Who is the first candidate who is married and has children!

Removal of certain rules regarding eligibility to compete to give certain women a chance. Mothers can now claim the title of Miss France 2023!

A big wind of controversy has settled around the Miss France company since the announcement of the rule change.

In fact, the old rules were harshly criticized … however, the new ones don’t agree either. However, some young women, such as Victor Roosevelt, take the opportunity to participate in Miss France 2023 – finally! Discover the details now!

Miss France 2023 at the turn of the generation

If the Miss France 2023 election is not yet relevant, candidates are already taking steps to earn the honor of wearing the title. Indeed, departmental competition is felt. And for the first time since 1954, the rules governing eligibility for competition are making a sense Basic overhaul. Remember that former candidates had to meet certain conditions.

According to Master SimoninCandidates who are in charge of conducting the election smoothly have to fulfill multiple conditions. First, there must be French nationality. Which is completely understandable. So, be a woman from birth. This second condition is justified by the presentation of the young woman’s civil status certificate.

The other four conditions strengthen the first two. First, a size condition. Yes, if you are less than 170 cm tall then you will not be eligible to be Miss France 2023. In addition, candidates may have tattoos that cannot be concealed. Then the person should not No surgery was performed Plastic

There is a small exception to this last condition. In fact, reconstructive surgery is tolerated by competition organizers. Finally there is no candidate from the beginning Should not be married or civil union. So no mother could take part in this beauty contest. However, on the occasion of Miss France 2023 election, the rules are changing drastically!

Miss or Mrs. France?

In fact, after the legal action, the company decided to make some changes in the rules of eligibility to compete Miss France. In 2021, a handful of women decided to file a complaint against the selection committee. They say Endemol has made a lot of money behind competitors Ignoring the rules of the Labor Code !

In order to prevent such problems from recurring, the new manager of this large company has announced that some changes have been made. In fact, according to Alexia Laroche-Jubert, the contestants for Miss France 2023 will benefit from an employment contract. Remember the next election will be At Chateauroux in December 2022.

But the lifting of the old rules of competition has caused a storm of criticism. In fact, some Internet users are critical of the change Very liberated. Indeed, according to some, Miss France 2023 should be the selection of the most beautiful young French woman. We are not invited to a party!

However, other users welcome the change and welcome it with open arms! This is the case of Victor Roosevelt. In fact, she took advantage of these changes to start walking towards her dream: to be Miss France 2023. To do this, he still has to try to win The title of Miss Alsace. An essential episode before claiming the title of Miss France!

Who is this contestant for the title of Miss France 2023?

Victor Roosevelt is not a candidate like the others. She is there First wife and mother To participate in the election of women representing France in various international activities. From this year, the conditions related to the citizenship status of the contestants are no longer relevant, he takes the opportunity to try his luck! Will he reach the end of his dream?

“It is important for me to prove that it is possible to combine a professional career and family life by being the first Miss Mother and Bride. The mother of a young girl, the 27-year-old hopes to win the Miss France 2023 title. However, Miss National has invited this category of women to participate. Mrs. France Where the rules are more flexible.

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