The whole ceremony of the Anima Chalan festival

Megarma runs from 15 to 21 June, 2022.

Across the sky“Of Yusuke Hirota (Japan), 1h40, from age 8:

Summary: Lubichi lives in the middle of a large chimney whose thick smoke always covers the sky of his city. He wants to prove to everyone that his father is telling the truth and they are on the other side of the cloud. One Halloween night, the little chimney sweeper meets Powell, a strange creature with whom he decides to explore the sky.

Sunday, June 19 at 3 p.m.

Run awayBy »(VO) Jonas Poher Rasmussen (Denmark-France), 1h29:

Summary: The true story of Amin, an Afghan who had to flee his country in the late 80’s when he was just a child. Thirty years later, now a university student in Denmark, he will tell his best friend the true story of his journey and the fight for his freedom.

Monday, June 20 at 8 p.m.

Moonbound, star kingdom“Of Ali Samad Ahadi (Austria), 1h40, from age 8:

Summary: Peter embarks on a magical journey to save his younger sister Ann, who is kidnapped by the evil Moon Man. For this he must go to a mysterious land: the moon!

In his fantastic adventure, Peter meets the sleeping Mr. Sandman who convinces him that they can find out where Ann is at the Night Fairy’s dinner at Cloud Castle. But there is not enough space for everyone. So they start an insane race against the five spirits of nature: Storm Giant, Lightning Witch, Henry Hale, Robin Hood and Mother Ice …

Saturday, June 18 at 4 p.m.

That Tiger invited himself for tea“Of Karim Saleh (France), 42 minutes, 3 years old:

Summary: What would you do if a giant tiger knocked on your door one afternoon, swallowed your afternoon tea, boiled dinner, and rolled up everything in your closet? Before this delicious story taken from Judith Kerr’s smooth album, there are three short films that will satisfy your hunger – like a tiger! A show of 4 short films.

Sunday, June 19 at 11 a.m.

Funny creatures», 37 minutes, 3 years old:

Summary: We sometimes meet very strange creatures … without necessarily thinking that it is not so easy to be different.

A series of 7 short films without words: Pao Bye Antje Hein (Germany), by Deep Dap (scary thing) Steven Roberts (UK), from Pila (elephant maid) Milena Klebanov (Israel), fitting in d Taylor Aniset (Canada), Cat and Dog (The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside) Siri Melchior (UK), Costa d ‘Anton Dyakov (Russia) and My Happy and Buy Milon Vitanov (Germany – Bulgaria).

Wednesday 15th June at 11am, Saturday 18th June at 11am and Sunday 19th June at 2pm

Tommy’s birthday“Of Michael Ekblad (Sweden), 1h15, 3 years old:

Summary: Tommy, a young rabbit, lives peacefully in a beautiful house with his family, which has many friends around. But her younger sister’s birth habits have faded, and her five-year-old birthday party is likely to be compromised. A funny adventure then arrives at his beloved grandmother’s house …

Wednesday 15th June at 11am, Saturday 18th June at 11am and Sunday 19th June at 11am

Zambilenium“Of Arthur de Pius (France), 1h18, from age 10:

Summary: In Zombillenium Horror Amusement Park, there are monster blues. Not only are zombies, vampires, warwolves, and other monsters real monsters whose spirits belong to the devil forever, but they are tired of entertaining people who are tired of their jobs, consumerist, delusional, and selfish, in short, tired of office life, especially when it lasts forever. Gone … until Hector arrives, a human, safety standards regulator, determined to shut down the installation. Francis, the vampire who runs the park, has no choice: he must bite her to protect their privacy. Transformed into a strange monster, separated from his daughter Lucy, and stuck in the park, Hector is brooding … What if he finally becomes the new star attraction of Zombillénium?

Wednesday 15th June at 2pm, Thursday 16th June at 7:45 pm and Saturday 18th June at 2pm

Somewhere else“Of Gents Jilbalodis (Latvia), 1h15, 10 years old:

Summary: A little boy wakes up hanging from a tree after a plane crash. From a distance a large terrifying shape approached him. To escape this he takes refuge at the entrance of a cave where strange forms cannot follow him. In this cave, the young man finds a map and a motorbike that pushes him down the road to try to reach the other side of the island, the harbor and civilization.

Wednesday 15th June at 4pm, Sunday 19th June at 5pm and Tuesday 21st June at 3:30 pm

Your nameBy »(VO) Makoto Shinkai (Japan), 1h50:

Summary: Mitsuha, a teenager trapped in a traditional family, dreams of leaving her native mountain to discover Tokyo’s busy life. A young high school student living in Tokyo, busy with her weird work at an Italian restaurant and many of her friends … far from imagining being able to live an urban adventure on Taki’s skin. Through her dreams, Mitsuha sees herself literally driven into the young boy’s life in such a way that she believes she is actually living … Everything changes when she realizes that Takio dreams of a traditional way of life in the mountains. Family: The skin of the young woman! A strange relationship develops between their two bodies, which makes them mutually exclusive. What is the secret behind this strange dream that unites two destinies that oppose everything and which has never been fulfilled?

