“I was triggered by 3 different methods”: Ornela describes her delivery

Three births and about three days – Ornela began to give birth to the same! He told us about this unique moment, the moments before it and the ones that followed.

  • Delivery age: 29 years
  • Expected baby: May 15
  • The baby arrived: April 27
  • On arrival at the hospital: April 25 at 8:00 p.m.
  • Delivery time: April 27 at 2:45 p.m.
  • Statistics: 52 cm and 3,270 kg

One year after stopping the pill, after trying twelve months, my son invited himself to vacation in Italy: I got pregnant. The news filled me with joy as much as it bothered me. I was in the middle of a job change, I was interviewing for a new position, and the timing was amazing. My partner, on the other hand, is so happy that he “seems to have won the lottery.”

A beautiful pregnancy despite having gestational diabetes

Except for the need to sleep twice a day in the first trimester – fortunately I wasn’t working at the time – the pregnancy was very good. My caring partner (I was entitled to a foot massage every evening) and have very good memories of those moments. At least until the sixth month, Where I had gestational diabetes. I don’t have sugar anymore and there, when you already have dietary restrictions on pregnancy, it’s a bit difficult for appetite and outing …

I was generously followed by a midwife, then an obstetrician took charge due to diabetes. As a result, I followed up with an endocrinologist. I follow a psychologist because I have a history of a mental crisis and from this perspective, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum are risky times.

However, Childbirth was not a source of stress for me. I prepared a lot with the classical class,Heptonomy and some hypnosis therapy courses offered by the clinic. I told myself, to reassure myself, everyone knows how to give birth and billions of people have already done it, even at home alone!

An ultrasound that announces the birth of a child

Three weeks before the scheduled time, on Friday I was asked to call my obstetrician after a routine ultrasound. The interaction between the baby and the placenta was no longer very good, and I had to go to the clinic for observation. Health professionals there Decided to trigger me next Monday. In the meantime, I had to monitor every day… which allowed time for the weekend to gradually increase.

Monday at 8 p.m. In the maternity ward, they took time to read my birth plan, and they inserted a hormone tampon into me for delivery. I was then advised to walk in the morning and sleep in the afternoon, because Compression will come at the end of the day. We followed this program with my sweetheart who was by my side throughout my stay in the maternity ward (the poor man teleworked from the bedroom, and went to make a video of her in his car).

Round the parking lot in the morning, then, since we weren’t allowed anywhere else, then a siesta in the afternoon. In fact the contraction is approaching very slowly 18 hours My boyfriend even had time to go do some shopping next to us to prepare a little aperitif!

(First) after trigger

Despite having a slightly harder night due to contractions, I was able to get some sleep.

Tuesday morning When I woke up, the hospital staff was happy: my uterus was starting to expand and everything seemed ready for delivery. My water breaks even at breakfast.

We walked again, and I spent a lot of time on the berthing ball to tie the knot. I was trying to distract myself from the contractions, and we even played Mario Kart in the hospital room!

Ornella and her husband playing Mario Kart, courtesy of Ornella’s personal photos

Depending on the situation, the delivery was scheduled for the afternoon and the midwife told me that we would probably set up the epidural before noon. I, I found that I managed well, and I was not in pain … and for good reason!

Observations after eating revealed that To everyone’s surprise the work was just off.

Here we go again for a new trigger, still with hormones but this time on the tablet. The program begins again: re-walking, re-mario kart, and re-aperitif in the room. The time starts to get longerAnd we counted the kids who thought we weren’t there yet.

Fortunately, regular observation reassured us and showed us that everything was going well for him, he didn’t want to point the tip of his nose right now.

Compression return

After the evening snack, The contraction is back, and this time in a very intense way. I was trying to practice my lessons on hypnotomy, hypnotherapy, thinking about my baby coming … I even tried to dance with Philip Catherine And other songs from a fun playlist we made for the show

Catherine - Banana

Per Mid-evening, I was told to go to the nature room, a room where there are accessories and supplies that help with the work. I bathed in it which was very hot (my guy thought it would be hotter… so he set it to 45 degrees) and I turned around a lot to control the compression.

When I vomited my whole food (which is pretty common, but I didn’t know it) I started to panic and asked for an epidural. That’s when we realized I was only two centimeters long … not yet.

Towards One o’clock in the morning, I was installed and it was released. I was able to get some sleep in the delivery room and quietly waited for my baby to arrive.

Third day in the hospital

Wednesday morning, Not much happened since I was waiting for the baby to come down. At that time I was in the epidural and I was not moving much. I used to look at the monitors on the screen to pass the time, and I wrote a lot to my mother to let her know what was happening.

I was again injected with the hormone (oxytocin, this time) several times to stop labor. Finally the midwife came and told meIt will be time to push soon.

He prepared everything, and we waited until the last moment to begin. My son was doing his happy way, calmly and correctly, so there was no reason to rush … but then I started counting.

The circumference of a head is about 34 centimeters. I was 10 centimeters stretched. Mathematically, it is not. I started asking for a caesarean section, which made everyone laugh … and still, Eater caution : It didn’t pass, I was torn during delivery, and I was entitled to 10 stitches.

“I was able to put my hand on his head when I pushed.”

When the midwife started looking at her hair, we waited a little longer, and it was gone.

I have really magical memories of pushing. I told her to be able to touch the baby’s head as soon as she arrived, and that was what I was offered and much more. The midwife lets me put my hand on her head with full force., And this gesture gave me extra strength. I felt her improvement, and I pushed even better!

When my baby finally came out, the midwife let me hold her and I was able to pick her up and put her on my body. All requests for my birth plan have been granted, And I really want to thank her, this midwife (who was the same when I arrived on Monday and when I gave birth on Wednesday), because without her I probably wouldn’t have the same memories of this moment. Overall, I feel supported by seeing my privacy respected.

Ornela’s Instagram account dedicated to motherhood

After delivery, happy days

Memories of my meeting with my baby are quite vague. I remember carrying the baby on me, we looked him in the eye, that we kissed my partner, but I have an idea that there was some kind of temporary guilt, and The skin-to-skin hour was cut in two minutes. We then took a small selfie, and I held her to my chest.

During this time, midwives take care of the placenta and
Sew me, I was really somewhere else.

The days of the maternity ward then were very pleasant, we had a big house and we made a little cocoon out of it. We even thought of taking a small lamp with us to avoid having to use the hospital neon lights at night. We really wanted it to be a good time. We made life better with a drink at the hospital and ordered sushi so I could eat it. Honestly, it felt more like a hotel than a hospital.

The medical staff members were also very kind and always there
Help us I had trouble breastfeeding and they were always there to help me. They have taught us a lot and reassured us a lot about our role as parents. Back home, I was treated to a birthday cake and a visit from my parents.

Two weeks after giving birth, I’m having a psychotic attack.

But two weeks after giving birth, not realizing it, I had a manic psychotic episode which led to me being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. This type of psychosis exists after delivery, but remains rare. I, who are suspected of having bipolarity, have brittle ground and fatigue, stress and hormone depletion have triggered my symptoms.

Often, we say don’t do too much during this time and rest well. But I wanted to do more. Managing my new fatherhood, inviting people, being the perfect housewife … It does not exist, perfection. I did not understand and did not sleep. As a result, I was hospitalized for two and a half weeks, and I gradually recovered. It took me a while to be able to focus on the three of us again!

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