Give information in the depot. Lotte, kindergarten children are alleged to have been abused by their teacher

Six charges have been filed against a teacher at a rural school in Lotte. She is suspected of touching children. La Dépêche collected parental testimony.

Shockingly, three out of six families whose children will be abused by their teachers testify. The information they relate to is consistent. They take legal action to ensure that their 3 to 4 year old children are telling the truth. Exclusively, La Depeche was able to collect their comments and read the minutes of these complaints.
Their children were educated in a rural school in Kindergarten, Lotte, reported gestures described by public prosecutor Alexander Rossi as “unusual behavior, touching children.”
The Cahors court must give a verdict on the follow-up of this case within 15 days. If the actual material and evidence come to support the evidence, the trial will be able to follow, without which the file may be unacceptable.

Unimaginable for this family who gave their children with confidence and who feared that they would not be taken seriously. And, the number of victims is higher.

“Master made a big mistake, but you must not say it, it’s a secret.”
Said a mother in an emotionally broken voice. “During the Christmas holidays, my son told me: Master touched my Gigi. I try to question him, but he stops and doesn’t talk about it anymore. After being absent for family reasons, he returns to his class in March Very happy. However, the next morning, seeing the master at the entrance, he panicked, started crying, kept shouting, kept begging me to stay with him, “the young woman recalls.” At noon, we ate lunch and suddenly he hit me. “The master has made a big mistake, but you must not say it, it is a secret.”
At the end of the day, the child complains of pain in his penis. Her parents started questioning her and the sentence was dropped, as in December: “Master touched my Gigi to me and others.”

Six families complained about this kindergarten class. Parents fear the number of victims will be even higher.
Six families complained about this kindergarten class. Parents fear the number of victims will be even higher.

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The same story comes up every time. For this little girl that according to her mother was also a victim of this teacher. “His classmates said he had been beaten. I found out when I came to school. Terrible push. And then, on Friday evening my daughter was in pain, all of her genitals turned red but she told me not to worry that the master had applied cream to her. In the emergency room of the hospital, a doctor examined him and prepared a medical certificate stating the external wound. “

The first information that comes back in January
For these parents, the world is falling apart. “We were destitute, terrified,” admits a couple who refuse to admit to child molestation against the master. “No, one of the parents is upset, we can’t hear it. Not at that age, not on such information, and not repeating the same story week after week. We can’t doubt all these baby words! A
Especially since other information reported by one of the students of this kindergarten dates from January. Still trembling, his mother distributed them like this. “He told me: the master caressed my buttocks and touched my penis. But it’s not good, it shouldn’t be said. In day-care I was told not to worry that at this age he would discover his body. Be careful. It took us about this call in March to finally understand. He has not been to this school since that day.

All of these children were supported by a generous therapist; At least two of them reported directly to the judge.

In order to guarantee the anonymity of the children and the alleged author (as a reminder, unless he is acquitted or convicted by a court of law, the editorial staff has chosen not to identify the school in batches).

Even if the teacher is temporarily fired, the parents decide to make a sum “As soon as the school principal informed us of these suspicions, we prepared a report to the public prosecutor and discussed with him the procedures for its implementation,” intervened Xavier Papillon. Dassen du Lott thus raises an “assumption beam” which requires the dismissal of the teacher as a precautionary measure for 4 months. “This is a transitional arrangement. In the interest of all, he justifies the victims as alleged perpetrators, so that all communication can be avoided and everyone can be kept safe.” The rest is in the hands of loot gendarmerie and judicial investigators.For the parents of these children, they decided to work their way up. Using an acronym made up of the first letter of their children’s names, they created the Mivroma joint and opened a Facebook page:

Meevroma, the sound of our children

“We want parents to be arrested and interested in their child’s case. There are other victims, we’re sure,” they argued.

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