Eddie would be a child who survived the Hawkins Lab genocide

A whole new theory has just come out Stranger Things. This worries the new character, Eddie Monson. Featured by Joseph Quinn, this character quickly won the hearts of fans. Recently a hypothesis has come out about him. In fact, some fans believe that there is a direct connection with Eddie XI.

Warning, the rest of this article contains spoilers for Season 4 Stranger Things.

Eddie: The best character of this new season

Each new season Stranger Things An opportunity to cross paths with a whole new character. For this fourth call, The Duffer brothers have introduced us to a brand new hero: Eddie Munson. Metalhead, who played the role, first befriended Dustin. From the start of this season 4, Eddie has been charged with murder instead of Vekner. He was forced to flee and go into hiding before becoming fully involved in the war against the other side. Without contest Eddie is the best addition to this season 4. And the character already fuels many theories of all kinds.

One of them concerns its source. In fact, for the moment, The Duffer brothers did not tell us anything about his background, About its source and background. Overall, nothing was known about Eddie. This leaves room for many theories of all kinds.

What if Eddie is actually 10?

Season 4’s Stranger Things Permission Go back to the eleven past. The young girl, played by Mili Bobby Brown, uses a machine that allows her to return to her most distant memory. So he finds himself In Martin Brenner’s laboratory Understand where his power came from and get more information about Vecna. During these flashbacks, visitors can learn more about other patients in Martin Brenner’s laboratory. Eleven is not the only child trapped in this evil placeAnd others that have its capabilities.

That is what some fans think Eddie is one of Brenner’s captive children.. During this season 4 opening scene, the Duffer brothers return in time to tell Brenner’s lab what happened years ago. During this sequence, We learn that many border guards were personally killed by Vekna.

According to a recent theory, Eddie was present at the time of Vekna’s murder. Apparently, Eddie and tenWe see the young boy at the beginning of season 4, There will be one and the same person. The flashbacks occurred in 1979, while the original plot took place in 1986. Ten and Eddie’s ages match perfectly. According to another source, a watch covers the wrist of his left hand, where a number of laboratory residents are engraved with tattoos. Which means Eddie is hiding this information, or not aware of it.

However, Why didn’t Eddie remember going to Brenner’s lab as a kid? Attempts to kill Vekner could hurt him and cause him to lose his memory. Then he will be ignorant of his superhuman ability. Similarly, Like eleven before him, Eddie has no parents. Her uncle, who is raising her, is not surprised if Eddie is suspected of murder. The character even gives Nancy vital information, as if she knows more than he wants to give up. Some even think that Eddie’s uncle worked in the Brenner lab.And he decided to save “his nephew” from this hell.

Of course, This theory has not yet been confirmed by the Duffer brothers. But it was not returned. If Eddie is ten, He may soon discover new abilities and bring valuable help to Eleven. And even if this theory still falters a little, it gives more influence and mystery around Eddie’s character. The latter, much acclaimed by fans, Logically this season 4 results should play a key role. What if his role is to discover his superiority and defeat Vecna? Answer 1Of Next July!

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