Which buoy to choose for your child?

With the arrival of the holidays, questions about the choice of swimming equipment for children are more than relevant. Boy, armband or vest, with thousands of products on offer, quickly becomes the right choice. What equipment to learn to swim? What equipment should you choose for bathing your child? Here is the complete guide.

How to choose your child’s swimming equipment?

Are you going to be on the beach with your child? Before jumping into the water, it is important to choose swimming equipment and equip it well which ensures optimal safety. To choose the right flotation device for your child, two criteria must be considered:

  • The height of your child.
  • The age of your child.

As your child gets older, Bet as much as you can In tools that give him more autonomy While bathing.

Good to know: The selected accessory must carry the CE mark. This label indicates that the product complies with the requirements of European regulations. This ensures that the plastic is of high quality and significantly resistant to temperature.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these different swimming equipments?

To better understand the differences between each swimming equipment, here are the advantages and disadvantages offered by each component.


  • Advantages: The child is free to move and therefore can easily discover the joy of water and swimming. Armbands ensure maximum safety for the baby.
  • Disadvantages: Armbands do not help in learning to swim.


  • Benefits: The child will learn to move using his feet and maintain balance in the water.
  • Disadvantages: Using buoys can be dangerous. In fact, the child may not be able to turn around and look the other way.

Good to know: Traditional round buoys are strictly forbidden. This bucket is not intended to protect the baby from drowning, it is not being kept there, the baby may slip quickly. This model is for people who already know how to swim.

Floating swimsuit:

  • Advantages: No need to remove and replace the boy ten times a day. Floating jerseys also provide support in the water.
  • Disadvantages: Floating jerseys do not guarantee safety. The floats are placed at abdominal level, which means that the baby can fall, move to an inverted position, with the head under the water. Worse, feet in the air and head down.

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Which float for a child under 3 years old?

Will your child play their first trumpet this summer? Choose a seat boy for maximum safety. The boy has a shoe seat and a backrest which keeps your child in a stable position and thus avoids the risk of slipping. These models often include cuffs so you can take your child for a walk and discover the joys of swimming with him.

Seat boys are for babies 6 months to 3 years old and for the first swim.

Float for any 2 year old baby?

Armbands are intended for children from the age of two Those who already know how to lie down, raise their heads. We strongly advise against armbands if this is your child’s first swim. In fact, armbands may not be enough for his safety. If you choose armbands as a tool for your child, bet on the model that will suit his weight and age.

Good to know: To avoid the hassle of inflation, you can choose ergonomic foam armbands. You can easily find it on Amazon, Decathlon and many more.

Any floats for a child 3 years or older?

Does your child already have his reflection in the water? Has your child learned to float? Then you can go to the inevitable roundabout. Essential for aquatic education, buoys are very practical for learning to swim. You can start with the boy with the armband for more safety and remove them as your child gains more confidence and improves his reflection.

Good to know: Before buying your boy, check that the seams are not too hard, it can irritate your child’s skin and it can become very irritating with sea salt.

There are other tools to help you swim while ensuring your child’s safety. You can also choose a life jacket or boy fry.

Boy, vest or armband, you now have all the tips to choose the right swimming equipment for your child. Be careful, cautious and watch your little ones, even if they are safe. Don’t forget that you must protect yourself and your children from the sun’s rays, discover our tips to protect yourself from the sun.

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