Eure. Les Mains vertes du cœur opens their own private garden for the benefit of sick children

Michelle Ferret and her husband Charles-Nicole will welcome visitors to their garden on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June at the Village-Sus-Beilleul (Eure) for the benefit of the Foundation. (The Democrat)

Eurois By adoption, Michelle Ferret leaves Villez-sous-bailleul (Eure) In 80 years. For four years, he was faithful to the meetings initiated by the Maines Vertes du Coure Collective Of Gardener Amateur

The idea? Open your garden to the public for the benefit of the Charles-Nicole Foundation, which collects Grants To buy something Material For The hospital Of ‘Eure And some Seine Maritime.

This year, Profit A financing generated by the inspection will be used Machine Which purifies the blood of children Autoimmune diseases.

“In 2019, we participated in the funding of a tool to detect prostate cancer.”

Michelle FerretGreen hands

This year the budding gardener will open his garden Saturday 18 And Sunday 19 June.

Michèle Feret spends more than three hours a day in his garden.
Michèle Feret spends more than three hours a day in his garden.

4,000 m² Shelter of Peace

Villez-sous-Bailleul, at The audience Will be able to take advantage of his green cocoon, 4,000 m². Shelter of peace for Birds And Insects Those found there Shelter. However, rebounding 40 years Back then, Michèle Feret had absolutely no green finger, not even the farmer’s fiber: “When I got here I discovered that there could be cow horns! He jokes

It must be said that Michelle lived a long time Paris.

“One day, with my husband, we decided to go green in Normandy. We bought our house at a studio in Paris. “

Michelle FerretGreen hands

Newly installed in their stone quarters, a vast meadow, almost fallen, waiting for the couple: “there were only trees hundreds of years old.”

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“I’ve done everything I can.”

With all this space, Michelle decided to make something beautiful out of it: so she started gardening. “I made every possible mistake and it took me five years to carve out something,” he joked. It must be said that at that time, gardening tutorials did not exist on the Internet: you had to learn on the job. “I’ve seen a lot of TV shows: the gardens presented have made me want a lot more,” he says.

2003: Heat waves

In 2003When France experienced an unprecedented heat wave, Michelle watched her garden slowly dry out.

“Everything was fried. I couldn’t stand what I saw. That’s when I really started gardening. “

Michelle FerretGreen hands

Gradually his garden took on color.

Climate change

Later 20 years Work, Michelle is now proud to present her garden which occupies a good portion of her time:

“I spend 3 to 4 hours in the garden”

Michelle FerretGreen hands

And at least you need it because keeping your plants healthy is becoming more complicated.

“For five years, I have seen the effects of climate change on my garden. The pond has almost evaporated. The fish and the frog are gone. “

Michelle FerretGreen hands

Not to mention the increasing frequent snowfall that hinders the growth of young buds: “Due to recent storms, my rose bushes are in poor condition,” Michael notes. After all, green plant lovers are not discouraged and are attentive:

“To keep your plants healthy, you just need to observe.”

Michelle FerretGreen hands

If you are looking for green or advice, the host is waiting for you this weekend.

Visits will be from 10 am to 6 pm. Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June, 2, rue de la Sablonnière Le Bray. E.g. 02 32 52 43 87 or 06 32 91 42 05. Free Admission: Donations over € 15 are eligible for 66% tax deduction.

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