Pop-up Grand Palace: Enter new levels!

There isThe ephemeral Grand Palace of Paris, the giant underwater forms occupy the courtyard. Plankton, a microscopic, unicellular organism that floats on the surface of the ocean and flows with currents, not mollusks, fish or mammals. Thanks to the immersive work of visual artist duo Ittah and Yoda, graduates of the Royal College of Arts in London, viewers, equipped with a simple smartphone that allows them to jump into augmented reality through its screen, begin to discover the unknown underwater world. What will be our relationship with the survivors in the post-ethnic era? How to imagine sculpture both environmentally and sustainably? In 2021, when the duo drove the duo to the scientific teams at the Institut de la M মেরre in Villefranche.

“Like many artists today, we ask ourselves about the materials we create,” explains Virgil Ittah. The resin used until then for our sculpture is toxic. So we had this crazy idea of ​​working with phytoplankton and zooplankton. These are the primitive forms of life that existed before humanity and are essential for the production of air on Earth. ” The resulting material allows for a structure, not a classification, but a “rhizomic” one, which is based on symbiosis and which develops permanently and in all directions.

Once the sculpture is created, the two artists create a 3D and call, this time, in artificial intelligence at the National Institute for Research in Teams, as well as teams at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, to create a “data set” to create the work itself. And visitors can interact with it. It gives suffocation Never the same oceanTechnological skills, wonderful journey to the source of life and an invitation to a new world.

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What is the future for virtual?

This is a new world that plastic photographer Gourau Fong offers with their soil Can a dog save the world? There are dozens of life sizes like Dog Park in California. “Based on pictures of our dogs and documentary work in these completely surreal places where the canine is king, this experience shows the idea of ​​how the cubs became hybrids, turned into human beings. They can run, throw “babals” at them, and see bizarre specimens come out, such as these terrifying pugs with butterfly wings, which happily fly over the fleeting Grand Palace.

The challenge of this second edition of the augmented palace is to present a new perspective that could open the door to high-tech artistic creation, which takes place from 17 to 19 June and whose Point Is a partner. What is the future for virtual? What is the role of art in Metaverse, the fictional universe that terrifies Gaffam? Can tomorrow’s art do without artificial intelligence? NFT? Benoit Baume, co-founder of the event, announced: In recent years, artists have been inventing new writing and offering immersion in multilevel virtual worlds and interactive spaces. It’s important to make these experiences accessible to the general public and to move the way we perceive them. “

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To mark the occasion, the fleeting Grand Palace has been transformed into a true laboratory of tomorrow’s imagery, with visitors wandering around, with smartphones in hand, for six immersive experiences on the theme of alchemy and collective energy. Are we real? Virtual? It is the visitors who make the connection. Between the two plankton, while the silhouettes are circling, the phone in hand, capturing the illusion behind the screen, thanks to 5G, we can find ourselves in Paris in 1163 and recover the construction of Notre Dame, then recover it. But lend her body, completely digitally restructured, to celebrate a dance Dance space Unearthly. Leaving the fleeting Grand Palace, still phone in hand, you can almost be pushed by the funny winged dog. Hurry, let’s lock the screen. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Augmented Palace 2, June 17 to 19, at the Temporary Grand Palace.

Reservation: www.palaisaugmente.fr

We’re talking about it!

Throughout the festivities, four-cycle conferences are organized to raise questions about the place of innovation immersed in our society during NFT and Metavers. Physical Experience, Cartography of Cryptocurrency, The Future of Digital Entertainment, The Role of Artists in Metaverse and Museums খুঁজুন Find the program at www.palaisaugmente.fr

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