Environment: The Twelfth Sensitive Natural Area of ​​the Côte-d’Or has become the Cirque de la Coquille

This gem of the natural sites of Burgundy is located on Mount Chatilonez. “Protecting it is essential to better preserving and improving it,” Francois Sauvedet said this Thursday, June 16th.

Press Release of the Cote d’Or Divisional Council of June 16, 2022:

This Thursday morning, Franোয়াois Sovadet, President of the Cote d’Or Departmental Council, Regis Desbroses, Secretary General of the Burgundy Natural Resources Conservation, and Eric Duduet, Mayor of Italante In many cases a significant site that should be protected to better preserve and improve it!

Located in the natural region of the Châtillonnaise Mountains, Cirque de la Coquille covers an area of ​​about 5 hectares, northeast of the city of Etalante. The site is a huge atypical geological formation in the northeastern quarter of France, sheltering atypical and fossilized animals and plants, as well as important surfaces of Scree. Considered a gem of Burgundy’s natural sites, the site has been classified since 1932 for its environmental, geological and archaeological interests, with the aim of restoring the protection of natural monuments and sites under the May 2, 1930 Act. Artistic, historical, scientific, legendary or illustrative character under the title “Uts de la Coquille à Italante”.

“Today, the Sensitive Natural Area (ENS) label allows this exceptional site to make an extra difference. Located in this beautiful natural area of ​​Châtillonnais, Cirque de la Coquille is a beautiful curiosity in our department. Protecting it is essential to better preserving and improving it. This is the full meaning of our actions! Francois Sauvedet, president of the departmental council, underlined that the department aims to label 21 ENS by 2028.

This registration with the ENS is part of a policy to protect sites that are notable for their biodiversity, to which the Cote d’Or division has been committed for several years.

In addition to the association and local authorities, its work involves protecting sites that represent a common heritage recognized for its ecological, landscape, and environmental qualities that need to be preserved, preserved, and transmitted, especially through space labeling. The objectives pursued by the department are specified in the Departmental Plan for Sensitive Natural Areas and Biodiversity 2018-2025.

The main challenge is to preserve the fauna, flora, natural habitats and traditional landscapes, in a coordinated manner with the concerned stakeholders.

Among these partners, we find in particular the archives of Burgundy’s natural sites, which have contributed to the preservation of the region’s natural and landscape heritage since 1986. It is committed to recognizing, protecting, managing and promoting Burgundy’s natural environment and raising public awareness of nature and biodiversity.

Since July 1995, the Burgundy Conservatory of Natural Spaces has operated the Cirque de la Coquille under an agreement signed with the municipality of Italant.

“Cirque de la Coquille is a remarkable natural site, protected and managed by the Burgundy Conservatory of Natural Resources in close collaboration with the Municipality of Etalante for nearly 30 years. Labeled as a sensitive natural area, this gem of natural heritage is an important step in conservation and strengthens the partnership between the department and the Burgundy Conservatory that operates, in addition to Cirque de la Coquille, 3 other ENS en Côte. d’Or ”remembers Regis Desbroses, Secretary General of the Conservation of Natural Resources in Burgundy.

Eric Duduett, Mayor of Italant, is delighted with the new recognition that bears witness to the exceptional nature of the site: Shady, we have a lot of visitors: 3,000 to 4,000 people visit the Cirque de la Coquille every year. The place is well-respected, and damage or rudeness is very rare. It will have to be respected. “

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