When Milan does the living room again

For its 60th session, and after a few bumps in its calendar, the Milan International Furniture Fair has provided a strongly optimistic “Frigent” anniversary edition.

In a good week between June 7 and 12, the design planet regained its citizenship, occupancy, investment and rights to the Fেরhrer pavilion and the smallest square meter of the city, like a huge pinball machine, in the capital of Lombard, like a huge pinball machine. Corner viewers. June and the heat were mandatory, we wore lots of linen and barefoot shoes, chic sandals and unbridled Birkenstock. Despite the storm of harshness, because a Milanese design week cannot be without its catastrophe. If the salon itself piles up discipline – the workplace, the Euro Kuchina (kitchen), the bagno (bath), the satellite – has overdrived off offers. Dimores drew crowds around the Stazione Centrale to inaugurate their new post-art space where the only versions of the pieces created by their designer and decorator friends will be presented throughout the year. Another key point was posted west of the city, by Jonah Ingani / Forge Armete, Alcova, an international platform for independent design, founded by Valentina Sophie and Joseph Grima, bringing together more than 80 young designers, labels appearing, cutting – edge gallery and The main organization. We know Paula, Vuls, Gonzalo Baskunan, Lot Love, etc.

Fendi Casa Flagship Store by B&B Italia. – Andrea Ferrari

There was also the opening of flagship stores. Thus Fendi Casa (already open from April), now produced by B&B Italia, especially with the exciting collection of Bostowana-based designer Peter Mabeo; As well as Flexform, whose first flagship store was designed by ACPV architects, such as Antonio Citario and Patricia Vieille. Bobois took the opportunity to open a new showroom in French Roche, two armrests away from Durini, the sacred arteries of the big names of Italian design. Not far from there, on the other side of Piazza San Babila, still under construction, Louis Vuitton had a double whammy: a three-year and 1930s ex-parking lot garage installation on five floors of the house in Traversi. Rehabilitated, combined with the introduction of new “nomadic objects”, as already presented in Miami last December. Elsewhere, Moroso celebrated his 70th birthday, unveiled his collaboration with Unifor OMA / Rem Kulhas, India tied the knot with Mahdavi Tonet Vienna Bentwood, and entered the Triennial Museum with the 1980 Memphis “Memphis Again” by Trivnal Museum. Milanese designer Christoph Riddle. The museum is in Novecento (until October 2) and is supported by Malteni & C, with the first exhibition dedicated to the great architect and designer Aldo Rossi of the 1960-1997 period.

New Roche Bobois showroom in Milan.
New Roche Bobois showroom in Milan. – © ড
Flexform Store by ACPV Architects.
Flexform Store by ACPV Architects. – © Matteo Imbriani

Otherwise, all programs had two names: Canadian pair (George) Yabu (Glenn) with nine new collaborations from Pushelberg (Molteni & C, Tribu, Glass Italia, Henge …), and Milanese Cristina Celestino, ubiquitous Moooi, Gervasoni, Etel, At the Fendi Casa … Note that Le French has gathered a huge French presence by design and a coral exhibition with the aristocratic elite in the walls of the Palazzo delle Stalin is revealed by the “Interior Journey”. The idea was to establish a dialogue between French furniture and decorative creations and the contemporary Italian art scene, led by three galleries, the first-class. Including Monica de Cardenas and Antonia Janon. And it was very efficient and successful.

Designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg.
Designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg. – © ড

Like contemporary art, now inseparable from design, the craftsman’s method was also a satisfaction to Nilufer, a must-have in this case, and worked on “Tom Bombaddil” at Promemoria where cabinet maker Romeo Sozi unwrapped his precious wooden cabinet. Front and landscape, a village on Lake Como. Other landscapes, but urban ones at this time and in casinos, including Gaetano Pesce’s new “Tramonto a New York” screen and the reappearance of the eponymous sofa (1984), are literally a famous iconic reference to the term. For the daily bread of the design, it was supplied by the neo-bakery Signor Livito, designed by designer Hannes Pierre. Located in Milan, a new rationalist mixed with brutality, here is a great future …

By Gaetano Pesce, Cassina
“Tramonto a New York” screen by Gaetano Pesce, Cassina. – © ড
Cabinet maker Romeo Sozi, Promemoria
Cabinet maker Romeo Sozi, Promemoria’s “Tom Bombadill” precious wood cabinet. – © ড

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