Thursday 16th June at 9.30pm, Friday 19th June at 8pm and Monday 20th June at 1.45pm

End of Evangelion“Of Hideaki Anno And Kazua Surumaki (Japan), 1h26:

Summary: The End of Evangelion is a film that splits into two parts (Episode 25 ‘: Love Destructive and Episode 26’: Another Final: I Need You). The response has been overwhelming. In fact, this feature film brings a realistic and realistic conclusion, as opposed to the 1996 animated series which can only bring a philosophical ending. As a result of the television context of the 1990s, the film is therefore divided into two parts: the first, centering on nerves, humans and angels; And the second part, focuses on Shinji Ikari and the complementary plan. In fact, The End of Evangelion is the real ending that Hideki planned for the Anno series. However, the TV Tokyo channel that aired Neon Genesis Evangelion was considered extremely extreme, forcing Hideki Anno to make a new ending.

Wednesday 15th June at 9:30 pm (VO), Thursday 16th June at 4pm, Friday 17th June at 10pm (VO) and Tuesday 21st June at 9:30 pm.

The Boy and the Beast“Of Mamoru Hosada (Japan), 1h58:

Summary: Shibuya, the human world, and Jutengai, the animal world … this is the story of a lonely boy and a lonely animal, each living in two separate worlds. One day, the boy gets lost in the world of Beast where he becomes a disciple of Beast Kumatetsu who gives him the name Kyuta. This fortunate meeting is the beginning of an adventure that goes beyond imagination …

Thursday 16th June at 1:45 pm (VO), Friday 17th June at 5:30 pm (VO) and Sunday 19th June at 7pm.

Zero impunityBy »(VO) Dennis Lambert III, Nicholas Bliss And Stephen Huber-Bliss (France), 1h33:

Summary: For centuries, sexual crimes have been the invisible weapon of all armed conflict. Who are the executioners? What will happen to the victims? Why does this atrocity go unpunished? Nine women journalists are investigating bans, violations of freedom of speech and judicial failure. So that the victims can be heard in the end.

Wednesday 15th June at 7:30 pm (VO), Saturday 18th June at 6pm, Sunday 7th at 9:30 pm and Tuesday 21st June at 7:30 pm.

My Afghan familyBy »(VO) Mikela Pavlatova (Czech Republic-France-Slovakia), 1h20:

Summary: Kabul, Afghanistan, 2001. Hera is a young woman of Czech descent who, out of love, decides to give up everything to follow her husband Nazir. He then witnessed the ups and downs of his new Afghan family on a daily basis and became an actor. Borrowing his European woman’s perspective against the backdrop of cultural and racial differences, he sees, at the same time, his daily life shaken by the arrival of his mother, an unusual orphan who will have a son …

Monday, June 20 at 6 p.m.

My favorite fightBy »(VO) Ilze Burkovskaya Jacobsen (Latvia), 1h22:

Summary: In the 1970s, Latvia was a Soviet socialist republic. Ilze, the director, told us about his childhood in the middle of the Cold War under a strong authoritarian regime. An avid communist at first, he somehow sharpened his critical consciousness in the face of national instincts. But adolescence finally allows him to conquer true freedom of thought!

Friday 17th June at 3.45pm, Monday 20th June at 4pm and Tuesday 21st June at 5.30pm

My Zucchini life“Of Claude Baras (France), 1h06, from age 8:

Summary: Zucchini is not a vegetable, he is a brave little boy. Losing his mother, he thinks he is alone in the world. But it does not count what he will face in his new life in the children’s home. Simon, Ahmed, Juzub, Alice and Beatrice: They all have stories and they are tough enough to be gentle. And then there’s this girl, Camille. When you are 10 years old, having a group of friends, falling in love, there are things to discover and learn. And why not be happy.

Wednesday 15th June at 6pm, Saturday 18th June at 8pm and Tuesday 21st June at 1:45 pm

Triplets of Belleville“Of Sylvain Chomet (France), 1h20, from age 10:

Summary: The brilliant idea that Mrs. Suzar had of offering a bicycle to her nephew exceeded her expectations. Training, an adapted diet, and the Tour de France weren’t too far away … or the “French mafia” who found the future cycling champion and kidnapped him. Madame Shuja, with three old women, Triplets, who have become her accomplices, must be brave in all dangers in the pursuit of hair.

Thursday 16th June at 6pm, Friday 17th June at 1:50 pm and Saturday 18th June at 9:30 pm.

Karim Boakline-Venegas Al Gharnati

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