

Like a hurricane, a child’s pain pushes away everything in his path. If joy is able to hide in this hellish whirlwind, this fiery test, divided by a glimmer of hope, unites a family into turmoil. Tough against each other, its members fight together to see a better sky. This war, Jules Strasbourg And his family has been feeling it every day for a year.

The procession surrounded his family

Holding hands, they draw their strengths where benevolence becomes their best weapon, such as the Rally du Core held at the Chateau de Lay in St. Georges de Renিনns. Last year, the first solidarity ceremony took place in Lyon and raised 237,000 euros thanks to 150 registered crews. During a ride, sick children may see themselves differently in a luxury car.

If 6 rallies have already been organized in France, then these 2e The Leon version has attracted new co-drivers, such as Jules. “He’s waiting for it and he’s on the moon. He’s a car fan like me. He spends his time looking at the crew and wondering which one he will co-drive,” his father shouted. Sebastian Fremberg. Dreams and excitement then became an essential weapon in this uncertain fight.

The ordeal of the disease carries the generosity of all

“Jules started having stomach pains last year. At the end of August, the diagnosis is made. She is 6 years old and has cancer of the adrenal glands that calcified all the lymph nodes in her abdomen. In other words, the tumor has spread, “explained his father. As soon as the disease is discovered, the IHOPe team takes care of the little boy so that he can start his treatment quickly. “Jules has two older sisters, Aureli And Lauren (Above). They were able to go back to school and he was not, ”he recalls.

When the announcement of the disease came like a tsunami in the family, the sun’s rays came to calm the storm. At the hospital, IHOPe’s teacher taught him, and when he returned home, his schoolteacher came to teach him. “We are really lucky to be in France. We are supported by the generosity of the hospital team and others. The intensity of the relationship with the people we meet is proportional to our pain, ”he explained.

After more than 8 months of chemotherapy and 10 hours of surgery in December, Jules spent 5 weeks in a sterile room after spending 2021 in his hospital in Christmas. Worthy of a hero, his courage seems to have been enhanced by gestures of solidarity from everywhere. “We have invited firefighters and regional police. We invite you to the Paris Fire Parade and to the Canadian base. With my wife Ann Sophie“It simply came to our notice then. The rainbow of laughter has been accomplished with the arrival of Rally du Coure.

A fight for Rallye du Cœur Thanks to others

Faced with the ordeal of this ordeal, the APPEL Association (a charity for parents of children with leukemia or other cancers) then becomes a shoulder on which families can rest. “I met the APPEL team in the IHOPe lobby because they offer coffee every Monday morning. I already knew about the event but I heard them talking about Rallye du Coeur and I was interested, “he recalled.

Car enthusiast, Sébastien bought a Porsche 911 and entered the Rallye du Cœur. In search of donations, he has so far received 16,000 euros from more than 110 donors. A victory for this father who then becomes the godfather of another child and extends his fight to another family. “Jules will be in another car and that’s when he realized. He told me that there must be many more children who would like to go to Porsche, “he smiled.

Aiming to raise 300,000 euros, the money will be donated to APPEL and used to fund programs such as the treatment of brain tumors. For family or professionals, Rallye du Cœur lets you go. Touch them to stop seeing this storm and hopefully one day rain will definitely give way to good weather. For Jules and his other comrades.

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