The wife is traveling with the family without her husband and decides to check the doorbell camera

When her husband fell ill a few days before their family vacation, a woman realized why she had to stay home. However, the camera on their doorbell reveals the real motive of the man. Everyone who has heard this story is shocked.

Doorbell cameras have become commonplace in homes. This phenomenon started in 2020 Amazon has sold more than 400,000 ring smart devices These nifty gadgets help homeowners stay safe, but they may have other uses. A woman discovered it in a difficult way.

A doorbell camera was installed in the family home. The mistress of the house was pleasantly surprised that the slightest activities and gestures of the family were recorded, even those whose occupants wanted to keep secret. Seeing the recording, he became speechless.

The doorbell camera shows the woman has a man on her porch Source:

Her husband was too ill to go on a trip

In 2021, Kaylie Kristina, known as @ kaylie271 on TikTok, was looking forward to spending quality time with her family and friends. The trip was planned for her family of four, her best friend and her child.

But Christina’s son fell ill shortly before they left. The next morning, just hours before they left, Christina’s husband also complained of being ill. The couple decided that it was better for the father and son to stay at home.

Christina was unhappy to leave her two loved ones, but she understood the situation. However, she was far from suspecting that her husband had other plans in store.

The woman revealed what she saw on her doorbell camera Source:

He has received a doorbell warning

TikTokeuse received an unexpected phone call from her husband who had just moved into her vacation home. He said he told her their doorbell camera was not working.

As the family changed their internet access provider, Christina thought the problem was in their favor. But later that day, he was surprised to receive a new alert from the Dedicated Doorbell Camera app.

The mother of two quickly checked the footage. But he was surprised to see the pictures in the recording. Christina at first thought there were two strangers on their porch. He explained:

“So I saw the video while going for a walk with our daughter. I called her because first I saw pictures of two corpses on the porch and said: ‘There are two dirty people on the front porch, check it out.'”

A mother of two shared what she saw on her doorbell camera Source:

Destructive discovery

When Christina reviews the footage again, she realizes that her husband is one of the people in the video.

He shared the clip on the ticket with overlaid text that read:

“When your husband is too ill to go on your planned family trip.”

The footage shows a man, her husband, coming out the door and observing the area outside.

Then, an unknown woman appeared, and the couple shared a quick kiss before leaving the scene. According to Christina, the woman was her husband’s work colleague.

The doorbell camera shows the woman with two people on her porch Source:

“Loss is done”

Christina immediately confronted her husband on the phone. He initially denied the allegations of treason. However, he finally admitted when he asked her if she wanted to see video evidence.

The black-and-white video, which was set at 10pm, was quickly discussed on the Internet. Many people wanted to know more, and TikTokeuse shared a series of follow-up clips updating Internet users about the evolution of the situation.

He said:

“When I discovered the video, his reaction was primarily to turn the tide against me and in his eyes all the mistakes I made.”

He quickly realized that he was guilty and apologized for his actions. He added, “But, the damage has been done.”

He kicked her out of their house

Christina gave her husband five hours to go home from their vacation, pack his things, and leave. He added:

“The locks have been changed and he no longer lives in this house.”

TikTokeuse also expressed his intention to file for divorce and said he blamed his wife for opening the door to disbelief. However, he also blamed the woman.

He had no respect for his family

When a netizen asked her why her husband would cheat on her if he found out about the doorbell camera, she replied, “Ask him.” Another user decided to give a reason for disbelief.

He said:

“Some people just don’t pay attention. Obviously he has no respect for bringing his wife, house and children [sa maîtresse] In his house where they live. “

In another video, Christina added that she was upset that her husband had let someone into their home while her son was present.

Mom enjoyed online support

Christina was grateful for the overwhelming support from people all over the world. She revealed that being a single mother was a challenge, but she is doing very well with her children.

TikTokeuse said, “Being viral was a very surreal experience. I don’t know how my video appealed to everyone, because people cheat all the time. A lot of people have supported me, which I really appreciate.”

Christina’s story reveals the heartbreaking reality of cheating – it breaks up families and breaks everyone’s heart. Hopefully her story will encourage partners to think twice about being unfaithful to their loved ones.

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