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Find key news from local authority engineers and technicians on the topics of concern for June 11-17: Environment, Waste, Transportation …

Bad wind – According to the latest figures from the Citepa organization, cited by Le Télégramme in particular, greenhouse gas emissions in France increased by 6.4% in 2021 due to the post-Covid economic recovery. However, the trend has been declining (-9.6%) since 2017. Surprisingly, transportation (30% of total emissions) is the largest emitting sector. It should be noted that this rebound was the largest observed since 1991 from one year to the next. Echoing this, the REN21 Network’s annual report noted that this economic recovery in 2021 is largely based on fossil fuels. “2021 is a missed opportunity for renewable energy,” the report quoted West-France as saying. Despite growing investment in renewable energy, their share of global energy costs is stagnating.

Need to record- Although a decree is still pending as a result of the Agec Act, seven NGOs have challenged the Ministry of Environmental Change regarding deposits. As reported by Actu Environnement, they have formulated nine recommendations in the form of a manifesto aimed at the potential implementation set for 2023. These recommendations include “increasing the share of REP packaging budget dedicated to recycling”, “activating public procurement more”, and defining a way to reduce single-use packaging. After postponing the issue until 2023, The basis will have to be decided next year. [lire aussi notre article].

Real Estate Contributions – Although energy bills for some communities have recently increased by 300%, the FNCCR has added a new line of funding dedicated to the construction of the Energy Master Plan (SDIE) as part of the ACTI program. As the federation explains in a press release, the “Scheme’Act” method, funded by a grant of one million euros, provides funding that can reach up to 80% of the cost eligible for the realization of an SDIE and thus, helps to choose between renovation or sale of public buildings. Programming for. Application submission deadline: November 30, 2022.

Always low phyto – Buffer Zone Creation, Consultation and Partnership Approaches, Local Resident Protection Measures … The Plante & Cité launches a report on its website, reporting to communities that have implemented initiatives that go beyond the law in the context of zero phyto. The agency, which is launching the census as part of an upcoming study, recalls that the use of synthetic phytosanitary products will be banned in most public places in July, but that a large number of municipal areas may still be exempt from the ban. [lire aussi notre article].

Electrical excitation – Due to delays in the development of the Fesenheim nuclear power plant and renewable energy, due to the closure of energy and coal power plants, RTE, cited by Les Ecos, expects a very exciting winter in the power network. To remedy this, RTE is considering alternative solutions In addition to accelerating renewable energy projects (but which take time), this is especially a question of raising awareness among the French about eco-indication and, more surprisingly, the use of diesel generators to supply data centers, hospitals or factories.

Interstellar- Need to go through the spotting wild dump space? This means innovation by the National Center for Space Studies (CNES), presented by Toulouse start-up and Environment magazine. The two partners have developed a satellite remote sensing solution specifically for wild deposits based on their processing by satellite images and algorithms. This location will be made available to local authorities, police and waste treatment plants.

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