Legislature 2022 in Val-de-Marne # circo9411: Sophie Taille-Polian’s Priority (Nupes)

Questionnaires 94 citizens for the 2022 Assembly elections
Twenty-two candidates are vying for 11 seats in Val-de-Marne in the second round of the June 19 Assembly elections. 94 Citizen invites everyone to answer a few questions to compare candidates’ preferences. They arise as feedback is posted.
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In a nutshell, what are the 5 things you consider to be priorities in your riding and what can you promise to do to protect them in the election?

How does the National Assembly work? Although 577 deputies are elected locally, those who make laws For everyone
In addition to the Senate, the National Assembly is one of two elected chambers that make up the parliament responsible for passing laws. These laws are proposed by the government before they are debated and voted on in parliament, or are proposed by the members of parliament themselves.
There are 577 deputies elected by direct universal suffrage by the Assembly constituency. Val-de-Marne, for example, has 11 constituencies. Deputies are therefore elected locally although they then work on the expansion of the law from a national perspective.

1 ° Education
Enrollment of children with disabilities in schools should be a priority. In Val-de-Marne, the Companions of the Disabled Children (AESH) led a strike for several months demanding that they be brought out of the uncertainty of their maintenance. Due to lack of resources, many children do not have access to the support they are entitled to. Many children stay at home or go to mainstream schools due to lack of space in suitable institutions. All of this is due to the deteriorating learning conditions of children, and the working conditions of teachers, not to mention the plight of parents. I will fight to help these families access their rights, so that a policy of re-evaluating AESH’s profession at the national level is pursued and the question of inclusive education is addressed in the necessary ways.

2 ° Hautes-Bruyères Landfill and Grand Park Campus
Behind Hautes-Bruyères Park, in Villejuif, there is an open landfill on state-owned land. Faced with the government’s inaction in clearing the site, the town of Villazuef and neighboring municipalities have decided to take the state to court. I will be by their side to rehabilitate this site, to allow harmonious development of our region, in the service of common interest with the Campus Grand Park project.

3 প্রবেশ Accommodation access
Accommodation access is a major concern for the residents of My Riding. Elected MP, I will fight for rent control in the private sector, and to guarantee the right to housing (construction of 200,000 housing units per year, including ambitious environmental standards, raising the minimum threshold for social housing per municipality. SRU Act 30%, etc.).

4 ° Integration of youth
Socio-professional integration of youth should be a priority both locally and nationally. Young people have been severely affected by the health crisis, which has exacerbated the social and economic hardships of many of them. Access to stable and uncertain employment is increasingly difficult. In this regard, the policies pursued by the successive governments of Emmanuel Macron are more towards rapid access to employment, even without considering the uncertainties, access to rights, housing, health, essentials, especially among young people who are far from employment. And training.

Who is Sophie Tally-Polian?
I was born in 1974. I have been involved in defending the rights of students since I was 18 years old. Territorial Civil Servant by profession, I work for community culture and school. Locally elected in Villazuef since 2008, where I live, I became a senator from Val-de-Marne in 2017. I led the Génération.s movement created by Benoit Hammon in 2017. In 2019, I participated in the creation of Ecologist Group – Solidarity in the Senate and Regions.
Age : 47 years
Occupation : Regional Officer
Current or past electoral mandate : I am currently a Senator of Val-de-Marne and a Municipal Councilor of Villejuif, National Coordinator of Generation.s
Options : Djamel Arrouche

Which of the five proposals of your political movement program do you think is your priority? Do you possibly have a personal subtlety to it, which may be subject to correction?

Among all the measures proposed by the New Popular, Ecological and Social Union, which constitute a coherent and credible program to govern our country and change lives, I especially keep the legal retirement age low.
Purchasing power is a major concern for French women and men, with the current rise in prices. Starting this summer, we will fight for:

Retired at age 60
Price blocking
Environmental change
An ambitious project for culture
Autonomy allowance for youth

Which committee do you want to sit on?
It remains to be defined jointly with other members of the environmental group.

How does the National Assembly work? Commission
To work on all matters, the National Assembly relies on standing thematic committees where deputies are divided. Thus they meet in committee to work on the texts before defending them on the hemisphere. There are currently 8 standing committees: Cultural Affairs and Education, Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs, National Defense and Armed Forces, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning, Finance and Law. In each committee, the proportional representation of the numerical representation of the political parties is proportional to the number of seats. The remaining seats are allocated to unregistered elected representatives. It is not certain that a deputy will sit on the commission of his choice.

What if there was only one thing you could wear during your order? What will it be and how will you protect it?

Equality, all its forms.


How would you like to report your parliamentary action to citizens in your constituency and take into account their responses?
We want to continue the dynamism of NUPES by creating local parliaments of new popular unions as we have established nationally. Of course, the format must be defined collectively.

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