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Initiated by the LDLC Group, the leader in computer and high-tech e-commerce in France, the LDLC Group Foundation, which was formed in 2021, takes stock of its first steps. Sheltered in the Foundation de France, it works in two areas of common interest, namely “environment” and “education and family”. To date, the Groupe LDLC Foundation has already supported 7 projects, all related to youth.

Autonabi – Two days of family testing to explore the cognitive abilities of children with disabilities

A fun training on the brain, for families with neurotypical children

For two days, the young researchers, invited as facilitators, will animate workshops with 3 families, thanks to the brain wave sensors purchased for this purpose, inviting neurotypical children to interact with their cognitive abilities.

Through visual games and visualization of brain waves, they will discover other aspects of themselves and others. The project aims to test the model in the summer of 2022, with the aim of developing a long-term service for the association in regular 1 to 2 sessions per month from the beginning of the 2022 school year.

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Right to go to school – welcoming and educating unaccompanied minors while waiting for their education at a school in the Republic

Exiled and isolated minors in France cannot be supported by childhood social assistance until they are able to prove their minority. And the process is sometimes lengthy.

In this context, Droit à l’École has created the descole des Sans École, which allows 60 young people to enter classes by level to prepare for “real education”.

For these teens, the chances of finding a structure, both reassuring and demanding, are learning or re-learning how to get up in the morning, do homework and regain self-esteem.

Ecole des Sans cole provides breakfast and hot lunch for students who read all day. In addition, it organizes extracurricular activities and works to build their future integration with adaptation workshops.

The Foundation’s participation made it possible to care for 40 adolescents for 4 months, excluding structural costs, a normal average time for them to be able to integrate into a school in the Republic.

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Ebulliscience – Science within the reach of all

Promoting segregated pedagogy, curiosity, and the profession: these are the objectives of the Evilians Association, chosen by the LDLC Group Foundation to support them. Thus, internships and digital clubs have been set up to introduce adolescents to programming using active pedagogy.


  • Develop their imagination and creativity;
  • Allow them appropriate knowledge, strategy and approach to collaboration,
  • Participate in digital inclusion;
  • Practice thinking, questioning and discussing the meaning of what is being taken (develop their critical thinking);
  • Increase their ability to work: Depending on the case, young people will be involved in the design, organization, implementation, monitoring or evaluation of the project.

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LIVE AND LUMIER – Nine sick children and their families passed away last May weekend

The purpose of this weekend is to bring oxygen bubbles to the nine children with cancer who were able to have an adventurous experience at the heart of nature in May 2022 at Workers with their parents, brothers and sisters.

In the program, a cable tree, a wheeled cruise aboard, and a walk with a guide to discover animals and plants, a swimming pool, an evening of dancing and games, there’s something to capture your mind and get some fresh air for a weekend.

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Sabine Sorcières et Compagnie – to popularize classical music

Sabine Sorcières et Compagnie’s goal is to democratize access to art and culture. The project, in particular, is to bring this culture to French Polynesia.

Two musicians from Lyon’s National Orchestra traveled to Polynesia to animate masterclasses, and Sabin went to introduce instruments at Quindu Elementary School.

The “Blowing Is Not Playing” program features 2 performances, an educational and participatory show, a priority area for free admission for school students and families.

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Save the Association – Sustainably improve the educational climate and promote a better “coexistence”

Through 7 cycles of 10 philosophical workshops at 2 institutions in the Lyon region for children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years.

The aim of the project is to encourage the emergence of young enlightened citizens, especially through the practice of Save Workshop, the theme of the project, “Thanks to all the citizens for visiting”.

Two installations have been selected in the Lyon metropolitan area:

  • Ecole Bellevue, which has been organizing this philosophical workshop for over 4 years, from small departments to CM2, and which already seeks to strengthen the positive results gained from this experience of students and their ecosystem;
  • Francois Sewert Vocational High School in Iquique hopes to greatly improve the general climate through this workshop.

In all, 175 children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 benefited from each of the 10 workshops in the current school year.

This workshop discusses multiple issues including growing up, love, loneliness, citizenship, happiness.

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Teragir – Enable young people to be agents of change

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Media and Information Education (EMI), Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is an international program and competition created in 41 countries. It gives young people the opportunity to be agents of change by creating and disseminating reports, presenting innovative and promising solutions.

Young people aged 11 to 25, individually or in groups, at school or outside of school, are invited to create one or more audio, video or written reports on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. The winners of 2022 came out in early June!

A total of 19 reports, all categories combined, were awarded.

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Group profile

The LDLC Group is one of the first companies to start selling online in 1997. Today, LDLC Group, a specialized multi-brand distributor and a major player in e-commerce in the IT and high-tech market, targets individual customers (BtoC) and professionals (BtoB). It operates through 15 brands, has 7 merchant sites and has over 1,000 employees.

Recognized several times for the quality of customer relationships, recognized for the efficiency of its integrated logistics platform, the LDLC Group is also building a network of its own or franchise stores.

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