Here it all begins (spoiler): Out of control, Tessier still drops a student

It all starts here on June 17 (TF1, 6:35 pm), Axel’s parents come to the institute, Celia plans to leave, and Tessier still drops off a student …

In this episodeHere it all begins From Friday, June 17, 2022, Philip (Francois-Dominic Blin) and Lola (Sandra Valentin) Tessier, Axel (Thomas Dacosta) ‘s parents are going to the institute. Philip hopes to surprise his son by walking around the park, but Axel is in the studio with Jasmine and Salome (Aurelie Ponce). The young man failed the recipe for the fifth time in his Grand Marnia frozen success and wondered if he would be able to pass the institute competition. Jasmine is reassuring. If he fails the competition, they will choose another school. After all, he’s just been fired. While Jasmine is away picking up the juicer, Axel’s parents enter the studio. Lola misunderstands and takes Salome for his girlfriend, but Axel explains to her that Salomi is just a friend. His girlfriend is none other than Jasmine. Noticing his son’s failed success, Philip dislikes him and Axel is angry.

A little later, Salome goes to see Axel in the park of the institute. The latter admits that he should not have been angry with his father, but dialogue with him is always difficult. Salome advises him to talk to her, to explain to her why she likes cooking and institute. Axel doesn’t see how it can fix things, but agrees to try. At the end of the day, she finds her parents to drink and tries to establish a dialogue with her father. However, Philip is not acceptable. He is convinced that Axel never liked cooking and only competed because he did not want to take over the family business.

Celia wants to leave the institute

At her father’s request, Theo (Khaled Alauch) announces to Celia (Rebecca Benhamur) that he can no longer help her in the double A. In fact, Tessier told him to take the side of third-year students. Celia realizes that until Theo tells her that Charlene (Pola Petrenko) has been chosen instead. He is sure that the latter went to complain to his father. Theo reassures her otherwise, but Celia is far from stupid. In the kitchen, she faces Charlene directly and the tone quickly rises between the two cooks. During the service, Celia decides not to add turnips to the soup recipe. Charlene tells him to follow the letter’s instructions, but the young Geysak sends his plate anyway. Knowing that Celia has taken independence, Theo gets angry and Celia leaves the kitchen.

After returning to the swamp, Theo apologizes to Celia. She knows she shouldn’t talk to him in the kitchen, especially for a few turnips. Celia admits that she changed the recipe to annoy Charlene, who confesses that she went to see Tessier to steal a second job from her. But basically, the problem isn’t actually there. Celia admits that she wants to leave the institute and go with him to learn how to work elsewhere. Theo, who has never considered leaving the doubles, is skeptical, but Celia points out that somewhere else, he will not be the only son of Chief Tessier. Eventually he will be recognized for his cooking.

Amber is fired

Pastry exams for first-year students are about to begin, but Umbre (Claire Marin) has decided not to go. He pleads guilty to dismissing Jasmine (Joey Severin), Tom (Tom Darmon) and Deba (Kathy Pacianathan) and not defending them in front of Tessie (Benjamin Barroche). Kelly (Axel Dodier) points out to him that he probably couldn’t do anything. Also, punishing himself will not change Tessier’s decision. In the end, the young woman agrees to go to the pastry exam and passes her dessert with her hands down. But things get worse when it comes to taste. Noting that Amber had passed her test, Tessier instructed her that she did not need to drop out of the competition. Persuaded, Amber replies and insults Tessier as a sociopath and a sadist. Without waiting, Tessier expelled him from the institute.

After dismissing Amber, Antoine (Frederick Defantal) and Clotild (Elsa Lungini) find Tessier in his office. Excited, they ask the director to reconsider his crazy decisions, but Tessier issues a clear refusal. For him, the whole campaign was a casting mistake. For her part, Amber finds Jasmine, Tom and Dev in the institute’s park and tells them what happened during the pastry test. Jasmine is sympathetic, but not Tom and Deva. They are still angry at Amber for provoking them to leave. Wounded, Amber goes home to isolate herself. Jasmine joins him and tries to reassure him. He’s sure Tom and Deba know they’re guilty but just showing bad faith.

Later, Tom announces to Jasmine, Umbre, and Deba that he has an idea for forcing Tessier to reinstate them: create a montage of Tessier as far as he can go and show his methods to the whole of France. Accepts jasmine, amber and deva. A little further on, Charlene hears the end of their conversation and rushes to talk to Louis (Fabian Wolfram). She is convinced that the first few years will be spent against her father and that she intends to …

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