Is there a risk of teacher shortage at the beginning of school year?

Will we run out of school teachers, language or math teachers at the beginning of the school year? Although unions and parents of students are warning about the lack of options in schools, the number of candidates for the teaching competition is declining. This is enough to raise the risk of staff shortages in September. “We are in a state of near-emergency in national education.” Snes-FSU believes, which, like other unions, calls for making the work more attractive.

Fewer examinees in math and Germany

Concerns are based on the first results of a teaching competition published in mid-May (results of all competitions will be given in July). For external caps in mathematics, only 816 candidates are eligible for 1,035 positions. This “Twice as many as in 2021, when 100 vacancies were filled.”, Snes-FSU, first second degree union feared. The union believes it Hundreds of math teacher positions will not be filled in 2022.

The same story next to the Capes of Germany, according to Snalc (National Union of High Schools and Colleges) with 83 eligible for 215 positions. School Teacher Competition (CRPE) & Concerned, Especially in the Paris area, For example the Cretail Academy has 1,079 open positions and only 521 qualified candidates, referring to Le Parisien. For CRPE, SNUipp-FSU, the main first degree union, explains that the first written test attendance rate “Reach the lowest level in history”.

According to the Ministry of Education, the drop in candidates in competitive examinations has largely affected this year Mathematics or German. “Traditionally, in France or other countries, we have the most difficulty in math and science.” For the appointment, explained May 13, Jean-Michel Blanker, still Minister of Education.

What are the consequences for students?

Results: “We are in a state of near-emergency in national education.”, 3 June France Sophie Vénétitay, Secretary-General of Snes-FSU has been warned. She estimates that the next school year is early “It will not happen, contrary to the minister’s mantra, One teacher in front of each class. For SE-Unsa Secretary General Stephen Crochet at the beginning of the 2022 school year “Sounds Too Hard”

Because Lack Options Has been observed in schools for some time. At Pierre de Ronsard de Mornant College, between Saint-Etienne and Lyon, Italian lessons were not offered for half a year. In Villajuif, Val-de-Marne, parents of students protest against the non-transfer of teachers. Due to this condition, “There are more than a thousand days when children did not go to school.” Aurelian Azan, president of the parents’ association of students at George Sand School in Villajuif, said. “Even today there is a teacher in my children’s kindergarten who has not been transferred and this is what happens in all the schools in the city every day. It is a delusion, we are sacrificing these children.“, Condemns this father.

The same roar in Saint-Andr–de-Cubzac, northeast of Bordeaux. Back from winter vacation, already 150 school days without teachers According to what SNUipp-FSU condemns, the count was carried out in the schools of the district of Saint-Andr–de-Kubzak. “The decline of education Including numbers that can reach 35, even 36, or 37 students. “ In each class, since children without a teacher can get a place in another class.

A situation that adds a lot of absence of teachers during the previous wave of Covid-19. So how can this current shortage of alternative teachers be explained? “Because it’s hard to find a teacher, France responds to Bleu Saint-Etienne Loire Emmanuelle Richard, teacher and co-secretary of SNES-FSU in Loire. Transferred teachers are those teachers who have participated in the competition and who have been recruited in the replacement area. Only, we lack so many teachers that actually the holders of the transfer zone, they have already been affected. There are even some that have been allocated for the year. ”

The question of wages is settled, according to the union

“We need to make this work more interesting.” France Blue Picardy has been abbreviated to Nathalie Prost in mid-May, the divisional secretary of SNPDEN, the union of founding directors. This manager is already monitoring staff shortages: “One of the things we’ve noticed over the last year is that certain times are uninsured. I have five hours of biotechnology that is not provided. “

But how to attract more candidates? For Sophie Vénétitay, Secretary-General of the Snes-FSU, the incident took place “Basically related to the question of pay”. She remembers today, “When a teacher starts, he earns 1.14 times Smic. In the 1980s, he earned 2.2 times Smic.”

When you have a +5 degree in mathematics, you see what’s happening in national education and you look at other opportunities, the choice is made fairly quickly – Sophie Venitite

“Necessary pool” for math teachers, ministry assures

At the Ministry of National Education, we try to reassure. Candidates are analyzed as a result of the drop Reform of recruitment competition. Previously open to students from Master 1, they are taking place in Master 2 from this year

“Since this is a year of implementation, we have candidates who were already candidates for Master 1 last year. So they had competition and they are not re-applying this year. So, we had a very specific and punctuality that will be exploited next year. .May 15, franceinfo Édouard Geffray, assured the Director General of School Education (Dgesco).

Two days earlier, on May 13, Jean-Michel Blanker had responded to concerns about mathematics, when the subject first returned to the general original “optional”. “As for math teachers, we have the necessary pool so that the next school year will be one and a half hours from the beginning.” He announced, questions have been asked on BFMTV.

“Re-entry cells” are planned in the reactors

“We see it for specific competition, not just for national education. We have a profession “, The former minister admitted. Reminded “Start of salary increase” Edited by the government. “In two years, a beginner earns more than 165 euros per month to reach the minimum salary of 2,000 euros.”. A big project that the new minister is now tackling in Pap Ndia. He said this at a press briefing on June 14 “The pursuit of Teacher reassessment.

Faced with the fear of scarcity, Pap Andyaye hinted that “All academies have been amalgamated and one back-to-school unit will be activated in each rector from August 22”, To prepare for the start of the school year “In good condition”. Primary school has been given priorityThe Minister has promised to reduce the number of students in each class: “The average number of students per class, which dropped from 23 at the beginning of the 2017 school year to 21.8 at the beginning of the 2021 school year, will decrease further at the beginning of the next school year.” He details.

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