Bertrand Cantt: Impossible release of the singer?

Bertrand Cantt. Singer Bertrand Cantt, known for being the leader of Noir Desir, is also (and above all) known for being convicted of the murder of his wife, Mary Trintigant.

Jean-Louis Trintigant died at the age of 91. If he spends the rest of his life fighting the disease, the actor will be horrified by the tragedy of the death of his daughter, Marie Trintigant, at the time, by his partner Bertrand Cantt. On the night of July 26-27, 2003, Bertrand Cantat hit his partner twenty times, following a violent argument. Mary Trintigant died of her injuries on 1 August.

At the time, Bertrand Cantat was the iconic leader of the particularly popular Nair Desi group. Since the tragedy in August 2003 and after serving four years in prison (of the eight he received at the trial in Vilnius in 2004), Bertrand Cantt has tried to return to the stage. In vain. His every appearance gives rise to controversy. In 2010, after being released from prison, he returned to the streets of France. But in 2018, with each of his concerts sparking protests, he retired from the stage.

In 2021, his programming at the Theater Nacional de la Colাইne in Paris, for a show for which he composed music, also gave rise to a huge controversy. Up to the highest levels of the state: Roslyn Bachelet, then Minister of Culture, has inevitably been questioned. But despite protests from feminist associations, the show is set to hit the fall of 2021. Mary Trintigant’s homicide would have been a social issue, divided

Bertrand Cantat was born on March 5, 1964, in Pau, in the Pyrenees-Atlantic. His father, a soldier, participated in the Indochina War as a paratrooper; His mother was a teacher and a housewife. She has one brother, Xavier, who will become a photographer before joining the Ecologist Party; And a sister, Ann, a photographer who died in January 2018. The artist of the future grew up in Normandy, then in Bordeaux. Very soon Bertrand Cantat is interested in music and several artists like MC5 or Door. Influenced by his parents’ musical tastes, he began writing his own.

Life of Bertrand Cantt Of course, inseparable from his group, Noir Désir. In high school, he met Serge Test-Gay, with whom he formed Noir Desi, along with Dennis Birth and Frederick Vidalenk. Inspired by the new wave, the Bordeaux band began working as amateurs in the early 80’s. After signing with Berkeley, they released their first album, “Veuillez rend l’âme”, in 1988. Noir Désir became the most popular album. Writer of hits such as the essential French team of the early 2000’s, “Tostoki”, “An Jরr en France”, “L’home pressed” or “Le Vent nous Portra”. Despite trying to get back on stage, Marie Trintigant will sound the death knell for Bertrand Cantt’s brilliance this year.

If Bertrand Cantat’s 2018 tour gives rise to such controversy, it is because the singer is still considered one of the faces of violence against women. And whose story will be associated with actress Marie Trintigant, who died in 2003. At the time, he was married to Nair Desi singer Christina Reddy, when he met the daughter of Jean-Louis and Nadine Trintigant in late 2002. Their story lasted 18 months and ended with the July 26-27, 2003 tragedy in Vilnius, Lithuania.

According to Baltic forensic doctors, the singer beat his partner, “four slaps” according to his testimony, “9 blows, including 4 in the face, with a closed fist”, according to Baltic forensic doctors. The actress, who moved to France, died of her injuries on August 1, 2003. The leader of Nair Desir was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2004, but was released in October 2007.

For the first time on French television, a photo of Bertrand Kant’s trial before a Lithuanian court in 2003 was broadcast in November 2019. In the Enquête Exclusive program, a documentary aired on M6 at 11:10 pm restores the investigation into Mary Trintent’s death. , Killed by his comrade, former leader of the group Noir Désir. A homicide that has become a sad French symbol of violence against women.

