Death of Jean-Louis Trintigant, portrait of a lonely man

I do not fight. I be it. In the summer of 2018, actor Jean-Louis Trintigant announced that he was giving up his treatment. “Old and blind” He described himself, let the crab devour him. Since Mary’s death, his darling daughter, August 1, 2003, has been devastated, helpless, weakened by the injuries of his companion. Marie, her greatest happiness has become her greatest sorrow. After months of prostration, Jean-Louis Trintigant wanted to finish it. Before drawing the resources to live again, still haunted by Marie, her ” The heat of the birds “, His” Fearful heart

From childhood, Jean-Louis Trintigant, happily delicious, ” Not spoiled by optimism “, Often thought of committing suicide. Born on December 11, 1930, in Piolenk, a village in Vauclus, to an art father, mayor of Pont Saint-Esprit and general councilor of the Guard, and a mother who has shaved in Liberation, lives in Avignon. He dreamed of becoming an actor one evening after watching Charles Dulin’s performance Stingy In the theater of Ax-n-Provence.

Very sensitive, shy, he plays over his head

She “Climb” In Paris. With a pathological contraction, enriched with a strong southern accent that he would work to remove, very sensitive, he plays with his head bowed. In the TNP, cornered by Jean Villa, he praises Gerard Philippe. The theater will be his real abode. But it turns out that he enters the movie without jealousy, being pushed by his agent, which reveals a curious actor, he says, because he “ Interesting “His performance against Brigitte Bardot And God created the woman, By Roger Vadim, the curtain overflows. Disturbed by being a victim of the paparazzi, he cannot survive with this sex symbol in the title.

Smooth face and restraint of his acting characterize the roles given to him by the instructors: an emotional pilot One male and one female (Claude Lelouch), inflexible little judge Z. (Costa Gavras), faced with Jensenist Catholic will My night in the night (Eric Rohmer), Fascist In TheConformist (Bernardo Bartolucci), whom he explains, is saddened by the loss of his first daughter, Paula, at the age of ten months, while filming in Rome.

Like many actors of the time, he made his career in Italy with Valerio Jurlini, Dino Ricci, Sergio Carbucci, and Etoile Scholar. But the Transalpine public will never hear his voice. Jean-Louis Trintigant doubled.

A voice, a glow of sadness, a sweetness of laughter

What will be left of Jean-Louis Trintigant, the man with 180 roles? A voice, deep, monotonous, drawn and magical. A firm presence, shrouded in obscurity, a calm temptation, a restraint that does not exclude the eruption of violence, the subtlety of play, the brilliance of melancholy, the sweetness of laughter, the way to hold from afar, like a solitary cat. ” A Dostoevsky actor. In it are fields of light and darkness, fighting between angels and monsters Summary of Eric Rohmer. Like life, there is a taste of risk on the screen. A poker player for concentration and sharing of evil, car racer for sensual pleasure of speed and limit experience. Alcohol and drugs at certain times. Also accustomed to destroying her love and her friendship.

Like all pessimists, Jean-Louis Trintigant is tempted to give up on a regular basis. He kept saying goodbye. Declare that he is stopping well before returning. So we’ve seen him back in movies in recent years (for Mikel Hanke, Claude Lelouch) and on stage for great poetry performances, the source of his life in the face of adversity, Apollonier, Aragon, Vian, Privert, economic influence, depth, precision, a sustainable and irresistible Emotions.

Some people are fooled by his fame, his talent diminishes

A secretive, mysterious, satirical and subtle man, polite and impenetrable, fragile and determined, erratic in his career choices (rejecting US calls, Coppola and Spielberg’s proposals), short writers favor the film. Slightly fooled by his glory, belittling his genius, Jean-Louis Trintigant lived, far from the earth, in his vineyard in the middle of his vineyard near the former Raleigh champion (Marianne Weifner) Uzes (Madame Red) And its olive tree. In recent years, an old man, prone to the eyes of an eternal youth, seems to be asking for deliverance from death. With dignity As always.


Multiple lives

Born December 11, 1930 in Piolenc (Vaucluse)

1951: Debut in the theater

1956: And God created the womanBy Roger Vadim

1966: One male and one femaleBy Claude Lelouch Palme d’or and Oscar

1969: Z.By Costa-Gavras, Interpretation Award at Cannes Film Festival

1969: My night in the nightBy Eric Rohmar

1970: ConformistBy Bernardo Bartolucci

1980: Le Mans’s 24 Hour Driver

1983: Long live Sunday!By Franোয়াois Truffaut

1984: Participates in the Monte-Carlo Rally

1994: Three colors: redKrzysztof Kieslowski and Watch Men Fall, by Jacques Audiard

2003: Pomes A Lou Show, with his daughter Mary

August 2003: Mary dies

2011: Show Three Liberal poets: Boris Vian, Jack Prevert and Robert Desnos

2012: LoveMichael Hanneke, Palme d’Or and Oscar, Caesar for Best Actor

2019: The best years of lifeBy Claude Lelouch

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