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In the weeks leading up to the summer season, many parents are already thinking about planning a vacation for their teens.

This summer, thousands of young people will take a language trip. Excitement, moments of learning and discovery, such events are being prepared. One of the recurring questions : How to give your child money safely ?

EF education The firstInternational language training is joining forces with world leaders pixpayPayment Card for Teenagers, co-piloted by Parents, will offer a modern, practical, educational and, above all, secure solution for young people (and their parents) who will travel with them this year.

Cash for a holiday budget ? Not very practical !

Between activities and outdoor lunches, a little enjoyment of everyday life, souvenirs and gifts to bring them back from their travels, the young men and women who go with EF Education need a little money at first to fully enjoy their adventure. On average, the company recommends that they bring in পরিমাণ 100 to € 150 per week (depending on age). An amount that their parents still give them in cash. Not an unsafe and very practical solution, which can be stressful for parents, but also for teenagers. However, there is a real alternative!

Two actors performing youth reunion …

In response to these challenges, EF Education First and PixPay, the two players who are serving the youth, have come together to provide a suitable solution in line with their values ​​and goals.

On the one hand, EF exposes young people to the world through language training, cultural exchanges, academic programs and educational trips. For more than 55 years, the company has allowed thousands of teens to discover new countries, new languages, new people, to build the joy and openness of learning from infancy (up to 10 years old!). To the world and to others. Pixpay, on the other hand, provides a payment card and a mirror application (adolescents and parents) to the younger generation participating in financial education. This practical and educational solution adapts to new family spending patterns, simplifies the exchange of pocket money and prepares teens for their future financial autonomy.

The two actors find themselves under the banner of pedagogy and education to respond to the problems of managing and using a budget by young people during their vacations.

EF and Pixpay contribute to enabling every teenager to experience the first moments of their autonomy, while offering the necessary security framework to avoid being distracted and reassuring parents who feel the need for it. The trip then became an empowering experience for young people and relaxed for parents who learn to trust and cut the cord. “Explain Caroline Menagar, co-founder of PixPay.

… And offer a modern, safe and educational option

Specifically, all parents who come to EF Education First for teens and who subscribe without a Pixpay subscription will be able to pay their teens holiday budget on a payment card. A reassuring solution for parents and reassurance for teens who can use it to withdraw local currency, but can pay directly in store or online (no surcharge).

Through the monitoring application that comes with the payment card, parents and teens will have visibility on the amount and rate of the next expense. Finally, in the event of an unforeseen event or emergency, parents can send money instantly to their child as well. Obviously impossible with liquid!

This solution gives teens all the keys to managing their vacation budgets and ticks all the boxes so that parents can go with their peace of mind.

We find that money is often a pain when a young person arranges self-guided trips. From a parent’s point of view, they often think about how much they should pay their children and how they can handle any extra needs. For adolescents, receiving cash can be a source of stress, for fear of losing or running out. By partnering with Pixpay, we want to give teens a modern, reassuring and practical solution to reassure parents, taking full advantage of their language. A From Nicholas Gimet EF education first.

About EF education :

EF Education First (EF), founded in Sweden in 1965, is an international educational institution specializing in language learning, language travel, academic programs and cultural experiences. EF aims to open the world to education through more than 600 schools and offices in more than 50 countries. EF also created the EF Standardized English Test (EF SET), the first free standard English test.

About Pixpe :

Pixpay, a start-up founded by Benoit Grassin, Nicolas Klein and Caroline Ménager in January 2019, is the first brand to finally offer banking options for 10-year-olds. Its ambition: to revolutionize the way adolescents are paid to provide them with the resources to grow up well. Pixpay offers young people a MasterCard payment card and a mobile app that allows them to make payments, payments, save money or take advantage of discounts on their favorite brands. It is a mobile application for parents, providing a reassuring, educational and practical solution to monitor and support their children on a daily basis. https://www.pixpay.fr/

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