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Single, An Amazon original series, featuring an all-star cast in a unique format. In each episode of the Anthropology series, the series explores what it means to be human in isolated moments in the uncertain future. Set at different points in the future, each story brings a science-fiction twist to the character’s familiar human problems.

Each episode focuses on a different character, and most featured actors act alone in front of the camera, supported only by a voice. Some episodes feature multiple characters played by the same actor, allowing actors to only act with themselves. At the end SingleCharacters connect in unexpected ways.

As each episode takes place in a specific setting, the performances take on a theatrical quality that demonstrates the talent of the cast. Single It relies on many well-known actors to provide the deepest meaning.

Anne Hathaway as Leah

Anne Hathaway plays Leh, a physicist trying to communicate with the future. Hathaway is a family name best known for depicting Mia Thermopolis Princess diarySelina Kyle / Catwoman In The Dark Knight risesFantine Inn Wretched manAnd Andy After Satan Prada.

Anthony Mackie as Tom

Anthony plays the character of Mackie Tom, a man meeting someone identical to him. Mackie Marvel is best known for her role as Sam Wilson in the Cinematic Universe, most recently in the Disney + series. Falcon and Winter SoldierSeason 2’s Modified carbonAnd Heart Locker.

Helen Miren as Peg

Helen plays Miren Pegg, a woman who travels in space. The Oscar-winning actress has a long biography of previous roles, including Quinnio. Fast and furious Suffrage, Queen Elizabeth Inn The queenIn Victoria RedMrs. Wilson Inn Gosford ParkAnd in Queen Charlotte The madness of King George.

Uzo Aduba as Sasha

Uzo plays Aduba Sasha, who fears that her smart home assistant is driving her to leave her home. Aduba previously appeared as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, a main character Orange is the new blackShirley Chisholm In Mrs. AmericaAnd in Bismuth Steven Universe.

Constance in the role of Jenny

Constance plays Woo Jenny, a woman lying in a waiting room after the worst day of her life. Wu is best known for playing Rachel Chu In boobies rich asianJessica Huang Yin Fresh from the boatFate in HustlerAnd Cathy In Residents of the East.

Nicole Behari in black dress

Nicole Behari plays Nera, a pregnant woman who gave birth to her abnormal child during a snowstorm. Behari had previously played the role of Abby Mills Sleeping hollowMarianne ShameRachel Robinson Inn 42And Madeleine Ryan Inn Small fires everywhere.

Morgan Freeman as Stuart

Morgan Freeman plays Stuart, the mysterious narrator of the series whose story unfolds in the final episode. Freeman Eddie won an Oscar for his role as “Scrap-Iron” Dupree Dhanir DulalAnd he has appeared in several iconic roles, including Nelson Mandela InvictusRed Shashanka redemptionIn God Almighty BruceSomerset Inn Se7en, Alan Trumbull Olympus has fallen Christopher Nolan series and Lucius Fox Black warrior Trilogy

Dan Stevens as Auto

Dan Stevens plays Auto, who is looking for Stuart. Stevens is best known for his role as Matthew Crowley Downton AbbeyDavid Haller In TroopsDavid Inn The guestAnd Beast / Prince in 2017 live-action Beauty and the Beast. Stevens also talks about artificial intelligence in Pegg’s spacecraft.

Jack Quaid as Jane

Sasha’s smart home assistant. Quaid also portrayed Hughie Campbell The boysIn Brad Boymler Star Trek: Lower DeckAnd surprised The game of hunger Series

McCarry McCusland as Jacob

Supports single voice distribution

Chris Dimantopoulos as an employee of E-Turnity: Diamantopoulos is a famous voice actor best known for his Mickey Mouse voice. Her voice was recently heard on Amazon Prime Invincible.

As an employee of James Monroe Eaglehart e-Trinity: Eaglehart is best known for his work on Broadway, which introduced the role of The Genie Aladdin And Lafayette / Jefferson is playing Hamilton.

Hannah right as Rachel: Lear’s sister can only be heard on the phone. She is best known for her role as Lizzie Campbell Mozart in the woods And a scenographer The story of marriage.

Will Solos Season 2 Ever Happen? If so, the cast will not return

Single“Excellent performances have made it one of the best Amazon Prime shows of 2021, and series producer David Weill says he has ideas for future stories that could turn into a Season 2.” Given the format of the show, Single Season 2 will probably feature a completely new cast, as each episode will be about a single new and seemingly unrelated character. Downton AbbeyDan Stevens said he would look back on his character in future seasons SingleHowever, there may be room for the second season to mention some unfinished stories of the heroes of Season 1. Single A season 2 has not yet been officially greenlit, meaning the show’s possible release date is unknown. But with a successful first run like 2021, it makes sense to think so Single Season 2 could probably happen.

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