It is possible to travel freely in Africa! Five live in complete freedom

Originally, free travel to Africa was the preserve of some adventurous backpackers. Today, it is possible to go through the tour operator individually without any risk. There are five without bonds!

Basically, it was impossible to go to Africa, Asia or Latin America without joining a group. Only a few adventurous backpackers attempted the adventurous endeavor of independence. Then travel became more democratic, individuality became its companion. We want to travel, but at our own pace. Go wherever you please. Five people live on African soil.

In Botswana, sleeping on the roof is free

In Chobe Park, a flock of Impals can be seen. Stanislas Foutre / Le Figaro Magazine

Botswana is one of those countries that is so expensive that it seems inaccessible. Nomad Adventure offers to discover it in freedom with a 4X4 equipped with a tent on the roof. In the program, Savuti, Chobe, Moremi and of course the Okavango Delta. After a brief introduction to driving on the track, you are ready to embark alone on the wild tracks of Botswana. Nice scenery, strong emotions and above all many, many animals. And to avoid the overuse of camping in the middle of nature, a lodge allows you to enjoy a real bed for a few nights. Absolutely survival adventure.

We love:

  • Freedom but local support
  • Sleep on the roof surrounded by nature
  • The sweet price of discovering this country

Around Botswana with nomadic adventures. Budget from € 2650 (flight included) for this 15 day private trip. Makgadikgadi – Okavango – Moremi – Chobe – Pan from Savuti. E.g. : 01 46 33 53 94.

In South Africa, roadtrip excellence

The Blind River Canyon, in the South African province of Mpumalanga, is on the itinerary proposed by Comptoir des Voyages. Photo Press / David Brunet

South Africa is the “American West” of Africa: a road carved with lines, huge landscapes and, as a bonus, an unparalleled wildlife. This itinerary offers an ambitious and complete discovery of the Rainbow Nation. A trip with complete freedom, including car rental, all helped by an intelligent app that optimizes your trip. There are some immersive experiences in Cape Town or Kruger Park and some selections to stay in the guest house. But free safaris in Kruger Park, cooking classes in Cape Town, great scenic walks along the garden path. A complete itinerary where we will happily add a small stopover to Johannesburg.

We love:

  • Homestay address
  • Submerged activities
  • Luciol application to guide you during the trip

Autotour from Cape Town to Kruger Park with Comptoir des Voyages. Budgets range from 2150 per person (excluding flights) for these 16-day private trips. Cape Town – Garden Route – Zulu Country – Swatini (Swaziland) – Kruger Park – Blind River Canyon. E.g. : 01 53 10 97 61.

In Zimbabwe, free to follow Livingstone

Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe. Stanislas Foutre / Le Figaro Magazine

We may forget that Zimbabwe was a country of long travel. A quality road network, optimal safety and a unique center of interest make this country a new flagship destination for Africa and freedom lovers. From the capital Harare to the pre-colonial sites of Great Zimbabwe, we discover the historical and cultural richness of this country. And from Hwange to Victoria Falls, we enjoy the wonders of nature and an incredibly rich wildlife. A trip with a small 4X4, charming lodge accommodation, some activities (walking safari) and a canoe expedition to Lake Kariba.

We love:

  • Large number of steps for a real panorama of the country
  • Time has been spent discovering Great Zimbabwe
  • Canoe camping adventure at Kariba Lake

Following in the footsteps of Livingstone with Maisons du Voyage, Zimbabwe. Budget from € 4495 per person (flight included). Harare, Great Zimbabwe, Hwang National Park, Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. E.g. : 01 56 81 38 29.

In Namibia, arbitrary desert

The huge hills of Namib can be crossed freely. Photo Press / Travelers of the World / MChampenois

The world’s oldest desert is found in Namibia, just south of the African continent. This sparsely populated country has a true collection of deserts, the most famous of which is Namib, separated by its huge hills. Despite a hostile environment, Namibia allows travelers to explore it freely. This route covers well-equipped tracks in an SUV. It allows you to have a charming address in the heart of the reservoir or desert. Sometimes note a selection of hidden addresses, some activities such as “rhino tracking” (kayak tracking) or kayaking in an ocean populated by wild sea lions. And as a bonus, one of these worthy restaurants has a door at your disposal for you to book a luncheon. Baghdad Cafe.

We love:

  • Undoubtedly charming address
  • The services of a French-speaking doorman
  • The value of each service provided

Discover Namibia, shrubs, deserts and coasts with Voyager du Monde. Budgets range from 4200 per person (excluding flights) for these 15-day private trips. Windhoek – Highlands – Itosha – Damarland – Walvis Bay – Namib – Kalahari. E.g. : 01 83 64 79 41.

Large Independence Park in Tanzania

Nativ offers personalized itineraries in Tanzania. Here, Wave National Park. Photo by Press / Nativ / Mat Hayward.jpeg

In Tanzania, a driver and a vehicle for you will be your companions to explore the great wildlife parks of the north with complete freedom. It is up to you to keep yourself on the wheels of another 4X4 or escape from them. It’s up to you, thanks to expert advice, to choose a large lodge or small canvas camp. By dealing directly with an advisor installed on the site while benefiting from a travel agency guarantee, Bynativ offers complete and personalized itineraries. Accommodation is simple but well located, far away from tourist dens. A 4X4 with panoramic vision sunroof lets you admire the splendor of the Nogorongoro hole or Serengeti.

We love:

  • Arrangements for tent camping
  • Unusual discovery of small towns
  • Pre-trip advice from a “local”

Travel routes to Tanzania, including by native. Budget from € 2,465 / person (excluding airfare) for 7 days and 6 nights of individual travel. Arusha – Maniyara Lake – Engorongoro – Serengeti – Tarangir. E.g. : 01 53 10 34 31 or to contact the local agent directly.

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