District Senni X Sarin: A New Artistic Place in Jakarta

District Senni (banana district) X Sarinah was inaugurated on June 1 and is currently hosting two exhibitions. A “Doctor Ir Soekarno” introduces modern Indonesian artists. The other, “Berdykari” presents a wide panorama of a collection of contemporary artists and local artists. This last execution, Destroyed for Change, will be on display until August 22, 2022. Every three months, until May 2023, we will be entitled to a new offer: we are already waiting for it!

A brief history of Gedung Sarina

Gedung Sarinah Indonesia’s first president Ir. Was built and established under the leadership of Soekarno. Open to the public in the 1960s, Gedung Sarinah was not only Jakarta’s first skyscraper, but also the country’s first department store. In the power of his foreign travels, Soekarno gave himself the mission to take Jakarta to the modern side that he could feel. Jakarta also has the first escalator.

Closed in 2020 for renovations, Sarinah is open to the public again and has a wonderful surprise for us: in addition to the incredible offer of crafts from all over the archipelago, a brand new exhibition space, District Seni, awaits you on the 6th floor.

Dr. Ir. Soekarno exhibition

As the name implies, “Dr. Ir. Soekarno.” Eyre. A tribute to Soekarno, the founding father of Indonesia, a great patron and art enthusiast, and to Sarinah, who was his nanny and who taught him empathy. For the poor it was precisely in his honor and for the women who supported independence that he wanted to name this shopping center and he published a book of the same name.

Overview Sunaryo, Sunarso, Pirous
Job Description: Sunaros, Sunario, Piras

A brief summary of the history of modern Indonesian art, in this part of the exhibition, we see sculptures of leading figures in Indonesian abstract art, such as Selারsara Sunario and Eddie Pierce, and sculptures of the Selmat Datang monument. , Created by Eddie Sunarso in the style of socialist realism. There are also new works, commissioned and created for the occasion, such as the female figure, one and the same female version, Sarinah, sculpture created by Doloresa Sinaga. Most of them were active artists during the post-independence revolutionary period and were considered key figures in the development of various currents of Indonesian art.

Doloresa carving
Artist Doloresa’s sculpture

Berdykari Exhibition

“Berdikari”, another of those shortcuts that sounds very good in Indonesian, comes from “Berdikari di Kaki Sandiri”, to walk on one’s own feet, to be self-sufficient. An allusion to economic independence supported by Soekarno but, above all, a programmatic phrase for Dysrik Senni, who finds himself at a crossroads between cultural institutions and the industrial market.

Artist Maang Meol
Installation by artist MangMoel

Bardikari brings together a total of 27 artists and groups who respond to the theme of freedom in a variety of ways. There are works such as the installation of a mangrove in the shape of a woven coral wall where the question of environmental sustainability is central, but it is a place dedicated to the Goodschool (school of contemporary art and meeting of three groups: Ruangrupa, Serum and Grafis Huru Hara). ) Whose reflection focuses on the collective and sustainable creation as opposed to the pricing of artists by the market.

District Senni, an innovative platform for artistic experimentation

District Seni is not just another gallery, but a forum with meeting and workshop programs as well as an innovative platform for artistic testing, distribution and sale of works of art. Thus for sale all works, including the exhibition “Dr. Ir Soekarno”. District Seni thus seeks to help integrate the Indonesian artistic ecosystem.


Sarinah Art District – 6th Floor of Sarinah Building – Jalan MH Thamarin No. 11 – Central Jakarta

Opening hours 10am – 8pm – Paid entry tickets will be purchased on the site Cashless or on the Distrik Seni website

Photo Credit: Anamaria Pazmini

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