The most popular RHOBH housewife 6 by Instagram followers

Featured on women The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 is followed by millions of Bravo viewers not only on television but also on Instagram. Since 2010, the sixth The real housewife The episode features dozens of housewives. The current cast includes Kyle Richards, Lisa Reena, Erica Jane, Dorit Kamsley, Sutton Strake, Garsel Beauvois, Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sanella Diana Jenkins.

Not just an easy way for Instagram and other social media celebrities RHOBH An opportunity to connect with fans, but also to show their ongoing efforts or adventures. While women enjoy posing with each other or promoting their franchise, there has been a flurry of drama among all the positives. Lisa and Kyle’s sister, Kathy Hilton, for example, recently became embroiled in an Instagram controversy that quickly spread on the Internet.

Although social media is not a perfect representation of the lives of these stars, The real housewife Fans love to follow their favorite housewives and stay up to date with their lives. This has become clearer as the long awaited RHOBH Season 12 continues weekly. Below are the most popular RHOBH Stars (lowest to highest) based on the number of their Instagram followers in June 2022.

8. Sanella Diana Jenkins (750,300 subscribers)

Diana Hall RHOBHs The new housewife and the audience were introduced at that time RHOBH Season 12, Episode 2. Not only is Diana an inspiring story as a Bosnian refugee during the Bosnian war, but she is also an extraordinary entrepreneur and philanthropist. Diana is not only Kim Kardashian’s friend, but she coincidentally hosts fundraisers for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the same event where Lisa and Sutton had a recent altercation. RHOBH Episodes Although Diana currently has the lowest number of subscribers, the number may increase significantly depending on what happens at the time. RHOBH Season 12. In addition to promoting her first Bravo presence, Diana likes to share photos of herself and her family on Instagram.

7. Crystal Kung Minkoff (355,000 subscribers)

It didn’t take long for Crystal to make an impression when she joined the other women RHOBH Season 11. Crystal, wife of The Lion King Director Rob Minkoff, is not afraid to speak his mind and let other women know how he is feeling. Thus, there was a conflict between Crystal and Sutton as they argued during the first episode RHOBH Season 11, and the clash of crystal and satin continues to grow RHOBH Season 12. When Crystal’s Instagram shows a behind-the-scenes view of what’s happening at the time RHOBHHer page is mostly decorated with pictures of her family and personal adventures.

6. Sutton Strack (381,000 subscribers)

Sutton has risen in popularity since its first appearance RHOBH Season 10. Southern Sand may be more sensitive than some of his co-stars, but Sutton has finally found his voice. RHOBH Season 12 and some other women like Erica and Lisa have no problem keeping them in place From providing receipts for payments for Lisa’s table at the Elton John AIDS Foundation to responding to the distance of Dorit’s theft, Sutton’s Instagram followers are sure to continue to grow as the season progresses.

5. Garcelle Beauvais (1.1 million subscribers)

Garcel has become a favorite of fans since its inception RHOBH Season 10. With his simple honesty, good sense of humor and adherence to what is right, Garcel is considered by Bravo fans to be a breath of fresh air. RHOBH. Arguing with co-stars like Haitian actress Kyle, Garsell’s calm demeanor and witty speech gave her a loyal fanbase. Garcel’s Instagram not only shows her personal style and her fun times with family and friends, but also a positive affirmation to spread joy and knowledge.

4. Dorit Kamsley (1.4 million subscribers)

There has been a long and complicated journey since Dorit arrived RHOBH Season 7 in 2016 and the argument ended with almost every woman. A self-proclaimed “A child of the world“Dorit’s extensive overseas experience and unique accent have been a hit to some fans, but a failure for others. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. RHOBH Season 12, and Dorit’s 1.4 million subscribers are waiting for crime updates. A well-known fashionista, Dorit’s Instagram is full of her various outfits and spending time with her family.

3. Erica Jane (2.5 million subscribers)

Throughout the show many controversial housewives are shown The real housewife The franchise, with Erica, who made him first RHOBH Appearance in Season 6, at the top of the list. Although Erica’s abundant lifestyle and strict attitude were originally celebrated, Erica’s reputation began to wane after an argument with Eileen Davidson and Teddy Melankamp. Erica was finally charged with embezzlement with her then-husband Tom Girard in 2020 and the situation came to light. RHOBH Seasons 11 and 12 did nothing to help the public perception. That being said, it’s natural that Erica’s Instagram is one of the most followed by the cast due to her precarious legal situation and impending divorce from Tom. As well as publicity RHOBH Season 12, Erica often spends time promoting her hair extension line, Pretty Mess Hair.

2. Lisa Rina (3.4 million subscribers)

Lisa has been involved in some of the most iconic RHOBH The next scene after joining the show in Season 5 in 2014. Lisa & # 39; s story ends with Yolanda Hadid being accused of having Munchausen Syndrome and Kim Richards being almost strangled in the first season. RHOBH Over time it has become more dramatic and complex. While some Bravo viewers aren’t fans of Lisa’s shameless manipulation techniques, others admire her outspoken sarcasm, such as referring to her husband exclusively as “Harry Hamlin” and calling her mother by her first name, Lois. Sadly, Lisa’s 3.4 million Instagram followers know that Lois died tragically last November. When Lisa Lois is not respected online, Instagram users can find pictures of her two daughters or her shared The real housewife Memes

1. Kyle Richards (3.9 million subscribers)

If Vicky Gunvalson is “CO OJ“, Then Kyle”Ozzy of Beverly Hills“Still as the only real housewife RHOBHThe cameras have been tracking Kyle’s personal struggles and professional endeavors for over a decade Although Kyle’s popularity among Bravo fans waned during the season, Kyle retained the title of “Most Followed”. RHOBH Housewife on Instagram ”makes sense, especially considering her long-term friendship with other famous housewives like Bethany Frankel. The real housewife in New York. Although Kyle currently dominates Instagram RHOBH Season 12, the mother of four also has a passion for posting throwback photos, pictures with her family and travel photos.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills It aired Wednesday night at 8pm EST in Bravo.

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