Mason Des Parents at Robert Debre Hospital: Parents of hospitalized children

A real cocoon, oxygen bubble ready to welcome parents, siblings and even grandparentsHospitalized children. In the center of the capital, Maison des Parents de Paris is a place that seems out of date. This house, funded by Ronald MacDonald Foundation, Located in the 19th Arrondissement, opened in October and the 10th in France. The first, located in Villajuif, was built in 1994. These are all located near the pediatric center. Patrick Perez, director of the Paris Parents’ Home, explained: “They were created to care for the families of hospitalized children. It also considers siblings, who are often forgotten. Here, the reception capacity extends to twenty families.

A warm place to welcome the parents of hospitalized children

Walking through the door Paris Parents House, There is nothing to suggest that this place is connected to the hospital The warm welcome makes you feel comfortable as you walk through the door. Like the light of hope, every house is flooded with light. Everything has been thought out so that these families from far and wide can feel at home here. They have a balneotherapy area, a television room, a laundry room, separate fridge and a large kitchen with sports equipment. They all have a bedroom with their own bathroom, so they have privacy. It can also be seen from the veranda of some houses Robert Debre Hospital. The director points the finger at the hospital: “The path that families take every day is here,” he explained. A proximity that allows them to make as many round trips as they want during the day.

Exchange of well-being and family support

The central room of the parents’ house is the kitchen. This is where everyone gets together to share for a while. Today Pancake Workshop. They are prepared by an older sister Little boy, hospitalized Robert Debray Hospital, a five-minute walk away. But here, at the moment, the delicious smell of pancakes makes you forget about the hospital. Lively conversation and laughter replace the sound of machinery. Here, everyone is free to talk about what they want. Some seek solace and discuss Illness of their children. Sometimes the look is enough to express support. Support is paramount. “One day, a family was in an emergency after their child was admitted to an unplanned hospital. Upon hearing this, the Foundation’s resident parents heated a pizza, because after experiencing the same situation, they knew no one would eat. It was a way to help them, “said the director.

How to be admitted to the parents’ house?

To be admitted to the institution, the child must be under the age of eighteen (although there are sometimes exceptions for follow-up care). In the provinces, you have to be more than 50 kilometers away from the hospital and in Paris you have to be more than an hour and a half away. Sometimes families come from far away. This is the case with Julius, for example, who came from Martinique Her premature baby had to be hospitalized in France and she wanted to be by his side. In the early days, he spent his days in the hospital. The health manager informed the parents home about his condition and he was immediately welcomed to the structure. “It simply came to our notice then. Really luxury here, did not expect so much comfort. If I’m not here, I’m already cracked. Needless to say the team is really very attentive. He asked about our children. Staff members do not stop at their staff positions, ”the mother testified. Julia is even more relieved, because in a few days, her mother, her husband, and her other three-year-old daughter will be joining them: “I am so happy that my parents’ home welcomes my family. This is the first time we have been separated for so long. ”

Parents have united in the face of their children’s illness

Julius is not the only one who has traveled thousands of kilometers. This is also the case with Lisemen from Reunion. “The hospital offered me to sleep there, but sometimes my son had to rest after that Medical treatment. So I go to see him every day or every day, “he explains. He lets Liseman, who is at his parents’ house, make time for himself:” Often there are many of us in the kitchen and we talk. It’s a disease. Sometimes it feels like a family. ” He added: “We feel a bit like home. We do our laundry, we have our own bedroom … it’s very comfortable. ” The job of the staff is to make the family feel at home. Many initiatives are taken for the welfare of the family. Volunteers like hairdressers come from time to time. Setting up a game room. Everything to welcome these families who have gone through difficult ordeals. A place that will mark the lives of those who walk through this door forever. Patrick Perez concludes: “Sometimes, very strong bonds are formed between people. It has already happened that parents have become godfathers or godmothers of the children of the family!”.

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