“Ignoring the meaning of the word ‘fun’, some high school students have confirmed dramatic drop in levels.”

Figarovox / Tribune – On social networks, high school students have expressed their frustration with the word “sporty” in their undergraduate subjects. For Madeleine de Jesse, the absence of reading and the complexity of national education are mainly responsible for this decline in French language proficiency.

Madeleine de Jesse is an associate professor of classics in preparatory classes.

“Do you think the game is still fun?” This is the French language subject on which vocational high school students had to work on Tuesday, June 14 জন্য for their biggest frustration. Because many of them made an off topic by ignoring the meaning of humorous words, when it was not a white copy.

Was this term in high demand? In fact, it was, at least for this profile of students, according to the reactions of many of them on social networks. But that is not the real problem. The one and only thing we can legitimately debate is that final year students never exceeded the term when they were in school and, more generally, during their existence. This episode is actually a sign of the rapid decline in our students’ vocabulary and the dramatic decline in French language skills among the younger generation, combined at all levels.

No matter how much we integrate a complete vocabulary list of students, nothing but regular reading will really solve the language problem. Because the real tragedy is that young people no longer fall, for three main reasons.

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The first is the resignation of parents who, for some, firmly and strictly enforce Fahrenheit 451’s omnipresent system by not being at home. Which one Delivers screens if otherwise constantly on. However, public campaigns to encourage parents to read their children’s books are non-existent or almost non-existent, although reading in the evening should be a parent’s duty to be constantly reminded by all the structures devoted to childhood.

And it is these citizens who are called upon to vote and determine the fate of our country, beyond the power of flawed reasoning and limited textual and linguistic comprehension …

Madeleine de Jesse

The second is the destructive role of the screen that children are often exposed to, and which knocks young people’s ability to think, concentrate and slow down. Here again, parents are inadequately aware of these issues, which deserve to be the subject of intense publicity. Although it should be a sanctuary where babies are finally weaned from these screens, the school holds a double lectures on the subject which actually exacerbates the problem. Many public kindergartens express their concern by not introducing screens during school hours but rushing to put children in front of cartoons when it rains during the holidays.

The third, after all, is our responsibility, the rest of us, the professors of literature. It is very important to give the student a taste of reading as much as possible. However, we also often keep them away from it, for a large number of us, wanting to let them read early in the classics which is very unpleasant for them, or even to identify the jugmas and polypots before them at our university initiative. Even read them Help to realize the beauty and relevance of a text However, once a child is bored to read, the drama is irresistible. It would therefore be advisable to acknowledge that they should be introduced to the more readily available children’s literature letters, rather they should be forced to read too early, so that they may appreciate quotations in class, but which they must always read. After the full version – they will simply understand and appreciate them better!

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These factors that explain, among other things, our students no longer go to books, they no longer know how to speak correctly, that their sentences are completely disorganized, sometimes even just French, and their vocabulary has diminished. And beyond the limited textual and linguistic comprehension capacity of those who will be called upon to vote and determine the fate of our country …

In the face of the abyss and the growing gap that the profession has told us to exploit in record time, when it is often too late we need to stab the body steadily.

Madeleine de Jesse

So what to do, more specifically with bachelor? Either we note the reduction of this level and adjust the subject and the experiments accordingly. In this case, the investigative farewell, the farewell to the slightly demanding terms, is “funny” and the farewell to Stuges. And too bad to preserve the language and its richness. Either, on the contrary, we refuse to resign ourselves and face the problem of improving the level of students in French. However, National Education continues to hold on to a position that is both illegitimate and deceptive: demanding tests and programs, and declining student levels, lack of solutions, carefully hiding teacher battalions asking for rewards. The swollen marks of future graduates that the national education swells even more behind their backs, a gradual, if indulgence is not enough, sometimes provides up to three extra points … the goal is that they can always achieve more than 90% of their graduation. And keep the joy.

So what will be asked of the evidence correctors yesterday morning? What would “funny” mean for “dangerous” to average in off-topic copies but which would create a relevant reflection? Probably. We should not be surprised at teacher resignations and recruitment shortages. You still have to have a strong heart, someday, not to give up in the face of this generalized lie that is an insult to our profession, in the face of this huge masquerade, of which our students are the first victims. And the scholarship needs to be stabilized steadily in the face of abyssal cavities and growing gaps that we are told to absorb at record times, when it is often too late. Our students deserve better than this lie. They deserve justice and truth. Let’s evaluate their bachelor’s degree and appropriate. But above all, let’s give them a way to face it and be proud.

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