This woman gave birth at home, Gendarmes withdraws custody of her children

This story has been circulating on social media for a few days now. We do not yet have all the information necessary for a completely reliable opinion, but it is still terrible for this woman and her baby. We explain to you what happened to this house from Brittany.

A woman gives birth at home and the police take her children away

This Friday, June 10, 2022, a young couple living in the town of Ile-et-Villain were suddenly separated from their two children. In fact, the kids were kept in a family that was run by Child welfare services. Parents get angry and ask for help on the web… However, it must have been one of the happiest days of this woman’s life …

Born in a house that went wonderfully

In fact, the young woman decided to give birth to her second child, a young girl, at her home, without medical help. After the first delivery, she knew how it happened and she wanted to implement this birth plan. “It was fantastic, fast, painless.”Young mother wrote on social networks. “A legal and well-prepared choice”Daliborka Milovanovich says a woman who is part of the association Rebellion of mothers. The latter supports parents and helps them communicate with journalists and the media. ” Protection

Alas, the rest of the story is dramatic. He continues to testify on the web: “When my partner went to the town hall to announce the birth of our daughter, the lady was shocked to see that there was no medical help in our house. She is known as PMI (Maternal and Child Protection). A

The town hall justifies itself by saying that it has followed the rules …

Thus, the family is immediately single out. This Monday, June 13, Bhitar Town Hall justified his behavior by explaining that it was simply “ Follow the rules. ” “The Civil Status Officer found that the child was alive, fulfilling the requirements of Article 271 of the General Directive on Civil Dignity. The declaration of birth was made on the last day of the five-day period. However, “At the risk of the child’s health”Town Hall agent relays birth information to PMI, “Informs him of special circumstances and the absence of a medical examination.”. Then, Town Hall recalls that PMI is “ A qualification of the department responsible for ensuring the safety of pregnant women, mothers and children up to the age of compulsory education

What is the purpose of medical certificate?

Basically, it confirms that the baby is in good health and is born. “ Living and effective “Then, it is used to indicate that the woman involved in the declaration actually gave birth. In fact, it has to be avoided.” Flight »Child or surrogacy. Of course, parents have received a PMI medical visit. “The pediatrician told us everything was fine.”, Mother explains. They were then told that a PMI doctor would visit them in the afternoon. Secular Horror …

Three police vehicles arrived at the couple’s home. At least ten genders entered the family home and one of them declared: “We will take your children. There are suspicions of abuse. A “Children were taken to social services, under the care of Gendarmes, without any documents.”, Says Daliborka Milovanovich. In fact, the guardians only received a temporary placement order last Monday.

A real abduction for this woman

The young woman is in her worst condition. He complained to the authorities Removal And calls for help on the web. Her two daughters went to the nursery at Chantepi near Rennes. The mother has not seen her children since Friday, June 10. The parents went to the nursery on Sunday, June 12, but no one allowed their children to see them. “We told them they would never see their children again.”, Daliborka Milovanovic expresses anger. The Ille-et-Vilaine section explains that the decision was made because there is one “Risk for health and medical monitoring” For two children. What things were found there?

Obviously, the baby will take only 10 grams from birth, but it is difficult to prove because the first weight was not like in the hospital. Then, the authorities also indicated that the older daughter would suffer from malnutrition. But is it a conjecture or a fact? Girl behind her growth curve? Moreover, even if the mother refuses to take the test, it is a right. Finally, the young woman is also criticized for wanting to go into exile before France. The latter explained that she had to spend her maternity leave with her mother who lives there.

You should not separate a newborn from his mother.

The PMI has sent a report file to Renaissance’s public prosecutor. “In light of the material outlined in this report, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the temporary employment of these two children with the Childhood Social Assistance (ASE) service before detaining a juvenile judge to rule on the situation.” The department explains in an official press release. Dr. for the staff of the association Rebellion of mothers : “The reasons for the temporary placement order are objectionable and subject to explanation. You cannot separate a newborn from his mother. A The young woman and her husband are in the process of starting a process with a lawyer to overturn the decision or change the terms of appointment. It will work.

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