The peak of heat. In Renaissance, parents of students at Columbia School get the worst fears

In downtown Rennes, the Columbia school group is not really equipped to deal with extreme temperatures, heat or cold. The building has not been subject to thermal renovation or insulation since its inauguration in 1977. Parents fear heatwaves, especially for Friday. They are ringing the alarm bell.

“With wooden frames and bay windows, summer is a real furnace. It has already happened that the teacher and ASEM put the kids outside in the yard and sprayed them with a garden hose!
Marie-Emily Molaret, a parent of Columbia Kindergarten students at the Renaissance Center, does not hide her anger or her concerns.

She, who is currently on parental leave, even asks herself the question of keeping her children in class these days. This Friday, a temperature of about 40 degrees in the shade was announced.

The Columbia School Complex dates back to 1977 and has not undergone any thermal renovation or insulation work since its construction. It is located in a specially mineral district, surrounded by towers and concrete buildings, with no green space nearby.
Kindergarten windows are still single-gloss and low-quality blinds.

Needless to say, this peak of summer, which comes when the kids are in school, is very unwelcome.

If you add insulation issues that frequent absences of ASEM are rarely replaced, similarly for teachers, it can handle classes of 34 children with more warmth.

Mary-Emily Molaret, student guardian

Parents of students submitted a project to green school, nursery and elementary school yards in the 2021 participatory budget, specifically to reduce the impact of the heat island. Project not selected.

The city of Rennes has for several years warned parents of the students about the dilapidated condition of the building and demanded that the situation be taken into consideration.

We are already renovating many schools in the city. The problem is that we do not have an expandable budget and since the cost of construction sites is too high because of Kovid.

Gaëlle Rougier, deputy for education in the city of Rennes

For the special circumstances of the Colombier School, Gaëlle Rougier said that a study is planned to start in 2024 to start work in 2026.

For building renovations, the project needs to be well prepared, He specifies. Because it also specifically transfers babies, during work, which will last a few months

The deputy mayor of Rennes City for Education claims to be the inheritor of a school tradition that will take a long time to transform. He will attend the institution for a school board on June 23.

Our region will go through an episode of high heatThe mayor of Renaissance, Nathalie App, said in a press release, New evidence that environmental emergencies no longer need to be demonstrated. The municipal authority, which has been providing seasonal monitoring since June 1, in particular Matteo France, has implemented an operational plan that pays special attention to its most risky components: children, the elderly, and pregnant women. , Isolated people, homeless people. “

The most open nurseries and schools have been identified to identify the “island of freshness” (botanical courtyards, cool houses, etc.). Leisure centers have received a special kit (fogger, water bottle, etc.) and families have been instructed to equip their children with protective equipment and separate water bottles.

Parents of students and school principals are showing some concern about the peak of summer, the Ministry of National Education explained in a press release. “Pay special attention to student health”And gives the right gestures to take in the face of the heat at school.

A number “Hitwave Info Service” telephone platform Are also indicated : 0800 06 66 66

“This week, special care will be taken for the health of students, especially the youngest, the most vulnerable and those who will take the graduation exam. Refers to the National Education Statement.

All recommendations to school principals and headmasters are available on the ministry’s website: they refer to building, out-of-school (much more for this purpose of the year) or festival-related instructions. Year (there will be many fairs in the coming days).

It is up to the heads of the organizations to evaluate the advice to maintain these events. Underline ministry instructions.

And to remind parents of the importance of adapting students to clothing, providing caps and sunglasses, and the need to apply sunscreen before school if necessary.

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