What to do with the kids this week? From May 30

Feel the urge to go outside and your kids want to run, dance and enjoy the good weather? So go ahead and find our best plans: they’ll make them happy … and yours!

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Family weekend at the museum of romantic life

As part of the “Family Weekend” operation provided by the Museum of the City of Paris, the Museum of Romantic Life invites you to a different discovery. Over the weekend, workshops, storytelling tours and literary paths allow young and old to discover stories and heroines of legends.

We’re going …

La Villette Freestyle

Spotlight on practice at the forefront of street culture in dance, music, sliding and fashion. Offers open to all freestyle jams, dance fights, sporting events, dance parades, training sessions and workshops. An enduring breeding ground for adventurous, curious, hyperactive and more moderate people for creativity, the festival creates a fertile ground where people occupy spaces and adapt codes. Energy and imagination come together to innovate new cultural and sporting possibilities.

Paris Sports Sunday

Paris Sport Demanches returns in the summer of 2022. Visit every Sunday, May 22, to play or resume sports in good spirits at one of the 10 venues in Paris and receive training by athletes from the French National Olympic Committee. It’s free!

Shows and movies

Classic in Cinémathèque Française

To celebrate summer and the end of the year, discover a selection of screenings with great classic films at Cinematheque in June. Burlesque films, westerns, suspense films and cartoons, enough to satisfy all curiosity! And to start the festivities, find Chaplin’s “The Dictator” and the great Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knows Much”.

Our little tendency

This wordless part addresses the question of the search for happiness in poetry and in great intimacy. What is the difference between pure will, fad and social order? Is happiness different for everyone? Is a happy life essential to a successful life?


Check out the “Silsila, Journey of Appearance” exhibition

From the age of 6, children are invited to a special moment to understand the exhibition. Silsila, the journey of sight In a fun and interactive way, ICI is in the company of the mediating team. Parents or caregivers can take the opportunity to take a group break at ICI Cafe.


Rose Weekend in Bagatelle

A festive weekend in an exceptional park, especially famous for its internationally famous rose garden. France’s most important and oldest, inaugurated in 1907, it now represents more than 1,200 varieties of roses. To discover or rediscover tirelessly.

Rose garden in Bagatel Park

Leon the Butterfly’s Treasure Hunt

Hosted by Jardin21 Find a hidden treasure Which will follow the adventures of Leon the Butterfly, an adventure full of color and discovery! Along with Odley, our head gardener and curiosity trafficker, Children will be able to walk around the garden in search of clues to solve puzzles. It will be an opportunity to discover the fauna and flora, but also the mysterious insects and other curiosities that shelter in the garden. Will they be able to find the hidden treasure?

Rendez-vous in the garden – family story

In the shade of tall trees Park MonsieurCome and hear the family story Flower crazyThis old Chinese gardener loves her flowers so much that she cherishes them like her own child.

Tender Sunday

Le Jardin21 has launched the first edition of the “Tender Sundays” event on Sunday 5th June, a multifaceted event dedicated to tenderness which will be held on the first Sunday of every month. In the program: a program of sweets for body and mind, a temporary wellness place, in workshops and artistic performances …


Philharmony’s theater director

Mozart and Opera are accessible to children … without disturbing their parents? The challenge was taken by director Mirabelle Ordinaire in a French adaptation of a hilarious gem with a performance, where the artistic life is described as a farce comedy.

Architect Jean Nouvel's Philharmoni

Occupation: Bogieman. The story of the Round House

From the age of 8 years. In the past, when a child could not sleep, his parents would tell him: “If you can’t get to bed early, the evil bogeyman will come and devour you.” And then the kids fall asleep … or pretend to close their eyes! Teaching methods have evolved a lot, we have lost the habit of intimidating children so that they can be obeyed. We like to reassure them, sing their lullabies, stay at the foot of their bed until we fall asleep ourselves. That is why the unemployed are unemployed. We never call them again and they are in the habit of giving up. What will happen to Girolamo, the young bogieman who ignores himself?


“Pierre at Le Loop” workshop at Andre Chedid Library

A fun workshop to discover history Pierre and the Wolf And the instruments present in the story of this famous musical instrument. Children will be able to draw, mime and enjoy Philharmony according to their needs.

Children’s Workshop: Emerging Gardeners

Often considered a paradise on earth, the garden inherited from the Persian and Byzantine worlds occupies a significant place in Islamic culture and imagination. Damascus roses, sweet-smelling jasmine, pomegranate and orange trees with delicious fruit: a brief presentation of these iconic trees, followed by the organization of a traditional garden in four parts, from which Tea bugsIn Persia, kids will put their hands on the ground to learn about the joys of gardening and create green patches on ICI’s patio.

School children are planting on the sidewalk with city gardeners.

Comic strip workshop with Romain Dutter

A comic strip workshop for children is offered as part of the Quartier du livre festival and to launch the comic strip competition “3 to 4 Boxes, 1 Line”.

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