Swiss airspace is closed for several hours due to computer failure

SkyGuide did not immediately specify the source of the error.

“SkyGide’s technical issues have been resolved and the airline’s closure has been lifted at 08:30 (editor’s note at 06:30 GMT). .

Earlier, SkyGuide announced the breakup “early in the morning” and closed Swiss airspace completely “for security reasons”.

A measure that prohibits any overflight in the country and forces planes to land at airports in neighboring countries.

SkyGuide “regrets this incident and its consequences for its customers, partners and passengers at Geneva and Zurich airports”.

Slow recovery

Geneva International Airport was the first to announce the gradual resumption of flights on Twitter after 07:00 GMT.

“The good news! Aviation has slowly resumed from 08:30 (06:30 GMT editor’s note). Several flights have been canceled. Passengers have been asked to check with their company to see if their flights have been maintained,” the Geneva Airport report tweeted. Has done.

Zurich Airport, another major air hub, tweeted that “flight operations have resumed”. “Flight operations are scheduled at 50% power until 9:30 a.m. and 75% after 9:30 p.m.

“We encourage passengers to pay attention to their airline’s flight information,” the tweet said.

According to the ATS-Keystone Agency, international flights from Switzerland have been diverted, especially to Milan Airport in northern Italy.

The Zurich Airport website shows that United Airlines Flight UA134 from New York was diverted to Frankfurt Airport in West Germany, while Singapore Airlines Flight SQ346 from the city-state was diverted to South Germany and Munich Airports.

Large airport

Zurich is Switzerland’s top airport with over 10.2 million passengers boarding or transiting through its terminal in 2021. With the gradual lifting of health restrictions, traffic has risen sharply since March, reaching month after month. Pre-epidemic 6

The airport saw 1.3 million passengers in March, then more than 1.8 million in April and more than 1.9 million in May, increasing the number of destinations for the period to 191. With the resumption of tourism in the summer.

In Geneva, only 5.9 million passengers traveled through the airport, while flights like Zurich were still severely affected by health restrictions. But since March, traffic has risen sharply, once again exceeding one million passengers per month.

With the resumption of tourism, the airport used 1.14 million passengers in May, according to provisional statistics from Geneva Airport.

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