The Documentary of the Encounted Exclusive Program therefore brings together fifteen minutes of listening to Bertrand Cantt’s film, which was filmed in Vilnius in August 2003. “We realized that there were not one but two filmed hearings ৷ August 8 and 21, 2003 দেয় allowing it. We can see that Bertrand Cantat changed his story during the investigation. Initially, he said he drank alcohol on the night of the crime, but a few days later “In Lithuania, the state of intoxication is a tense situation,” he explained.

And to add: “The idea is not to retry the trial. Bertrand Cantt has handed down his sentence. Only, we have not seen or heard him speak in this case (…) The general public will discover his defense. But above all, note that Her interpretation and attitude are similar to those of men convicted of domestic violence today (…) Finally, images are not broadcast in a crude way মন্তব্য they are commented, deciphered and interpreted by direct or indirect actors: Bertrand Kantat’s lawyer but public prosecutor, Marlene Shipa Or even a psychiatrist. It was essential. “

“When you love someone, you don’t kill them.”

In addition, Marilyn Shippa also reveals herself in the documentary, which also gathers several testimonies. In the documentary, the Secretary of State for Gender Equality said, “There are thousands of Mary Trintigants here.” And to add: “When you love someone, you don’t kill them. And I think these are not crimes of love, but crimes of possession. It’s very different. Loves. And yet, women don’t kill, or almost as much as men. ”

Mary’s mother Nadine Trintigant also testified and remembers her daughter’s last memories, the day of her death, when the actress was finishing a shoot. “I’m sure in the morning he told her it was over. She was happy on the last day of shooting. She told me ‘I’m free’.”

Who was the wife of Bertrand Kant?

Before and after the drama of Marie Trintigant’s death after being hit by Bertrand Cantat in Vilnius, the singer lived with Christina Reddy. The couple met in 1993. Of Hungarian descent, the young woman was 25 years old when she crossed paths with the singer. Four years later, they married in Bordeaux. Christina Reddy, very active in the Parisian cultural scene, is the cultural director of the Hungarian Institute. The couple has two children, Milo, born in 1997 and Ellis, born in 2002.

After being released from prison for the murder of Mary Trintignant, Bertrand Cantat resettled with Christina Reddy in Lands. But their “free relationship,” Le Point reported, would be tarnished by the latter’s relationship with another. This caused the singer’s anger. On January 10, 2010, she was found hanging in her home by her son Milo, who was then 12 years old. A farewell letter was found beside him but remained secret. The investigation initially decided to commit suicide, but a few months later an investigation was reopened with new material sent by lawyers and the president of a feminist association.

In October 2021, the wise return of Bertrand Cantt gave rise to a lively debate. The singer was invited to compose music for the Wajdi Mauvad ceremony at the National Theater de la Calaine in Paris. Despite the outrage caused by the show, the dates were maintained in the autumn of 2021, up to the highest level in the state. “So I don’t see how I can change anything or ask someone to withdraw,” Wajdi Mouwad wrote in his press release, “confirming his” unreserved “support for equality between men and women and the fight against violence and sexual harassment.

The director of Theater de la Cline then said he refused to take part in an opinion that “punishes outside justice and law” and “does not suffer in any narrowness”, as he explained in his press release. In response to the growing controversy in recent days, which has persuaded Roslyn Bachelet to speak on the subject. When asked about France Inter in question, the Minister of Culture did not promise to “interfere in the management of La Colin”.

“I’m sorry Bertrand Cantatt was invited anyway,” he added. However, the minister said he supported the “freedom of creation” of Wajdi Mouwad, who hosted the event and who, according to him, “cannot be blamed for the slightest complacency in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence.” He was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Since then, Bertrand Cantt, whose judicial review ended in 2011, has had several shows canceled. In 2020, his return to the stage in a play called “Paz” was planned and deprogrammed in a room near Bordeaux. Two years ago, it was his solo tour that was canceled, each of his dates marked by protests. On Saturday, in Paris, 300 people demonstrated in Paris as part of the #Meothéâtre movement, to condemn the violence against women in the community.

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