Emirates News Agency – UAE launches latest innovative research project for rain augmentation science

Abu Dhabi, June 16, 2022 (WAM) – The National Meteorological Center (NCM), during a visit to the United Arab Emirates Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEERP) this week, announced the launch of its latest innovative project, Scorpio. In oceanography, San Diego.

Led by Dr. Luca Dale Monache, deputy director of the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E), the project will deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to improve rainfall now.

Through the use of ground and space datasets and operational numerical weather forecasting products used in cloud seeding operations, Dr. Dale Monache’s team will assist in operational precipitation enhancement programs worldwide using AI algorithms to create significantly improved weather forecasts.

Dr. Abdullah Al Mandous, NCM Director and President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Regional Association II (Asia), said: Such efforts will help us develop innovative solutions and bring new knowledge to the benefit of those who lack water and those who need freshwater resources in arid regions. ”

Alia Al Majrooi, Director of UAEREP, says Dr. Dale Monache’s new project will open up a range of potentially fruitful new research directions that will complement the excellent work already done by our other awardees. Their established projects cover a wide range of research fields and technologies such as nanotechnology to accelerate water condensation and droplet formation, cloud electrical properties analysis, rain augmentation and water protection (UAV), advanced numerical testing to develop algorithm-based solutions. Data processing, convergence zone analysis, ice nucleation and aerosol seeding.

The project will focus on building an AI research and operation testbed in the UAE. A new AI framework will be created to combine satellite observation, ground-based weather radar data, rain gauges and numerical weather forecast estimates to extract features and create products that can determine optimal weather times and locations. Cloud seeding 6

The new framework provides highly accurate quantitative rainfall estimates for the evaluation of rainfall enhancement programs.

According to Dr. Dale Monache, “Advanced Deep Learning Algorithms will be designed to learn from thousands of examples drawn from historical data, to efficiently predict extrapolate inputs and cloud properties to predict the formation of a new cloud that will be integrated into these features and input. And radar data, digital weather forecast data, and rain gauges to provide input for an AI-based model that could generate up to six hours of rain forecast in the future. ”

To expand the ability to increase rainfall in the UAE, the multilateral team plans to deliver a prototype of AI-based predictive capabilities deployed at the NCM in Abu Dhabi through a research and operation partnership. This will allow the center to set up a prototype system based on ‘IA to NCM’ for rainfall between 0 and 6 hours, to identify the best cloud characteristics for rain growth in the UAE, sowing time and locations, and improve quantitative rainfall estimates.

By encouraging international efforts to strengthen water security through best scientific practice and collaboration in research to improve rainfall, the program helps the UAE achieve its ambitious vision of turning the country into a world economy. Top knowledge.

Translation: Marwat Mahmud.


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