Adopted parents expect the birth of a child they want to adopt, want to see his face and escape from the hospital

When a woman found out she was pregnant, she knew she could not support her child and decided to adopt. The adoptive family was also at the hospital the day she gave birth to her daughter, but she disappeared after seeing the baby.

Life is a beautiful and precious gift that should never be denied. Every child needs a parent and deserves to grow up in a loving, caring and supportive environment. Unfortunately, many children risk spending a large portion of their lives without love or family.

Often, families that do not have the resources to raise their children consider adoption in the hope that their young children will lead a happy and normal life. But sometimes parents can face difficult situations, which can be frustrating and heartbreaking.

The story we are sharing today revolves around the power of miracles and the endless love of a mother for her child. In 2015, Christina Fisher discovered that she was pregnant with a baby girl. However, the 36-year-old at the time had a strange reaction to the news.

An unexpected pregnancy

Instead of rejoicing, the woman at Fort Walton Beach, Florida is worried about the life she has grown up with. Already the mother of a young girl, she knew she was not in a position to raise another child.

Christina’s situation was far from normal. She was living in RV on the playground and was on the verge of homelessness towards the end of her pregnancy when the park closed. Also, the woman did not have a job and the baby’s father was not in the picture.

She was thinking of adoption

A resident of Fort Walton Beach was opposed to abortion. Her daughter Debra, then 18, was finishing high school in Louisiana, where her family lived. With a heavy heart he decided to adopt his unborn daughter.

Local nonprofits such as Oculusa County Helping Hands have provided clothing and diapers to the Fisher family.

He hoped that his little princess would grow up in a loving home and have better opportunities in life. Through an adoption agency, Christina was reunited with a family in Georgia. She talks to them every week and shares ultrasound pictures.

Welcome Baby Abigail

According to Christina, all her prenatal tests were normal and the doctors found nothing but the baby’s ear which seemed a bit small. On January 6, 2016, he was admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital with pre-eclampsia.

The mother contacted the adoptive family, who arrived the next day and was there until Abigail Lynn Fisher was born on January 11, 2016. Christina recalls:

“I let him go [la mère adoptive] Get another bracelet from NICU “.

The incident is the turn of a hearing

The mother of two was ready to say goodbye to her little one and look forward to her bright future in her adopted home. But then he didn’t know how fast things would go against his will. Christina recalls:

“She is OK [la mère adoptive] She came out crying, looked at Debra and left the hospital. We never heard from them again. “

The heartbroken woman said that her eldest daughter came to the recovery room crying and told the whole story. The adoption agency was shocked by the news, and the Georgia family was flagged on the agency’s system.

Different births

With the doctors, he noticed that little Abigail looked different from the other children in the hospital. Christina then learned that her daughter had been born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a very rare genetic condition that affects the bones and tissues of the mouth, causing a deformity.

This disease can also cause shortness of breath and eye problems. However, when she first saw her baby girl, she did not notice the asymmetrical features of her face. In contrast, Christina said she saw a “little angel” and a “princess”.

Seeing a sign of the tragic turn of events, he decided to raise Abigail himself. The dotting mom shared her feelings in these terms:

“I took it as a sign that she was mine. And now she’s my heart. Without her, my existence would be over.”

Christina explains that a child can get Treacher Collins in two ways: if both parents carry the gene or if one parent has the syndrome. In Abigail’s case, her father was Treacher Collins.

Incredibly beautiful

Abigail’s big brown eyes were slanted downwards and her ears were small. Doctors suggested that he might one day need a cochlear implant. But despite the diagnosis, he was able to lead a normal childhood because the disease had no effect on the brain. Christine describes:

“There is a doctor with Treacher Collins, even a male model. She may need reconstructive surgery, but she will be able to lead a completely normal life.”

The little girl also had a cracked palate and needed a feeding tube, but she also took milk from a bottle with a special nipple. Christina mentions that her daughter is a happy child who likes to bathe and loves to smile.

The community has gathered

After her birth, Christina moved in with her friend in a two-bedroom apartment on Fort Walton Beach. The mother said she had no plans to tell her daughter about the imminent adoption. He added:

“No. That kind of rejection from someone so vague … he doesn’t need to know it.”

Local nonprofits such as Oculusa County Helping Hands have provided clothing and diapers to the Fisher family. Also, Debra, Abigail’s older sister, has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help people.

A beautiful girl

Oksana Perry, a local photographer, contacted Christina and offered to take pictures of her darling daughter. Proud mother admits:

“She saves my life every day like my 18-year-old daughter. She doesn’t know how important she is to me … she’ll understand one day.”

In fact, the terrible conspiracy of fate brought this wonderful mother-daughter pair together and created a lasting bond between them. This story teaches us that every child is special and deserves love and admiration.

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