Lorraine Jacket will be in Avesness-sur-Help on Sunday with her 4L bye bye

On Sunday at Laurine Jacquet de Larouillies, Avesnes-sur-Helpe, the diamond brand, Bye Bye, participated in an assembly of old vehicles with one of the last 4 Ls produced by a rarity.

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She is one of the female faces in this collection of old vehicles organized by the Auto Passion Association of Avesnois. Lorraine Jacket inherited this passion for old cars from her family. ” My dad had a 4CV for his 20th birthday. He is still driving. My grandparents also had a lot of cars. When I was 14, my parents gave me a car like my brother a few years ago I remember Lorraine’s jacket. Lorraine’s father Mark Jackett had already invented a 4L Seven for his son Thibaud. ” At that time its length was 13,000 km
“, He said. So it was expected that Lorin would one day get his 4L.

One produced in the last thousand

Bye Bye has 936 numbers on its dashboard.  PHOTO LA VOIX
Bye Bye has 936 numbers on its dashboard. PHOTO LA VOIX

Lorin’s 4L? This is one of the last 1,000 produced by Renault. An iconic. So bye bye to say goodbye to this legendary vehicle of the brand. Last but not least, the Petrol Blue or Cherry Red models are the latest to be marketed. Bye bye white. This is the date of 1990. And carries the number 936. Which is written on the dashboard. Like any limited series, the interior is personalized. It adds charm to this model. ” This car belongs to a young man from Krill. He is selling it because he had another project Mark said the jacket jumped at the opportunity. And this brings the bike back to its national highway in Larauli, where his company is located, specializing in the structure of heavy goods vehicles used to transport goods. He also attended an old car rally in Avesnes-sur-Helpe on Sunday. ” I hope it will be good to present Said Lauren.

4L trophy in terms

Her story with 4 Ls has just begun. In February, Lorraine plans to do the 4L Trophy with the 4L which is not yet ready to drive because it still needs to be done before embarking on this world-famous journey. Keep in mind that the purpose of the Raid 4L trophy is to get young men and women under the age of 28 to drive while riding in this Renault 4 during this adventure in Morocco. But for now, Lorraine Jacket is passing her bachelor’s degree to continue her studies at BTS next year. And accounting studies. And of course Rotonde will be Sunday at 4L. Everything will go well.

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